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Big Gay Art Dump

As chronicled in thrilling earlier installments of this LJ, I held a quickie art auction to fight Prop 8 here in California, offering to draw slashy pinups of my own webcomics characters. Would everyone like to see what I've drawn so far? Of course you would!

After the auction I offered to do sketches for everyone who had promised to donate money, whether or not they won. I got requests for:

1. Mell (Narbonic) and Unity (Skin Horse)

A nigh-inevitable pairing, since they're virtually the same character, but it's actually kind of a challenge to hook them up. They both channel their energy so completely into violence that it's hard to get them interested in sexy times. As Jeffrey Wells noted when I told him I was drawing this, "It's like they need someone just a smidge more earnest."

In lieu of that, I decided to go with an aftermath-of-battle sort of scenario. I was thinking of a scene in an early Tank Girl comic where Tank Girl is bounty-hunting a kangaroo criminal and they run all over the postapocalyptic Australian wasteland and finally collape, exhausted, and then they laugh and have sex and then Tank Girl blows his head off. Man, Tank Girl is great.

2. ANTONIO SMITH, FORENSIC LINGUIST (Narbonic) and adult Sergio from the future (Li'l Mell)

Okay, I have to admit I did not foresee that anyone would ask for these two, although it does kind of make sense. The bidder asked for a Shakespeare-themed sketch, so I went with a quiet evening in the library framed by an excerpt from the gayest of Shakespeare's sonnets, at least half of which are pretty darn gay. The books in the background are just books that were on my bookshelf while I was drawing.

Sergio is bisexual (seriously, this actually came up in Li'l Mell) and probably crushes on older intellectual types, so this is fairly in-character for him. Dr. Smith looks like he's afraid his wife's going to walk in on them. I'm not happy with Sergio; I can never make him look as sexy as Neil Babra's version in Li'l Mell. On the plus side, this is the only time I've ever drawn a fedora correctly.

3. Helen and gender-swapped Dave (Narbonic)

Hey, a canonical pairing! Even though I had jokes in Narbonic about Helen and Dave having kinky gender-swapped sex, I had a hard time deciding what sort of activity to actually draw here. The bidder asked for a kiss if possible, but then I was inspired by my friend Pancha's suggestion, "How about painting their toenails?" How do you even think of these things, Pancha? Helen's anatomy is, I'm sorry to say, off, but Dave looks just about perfect. I was always a little sorry that I didn't include Dave in girl form in the final years of Narbonic, when I was a somewhat better artist, so I could do a nice drawing of her.

But I'm sorry there's no kiss! I'll do you another Helen/Dave kiss sometime, in whatever gender combination you like!

4. Artie (Narbonic) and Tip (Skin Horse)

This was the winning bid, so instead of a black-and-white sketch I did a finished drawing and colored it up, something I almost never bother to do with my artwork. I'm way too lazy to be a good colorist. I have, however, figured out that the two secrets to Photoshop coloring are to a) not actually use all that much color and b) steal your colors schemes from other, better artwork. I got the autumnal colors here from a Mucha print. Tip is in Princess Ozma-type getup, as is his wont.

I'm going to pretend that I don't just sit around drawing sexy pictures of Artie and/or Tip all the time anyway.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who participated in the auction! Also, if you like any of these, I do regular old commissions for pay as well.