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Sketch Magazine #39

You may be wondering why I’m talking about Sketch Magazine. One thing I haven’t run across very much are discussions about certain magazines of the comic trade. Most of us have read Wizard, but there are some most of us have heard of but never had a chance to leaf through. If you don’t get this magazine, don’t you want to know what it contains? Was it worth my cash to get a subscription? (Yep. I took a risk with my own cash reserves here. That’s right, folks. No McDonald’s this week or next week.)

Star Trax

327a053a421f85897e8a0950d79d1cf7 400x422 Star Trax

Home for the Holidays

We’re not going anyplace special for Christmas this year. We’re staying someplace special. Home.

If you’re reading this, you have helped us make our home special. It’s not paid for yet, but we’re getting there. It’s warm, there’s food enough for all of us, and you, fair reader, get credit for that.

We’re glad that Schlock Mercenary is entertaining enough that you keep coming back, and we’re ecstatic that some of you buy books and things (hopefully your Christmas card arrived safely!) Thank you for another great year. You haven’t just wished a Merry Christmas upon us — you’ve gone and granted the wish.

Best of Me, 2009 ...

Hey folks! Stuck at work for the holiday week? Me too! Want something to pass the mortal hours until the bell rings and you can get out of there? Well, you're in luck, it's time again for one of those damn summaries of the highlights of my Livejournal 2009! So, why not while away the hours with ...


One of the most heartwarming moments in Christmas special history. An angry Santa belittling a father for his son's supposed disability. Is it just me, or is Santa a dick in this special? I don't just mean the requisite distrust of red noses. Or him being awful to Rudolph up until the very moment he realizes he can use him. What about when the elves are all together, singing a song about how great Santa is, and he totally disses them? He's even rude to the Mrs.! Well, it's a very stressful job. And that much weight gain so quickly is heading him straight for a heart attack, so we can cut him some slack.

Darth Toy

900150 press01 001 400x266 Darth Toy

The Bad Garfield Party continues!

The bad Garfields just keep rolling in!

Almost Merry Christmas!

Hey, it's Christmas in five days or something! Merry Christmas everybody!

(This is a card I made for Strange Adventures, but we'll just pretend it's for everybody, since I don't have time to do a Christmas card for the internets.)
Man, was this whole month a giant failure in terms of work... freelance and other things distracting me away from my comic-making, and to make matters worse, pretty much all my friends are up and leaving Halifax due to the general awfulness of the animation industry here, so what little extra time I had was spent with them. Sad, sad, sad times. Sucks when people leave.