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A Very Condensed Report on the Reuben Awards

Hello Comixtalk! I made a short comic report on my trip to the National Cartoonists Society 65th Annual Reuben Awards, which took place over Memorial Day weekend in Boston.

Smithson: "Sound Advice"

This week in Smithson: Gemma's convinced that she can give Micki the Magic Musical Bullet - the perfect call-in request - to gain DJ Scooter's heart. But is Micki's music library up to the task? And is it really too soon for grunge nostalgia? (Actually, that last bit is from last week's strip - I've been a bit lax in posting these teasers ...)

Smithson: "Decisions, Decisions"

This week in Smithson:

The story resumes as we join Elinor and Selena in the Parthenon Diner. Elinor has just told Selena that her favorite Irish poet, Darryl O'Doyle, has hidden powers that may destroy the world - and that Selena could be the key to stopping him. Permanently ...

Smithson: "Parthenon Parley"

This week in Smithson: We return to Smithson's beloved Parthenon Diner (last seen when Chuck and Micki visited), where Elinor tries to convince Selena to throw in her lot with 23 Skidoo and end the life of Darryl O'Doyle. Will some hot cocoa seal the deal?

Smithson: "The Permanent Caesura"

This week in Smithson: Elinor and Mr. Gallant begin to marshall the mystical forces of 23 Skidoo against visiting poet Darryl O'Doyle. What exactly do they have planned? And will Selena -- O'Doyle's greatest fan -- go along with it?

New Webcomic: "Unintentional"

Without exactly intending to do so, I've started a new webcomic called (appropriately enough) Unintentional. It updates Monday through Friday on WebComicsNation. Now's your chance to get in on the ground floor of the story, which so far features a guy in an old-fashioned swimsuit, a severed head, and a steampunk-esque roadster. Start at the beginning here.

Smithson: "Again Gallant"

This week in Smithson: The mysterious Mr. Gallant finally gets his meeting with 23 Skidoo. And he has a little job for them ...

Smithson: "Screened Name"

This week in Smithson: Micki's still getting into the swing of her new class ("Imagos/Logos and Mixed-Media Narrative: Reframing Literature for the Post-McLuhan Millenium", in case you've forgotten ...) Fortunately her tablemate Joe is there to encourage her.

Smithson: "Micki's My Nick, Jack"

This week in Smithson:

Smithson: "Lunch of Champions Part 7"

This week in Smithson:

Gemma and Micki decide to take off before the fireworks start, in the final strip of this scene.