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Archive - Feb 2004 - Story

February 17th

Narbonic Invades Less Popular Webcomic----- Again

Pixelated is upadating once again. And that means:

The Pixelated/Narbonic Crossover is back!

You can catch the beginning of this whole mess right here, exclusively on the Pixelated website.

What, you didn't know about the crossover??

Crumb off the Old Block

Ny Times (free registration required) has an article on the first published American comics by Sophie Crumb, who is currently hanging out in San Francisco.

Frickles for President

Frickles the Mudcat is the candidate with electability!

Something Awful Strikes Again

This "tapestry" is hilarious - there's a whole thread of 'em over at SA.

February 16th

The Dementia of Magic passes 300 comic milestone

The Dementia of Magic, a medieval fantasy webcomic by Nicholas Killewald, recently passed 300 strips. Over one and a half years of a slightly cracked fantasy plot, thievery, magic, a cynical artist, his brother, and flying noses. How can you go wrong?

Catching Up with MT Part 2

Narbonic is funny funny funny. It's got that Sluggy-Freelance vibe of continuity plus chaos that Sluggy had in its early years. This recent one was a gut-buster.

Catching Up with Catching Up with Modern Tales

Pre-server crash I had started working on jotting down some quick thoughts on the current Modern Tales line-up. Bascially after lots of Comixpedia-related work I was looking forward to reading some webcomics again! Well post-server crash it's about time to return to the MT line-up.

Most Bizarre Auction Ever?

Not really, but this cast with drawings by Scott "PVP" Kurtz is different. Wonder what he'll get for it.

PV Comics Introduces Web Issues

Hot on the heels of the successful launch of its standard subscription model in January, comics publisher PV Comics is proud to introduce the first of its Web Issues today at

Weighing in at a hefty 68 pages of online comic content for only $2, PV Comics Web Issue 01 is available now, collecting all of the comics from January into one affordable introductory sample. In addition, Web Issues are a permanent purchase; once unlocked, that month’s content will always be available to you. Even better, if you purchase a Web Issue and like what you see, the $2 cost of that issue can be deducted from the already low $15 cost of a full year subscription.

Are you from Michigan?

There is a new "group" forming in Michigan for web comic creators. It is called MI Web Comics. We are a group of artists who create comics for presentation on the internet. MI Web Comics gathers once a month to drink coffee, talk and the usual comic art stuff. We also have an online forum at Talk About Comics.

The next meeting is March 6th, 2004.