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manmachine 200x167 Manmachine
Background Music, Side Dragging Comic Reading with Robots, Space Cetaceans, Artificial Intelligences, Retro Air Vehicles, Nations Seceding to Corporations, Vatican Missions and talk of at least ten more ‘books’ after these first two.
Manmachine By Martin Hekker and Mike Angstadt.

Ballpoint Pen drawings

Top this.

Shohei Hakuchi Sushi  Small 362x500 Ballpoint Pen drawings

Strip News 11-27-9

rocky bullwinkle 200x158 Strip News 11 27 9Today’s theme is wool gathering at length…

Sophia Draws

She certainly does.

Dumgrop Mountain028

Thundercats Hoe!

3676867518 474ca1e286 400x328 Thundercats Hoe!


1464B 400x400 Strolling

Lego Lightcycles

I think the title says it all. Pure awesome.

lego lightcycycles Lego Lightcycles

Smash Comic review

What Did I Learn?

smash1 200x137 Smash Comic reviewThis week’s review is on season one of the Smash Comic by Chris and Kyle Bolton, with Sarah Fenton on colors. It’s about a ten year old boy named Andrew Ryan who accidentally acquires some super powers from a big time superhero named Defender. That’s his hero. And it’s a bit distressing to him to be given a superhero name of “Smash” instead of something more heroic sounding.

Book Carving

Need a hobby? Try book carving…

2 400x257 Book Carving

Strip News 11-20-9

drawergeeks incredible 200x311 Strip News 11 20 9Let me apologize in advance. This news post is all over the place…