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Frank "Damonk" Cormier

Damonk is a self-professed mad genius, with delusions of being a webcomics know-it-all possessing a godlike command of the English language (since he’s French-Acadian, don’tcha know), the ability to write immaculate reviews, and the undying fanatical love of all those who meet him.

It’s a good thing he has such a wonderfully patient wife to slap him back down to earth and reality every once in a while.

Oh, and sometimes he draws stuff.

Stuff Sucks by Liz Greenfield, Reviewed by Damonk

Less suck, more stuff.  That's our reviewer Damonk's take on Liz Greenfield's third webcomic effort Stuff Sucks.

Off the Radar: Piercing, Nowhere Girl and Brambletown

You've likewise heard all the speculation and theories as to why some One Hit Wonders who stole our hearts and minds (and sometimes even libidos) during that special one-time breakout limited-time offer of theirs weren't able to become Two Hit Wonders, or Threepeats, or so on...

"It was just a fluke."

"They were in the right place in the right time... once."

"They just didn't have any staying power."

"They were a one-trick pony."

"They were consumed by fame, drugs, cockiness, significant others, etc...."

This nigh-review article looks back at three webcomics -- Brambletown, Nowhere Girl, and Piercing -- that blew our minds, then blew out of town.

Damonkey Business by Damonk

Growing Up

Now, admittedly, I've been playing Mr. Recluse for the last year – I hardly lurk on boards anymore, I may rummage through my blog lists every moon or two, and my e-mail engine is getting a severe case of cobwebitis.

So it's possible that I may just be out of the loop, and thus very much wrong in what I'm about to say... but here goes anyway.

I think that webcartoonists and enthusiasts are starting to grow up.

Erika Moen's DAR, reviewed by Damonk

It's easy to say things like Art is Expression. Or Art is Perception Catharsis Truth. ( etc.)

But here's the not-so-easy conundrum: when you allow others to take a peek at your Art, how are they supposed to react? How are they supposed to give an opinion? More specific to this publication, how are they supposed to give a review?

Think about it – who out there is perfectly at ease saying they’re qualified to render a critical judgement on Expression, Catharsis, Perception, or Truth?

Damonkey Business by Damonk

Clique, Clique... c'est du webcomique politique?

Walking home with my wife and a dozen tallboys of beer strapped to my back, I playfully babble out some brainstormy thoughts as to how to compare the various webcomic camps to the American Political Beast. Meaghan, much more politically savvy than yours truly (my political bent goes about as far as rooting for the Silly Party), quickly goes on to show how easy it would be to put everyone in type. As I listen to her words and explanations, I marvel at how right she is.

Comixpedia Meets Boy; Or a Hardly-Hostile, Friendly Interview with Sandra Fuhr

Sandra Fuhr has been delighting readers, first with the romance webstrip that just happens to be gay, Boy Meets Boy, and has since gone on to another strip, Friendly Hostility, both ironic, urbane, touching, and utterly engrossing.

Recently Frank "Damonk " Cormier caught up with Fuhr online. Additional work for this interview was done by Al Schroeder.

Another trio of PREviews

Continuing last week's trend of introducing you to fun new comics, but tying into this month's theme of relationships, here is another trio of newcomers that are fresh out of the webcomic starting gates, and raring to wow you with their interesting premises, plots, or just plain priceless humor.

With a healthy mix of angsty young adults, strawbatos (strawbatos are all about relationships, honest), fruit bats, and young petting zoo emancipators, how could you be steered wrong?

Damonkey Business: It's Not You, It's Me...

Darling, I think it's time for us to break up.

A Trio of PREviews by Damonk

For all the recent growing hubbub about webcomics and their place in the Serious Art World, sometimes it's nice to be able to forget about striving for "award-winning" quality or mindboggling innovation. Rather than study and dissect the Professional Aspirants out there, sometimes you just want to enjoy a nice, simple laugh.

Admit it – it's nice to be able to go read a webcomic that may not be breaking new ground or showcasing Alex Ross-ian art, but that is just FUN, right?

It's that sinful little sugary snack you sneak in your mouth when you think no one is looking at you in the study hall. Not at all on your list of healthy diet brain foods, it's yummy and delicious and exactly what you want, even if not what you think you know you need.

Here is a PREview trio of such FUN new webcomic reads; they may not drastically change your worldview or bring about earthshattering enlightenment, but they may be good for a nice 'n' easy distracting chuckle.

Damonkey Business by Damonk

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