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The Webcomic Overlook #96: Jack


Oh, Lord, the things I do for this site.

Quick link: you’ve got your Robocop in our TV shows

Just a quick shout out to the Nedroid (art)/Chris Hastings (writing) collaboration, Robocop Comics (on Nedroid’s site).

Here’s a sample:


Quick news post: You’ve got your Sin Titulo in my Batman & Robin

Cameron Stewart — whose webcomic, Sin Titulo, was reviewed here — is apparently the next artist, after Phillip Tan’s run, for the highly acclaimed Batman & Robin series, as reported by The Beat. Now, I do like Mr. Stewart’s art. However, he’s got some BIG shoes to fill.

You’ve got your Foxtrot in my Penny Arcade


From Penny Arcade (guest strip by Foxtrot’s Bill Amend.)

Oddly enough, I did take my wife into the doctor early this month due to swine flu fears. (It turned out to be allergies.) Seattle: a place to get scared over diseases.

Special Post: Yes, Virginia, there are webcomics

Metapost: Going on another hiatus … in style


Looks like what we got here is another hiatus.

The Webcomic Overlook #95: Legend of Bill

The Dog Days of Joy of Webcomics

Amidst all reminders, like back-to-school sales and the dawn of Oscar-bait films in our multiplexes, that summer must one day end. So, put away the air conditioner that you hastily bought at Lowes the one day the temperatures crept over 100. Scramble to finish that 1000 novel that you were supposed to finish for summer reading. Meanwhile, I’ll be right here, bringing you the weekly scrapbook of webcomic-related news from around the internet.

Captain Nihilist is both a contrarian and a conformist


This piece isn’t going to be mainly about webcomics, but criticism in general.

I’d like to take a look at something called “The District 9 Incident.”

One Punch Reviews #25: Dreamless