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Changes of All sorts

Webcomic Beacon #108 – IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUUUUUUUU!

Webcomic Beacon #108 – IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUUUUUUUU!

Jillyfoo (Demon Eater) and Nate (Jazz and Jess) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Self-Insertion, Mary Sues, Canon Sues, and Anti-Sues. Some debate rages on about what characters may fall prey to which category, as well as bringing up the flaws in writing things as such. We also put a bit of hate into Twilight… because it’s so deserving of our disrespect.

Nobody else is going to draw your comics.

To all comic artists and graphic designers:

For many years, I've got a very tight grip on my pens. A very, very tight grip, as I thought it was the most precise way to have absolute control over the drawing.

Plus I used to draw for hours and hours, ocasionally stopping to take a glance 'round and realize I'm still in 'this' world and not the one I created. I've spent many, many hours not only drawing characters but illustrating backgrounds and populating them with subtle, almost obsessive textures, all proudly hand-drawn, panel after panel, page after page.

And for many years, I've heard people suggesting me to ease my style of drawing. That I could end hurting my tendons and muscles. But, in spite of those suggestions by people who have been on the business for much longer than me (actually, I've never been 'in the business') I kept with my bad habits, and continued strangling my drawing pens as if I was -squeezing- the ink out of them. You know, kinda like when your parents keep telling you to sit straight and you nevertheless prefer to get a loosier pose on the chair when they're not around.

Webcomic Beacon 105 - B&W vs Color (Rematch)

Webcomic Beacon #104 – Fan Fiction Reprise

Becky (Sailor Ranko), Thom (910 CMX), and Ben (Hero Academy) join Fes for a late-night discussion. We clear the air with some drama stirred up in episode 102, and then move on to discuss a bit more about fan fiction. We also talk about the creation of the 910 CMX Community.

Star Wars X - A Pretty Interesting Fancomic

For all you Star Wars fans out there that are looking for a good star wars webcomic, you should check out Star Wars X. It is a star wars online comic created by two Star Wars fans. The art is pretty good and the story looks promissing. There are various interesting characters and it could become a really good comic book series.

Pronto Comics: the new face in Illustrated stories.

So where do I start?

as my fans well know I have been working with a group of guys who took a course in writting and illustrating comics, I met a couple of them in early 09 during the NY Comic Con and Shortly I joined with them to help illustrate a story for their anthology "For a Price, Bounty Hunters and Other Scum". After the Anthology was finished, we were hooked on seeing our work in print and online. I then figured, "Hey, why not publish my own comics with these guys?"

So I am officially stating that Monster Lover: Destiny's Path, A Call to Destiny: Reloaded, Warmage: Rebirth, and Shadow-Root will now be under the pronto comics Label and will be featured on our new site on; along with the work of Artists like Dominic Sporano, David Curtis and Many Others...

Webcomic Beacon #103 -Talking with R. C. Monroe

R. C. Monroe (Out There) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to talk about… stuff! We start with discussing R. C.’s ridiculously long buffer, cartooning style, and professionalism. From there we move on from there into a enjoyable assorted conversation!

Webcomic Beacon #102 – Fan Fiction

Wizard World's Announces Austin Comic Con

Have you heard the news? Wizard World has announced their new Austin Comic Con. It'll be from Friday, November 12, through Sunday, November 14, 2010, in the Austin Convention Center. Of course, the best part is that I currently live in Austin, Texas—expect to see me there all three days!

Here's the link to the announcement: Gareb Shamus, Wizard Entertainment CEO Announces the Launch of Austin Comic Con.