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Brandon Carr

Charisma Is Not A Dump Stat

The gamers among you will get this immediately. Some of the rest of you may also get it immediately, though I won’t be surprised if a few of you need a nudge.

Here’s the full statement, which I found occasion to use during three different panels at Life, the Universe, and Everything XXVII: “If you want to work in this business, charisma is not a dump stat.”

Webcomic Wire - 10/17/08

Reported by Michael Moss:

  • The Cartoon Lounge over at the New Yorker has a post about a Cartoon-Off with XKCD and Farley Katz.
  • I don’t know if it’s the season for arguments or if drama gets you viewers, but there is a lot of arguing going on these days (Exhibit 1 & 2).
  • The Daily Cartoonist column ‘Webcomics Weekly News Roundup’ has an interesting roundup of links and news bits from this week.
  • The Comics Reporter has an interview with DHP’s Mike Richardson about Webcomics among other topics.
  • Prism Comics launches a new webcomic The Catty Corner by Joe Carr. Best wishes Joe!
  • Platinum Studios announced today that Equiti-trend Advisors has put together a 6-page analysis of PS, which can be viewed here, which is overall pretty dry but does blame their current stock price on the mortgage meltdown. “At its 12-month low currently, largely due to macroeconomic problems and the mortgage meltdown of 2008, PDOS is a bargain currently at less than$.10 per share”Well, .10 cents per share is a bargain, but so are Hatian penny stocks. The Beat has a post about Platinum’s new advisory board.
  • Fes of the Webcomic Beacon prepares for his attempt to broadcast his 24 hour lego Webomic. Check it out on Friday from 3pm Eastern time. Best of luck Fes!
  • Skitzo Man Dot Com’s Webcomic of the Week is M.I.M.E.S.

To The Webcomicmobile!

I have been losing interest in tracking the latest Platinum Studios/WOWIO outrage but for what its worth FLEEN points to some recent links on creators allegedly still not getting paidJournalista! links to Todd Allen's take on the current PLATINUM-ized WOWIO business and finds a lot to be pessimistic about.  And Sean Kleefeld looks at some metrics that show a serious drop-off in WOWIO's traffic.

Youth Radio has an interview with Lela Lee of Angry Little Asian Girl. (h/t Journalista!)

The Washington Post's Comic Riffs blog writes about the online comics category nominees at the recent Ignatz awards and has a mini-interview with nominee Tracy White of TRACED.

The same Washington Post blog is running a poll on what to replace Opus with now that Berke Breathed has vacated the funny pages again.

Prism Comics debuts its latest comic, Joe Carr’s The Catty Corner.

ComicMix discovers Rich Burlew's Order Of The Stick.

FLEEN also has a short, interesting bit on the intersection of videogames and webcomics.  In particular there's a link to BRAID a new game that David Hellman, the artist from the too-short-lived A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible,  was the art director for.  While FLEEN did note the Penny Arcade plug for BRAID, they didn't mention the all important endorsement from rapper Soulja Boy.

Tuesday Mean Random Stories About Webcomics... Doesn't It?

Wizard is doing webcomic stuff again - an interview with Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court, John Allison of Scary Go Round, a roundtable with a pretty cool cast of creators (from ComicCon).

Laura Hudson who works for the magazine Comic Foundry has a blog with some good webcomic-related posts.  Most recently she interviewed Leigh Walton of Top Shelf 2.0, and Rantz Hosely of the Long Box Project.


Ted the Robot asks how many books he should bring to this year's SPX.  Good question -- surely there's some collective common sense advice out there on this?

Michael Jantze of the webcomic The Norm tries creating an "audio comic".  I guess it's for people too lazy to read the words themselves?

So the Daily Cartoonists hits a civility crisis.  I can relate having had it rip through Comixpedia/ComixTalk in earlier years.  It's hard to come up with "rules" for conversation but you can kind of tell when a place is working and when it's starting to deteriorate.  The sad thing is it really always seems to be a small number of people who either like to pretend to be or probably really are borderline psychotic that cause the most damage to a site.  </soapbox>

Rob Balder's Partially Clips gets a shout out from blogger and biologist PZ Myers.

This Week in Webcomics is a pretty cool new blog you might want to bookmark.

Brandon J. Carr has a new project with David These Stories Are True - check it out.

I love John Allison's take on Batman.

Wiimember the Webcomics

The Scienteers have a short review of the wrestling comic, Rival Angels.

Brandon Carr posts that the lack of updates to the Weird Adventures in Unemployment comic is due to health issues (his and his computer).  I've been trying to do an interview with Carr - I think his computer problems have been part of the reason that hasn't come together yet.

D.J. Coffman (creator of Hero By Night) has been blogging about a new comic he's working on that will feature the band, the Flobots.


On the heels of Penny Arcade's game, now we get a Strongbad game too? And for the Wii!?  EXCELLENT.

Weezer's video for the song Pork & Beans is a veritable ROFLcon of Intertubes memes and famous-for-fifteen seconds folks


Webcomic News & Views for May 19, 2008

New column from Derik Badman - this month he reviews the comic Parade (With Fireworks).

Also a big thanks to our current sponsors: the Laugh Factory, the Learn to Draw course, the new children's novel Chessie Bligh and the webcomic The Asylumantics.

Top Shelf's webcomic portal is live.

Scott Kurtz writes that the initial press run of How To Make Webcomics is (almost) sold out. 

Alan Gardner reports that Michael Jantze, the creator of the The Norm has an animation short “Mr. Lux: At Your Service” in the Short Film Corner at this year’s Festival de Cannes.

Randall Monroe (xkcd) invents midnight underwater speed chess.  "A nice feature is the naturally-enforced clock.  You have as much time per move as you have air in your lungs."

Fabricari writes about spring cleaning and I guess I missed his post that he was selling off - cheap! - copies of his graphic novel Fabricari: Ad Hoc.

Happy birthday to Brandon J. Carr.

What happened in Vegas: The Auction

For a while, I've been alluding to this infamous trip to Vegas I was going on. Well, I just got back, and I'm ready to spill all the sordid details. First of all, you may be wondering.... I don't gamble, i don't drink, and I'm not particularly interested in seeing showgirls or Elvis impersonators... so what the heck brought me to Sin City?

Well, as most of you know, I work with a guy named Frank Frisina and illustrate a couple of poker comics... Life's a Bluff, and Livin' on Poker Road. Now, within the webcomics community, these may just be considered a couple of minor works by an artist who's just under the bar of notability (in the words of Wikipedia). But in the professional poker community, that's enough to make Frank and I VIPs, right alongside Olympic gold medal winning athletes, NFL players, actors, and poker pros.

We got invited out to the Jennifer Harman Charity Poker tournament. Not just invited, but flown out and put up in private suites. Unbeknownst to me, they even put up the money for me to play in the tournament, to which I had to explain that I have no idea how to play poker, and politely ducked out. I was supposed to walk the red carpet, but opted to instead hang out at the end of the red carpet and gather celebrity signatures on the drawing I was auctioning off to raise money for the charity (The Nevada SPCA, a no-kill animal shelter)

My 2007 webcomic awards

The "I Came Out Of Nowhere" Webcomic 2007

Octopus Pie

Whoever actually discovered it first is still a mystery. To be honest, how I found it is a mystery itself. I'm sure it was linked somewhere but technically it was linked at so many places in such a small amount of time that it suddenly became a hit, but then again it was a hit in the first place! The writing, drawing, etc. is fantastic and great from strip 1 onwards! It even brought out a book, that's how impressive it was!

more after the break...

Little Terrors! Reaches Chapter 6!

Today British webcomic Little Terrors! reaches its sixth Chapter. This follows a guest chapter by Brandon J Carr. 

Check out the first page of the chapter online today, the comic also moves to thrice weekly updates.

Two Left, One Book To Go

The Kid's Book Project is only two pages away from the end which means that soon enough the pre-order page will change as the book will be finally get ready to get printed with the wonderful cover by Liz Greenfield. The wonderful pages, all 55 artists have contributed to one individual page, all spanning either backwards or forwards.