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Quick Strips Disclosure

Today’s Quick Strip is a gag comic called Disclosure by Andy Carolan. The tagline says it is “the shocking truth about alien life on Earth.” It’s high time we had the real story behind that, don’t you agree?

Disclosure - Elevator Space
It features aliens doing fun alien things like creating crop circles, visiting Mars and experimenting on Earth’s lifeforms. It turns out they also have to make saucer payments and like to drink strange brews of coffee.

VanHoozer’s project

Now For Something Completely Different…
vanhoozer VanHoozers project

And here’s the ‘crow but you will want to chek out the woodcutter and the cat in the blog archives.

Amazon Affiliates Anonymous

As you probably already know, if you shop at Amazon via any link or banner here at Schlock Mercenary, we here at Chez Tayler get somewhere between 3% and 8% of the money you spend. This is money that comes out of Amazon’s marketing overhead. It’s a cost that has already been passed along to consumers.

Come see the Roundtable

I’m a bit late on posting this (just came back last night from a long interstate roadtrip up and down some snow covered mountains), but when you get a chance, check out Comixtalk’s End of the Year Roundtable.

The chat involves luminaries like Gary Tyrrell from FLEEN, Delos Woodruff from ArtPatient, Brigid Alverson from Robot 6 and Paperless Comics, and Johanna Draper Carlson from Comics Worth Reading. Also some ridiculous joker named “El Santo” somehow got included on the roster. Come see what people who read webcomics thought of the year! And find out my prediction for the ultimate fate of Bad Machinery.

#17 - #19

Fantagraphics (E.C.Segar) 2006
Wikipedia Article

Of the classic comic strip reprint editions which were spurred by Fantagraphics’ lovely Complete Peanuts set, there’s probably none so welcome nor needed as much as the titanic Popeye volumes (of which four of the planned six have so far been released, meaning that lining them up allows the spines to spell “POPE” across your bookshelf). Picking up in the thick of Elzie Segar’s Thimble Theater strip, the series starts with Popeye’s debut and subsequent explosive popularity.

ComixTalk 2009 Roundtable

I did this end-of-the-year webcomics roundtable for ComixTalk and managed to get in a few plugs for my favorites. Check it out:

Going Fast

This is your friendly reminder note to order from the Schlock store by tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th for pre-Christmas delivery within the United States. Things ordered after that may still arrive in time, but we can’t guarantee it.

XDM coverWhile you’re in the store you may want to pick up one of the Special Autographed XDM bundles. Our stock is running low and you don’t want to miss it.

Daily Telegraph - 13 days of xmas for Atheist

 The UK Daily Telegraph has published a tongue-in-cheek article entitled 

Presents for the godless: the 13 days of atheist Christmas

Jesus and Mo made number 13:


Wizard of Oz and Supers

tumblr kohnkvDzEc1qzop42o1 500 351x500 Wizard of Oz and Supers

Review of Today Nothing Happened

Today’s review is on a comic named Today Nothing Happened. It’s something of a misnomer because something crazy happens in every update. Be warned, there are a lot of comics involving role playing and art classes all mixed in with the panic of daily life. And cats. Which sometimes fight. But that’s to be expected since it’s an artist’s journal comic.