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I had some computer issues over the weekend but still managed to catch some interesting bits…

Interview with Scott Tapp of Casey & Scotty

casey and scotty screenshot Interview with ScottNo, this is not your usual What-Did-I-Learn comic review.  Instead it’s something special. This first-ever interview on ArtPatient is with Scott Tapp of the Casey & Scotty comic. Beneath the comic, Scott provides a transcript but it’s designed to do far more than it first appears to.

D: Many comic artists would like to provide a transcription of their comics. What made you decide to put the effort into it?
S: I have a good friend, Blake, who is blind. He is an amazing and inspiring individual and is one of my biggest supporters. His wife reads the strips to him and describes the action, but since he has the ability to use special software which reads a webpage to him, I thought it would be a good thing to include a transcription right on the page so he would not have to always have her read it to him. If others who are visually impaired can use this too, great. If not, at least I know my buddy can enjoy the strip along with the rest of our readers. If that’s the only thing I ever get out of it, it is totally worth the effort.

Robbery Suspect Form

This may be a resource that some will find useful. It’s a suspect description sheet that I happened upon in the local police station. There was a stack of them freely available - You can probably grab one for yourself without commiting any crime.

I found it interesting to see the general features like facial shapes, eye types and so on. As an artist, I think I see much more variety in faces but perhaps that’s just a trick of my mind.

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Breakpoint City

What Did I Learn?

weekly webcomic reviews by Delos

(this is a repost)

breakpoint 239x300 Breakpoint CityThe description of BreakPoint City by Brian Emling reads like this:

Strip News Business Edition

black rabbit 300x171 Strip News Business EditionAll kinds of comic bizness things in the mix this week…

Dovecote Crest

What Did I Learn?

Today’s review is on The Battle of Dovecote Crest, written by Hailey Bachrach with art by Bridget Underwood. The comic revolves around a small Civil War battlefield in Arkansas where the characters are employed as Union reenactors. Charlie Grant wants to be a real historian while her friends Tess and Ben are more content where they are.

The comic’s tone carries a subdued sort of despair in it. It matches my expectation of the harshness of those times the characters are reenacting (as I understand the history.) It’s partly due to Charlie being stuck where she doesn’t want to be and other personal attitudes and failures of the other characters.

Lonely Patchwork Robot

Just another image from my sketchbook - a lonely, misshapen robot who seems to have triggered the city defenses in the background. It’s not in his(?) programming to have stolen it from anyone in the city, so I’ve always wondered why they are so upset.

I thought this one was lost to time due to moving to new apartments over the years.

lonely parts robot Lonely Patchwork Robot

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