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Christopher Hastings

Comix Talk for Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are you all fans of Calamity Jon Morris' CORNERED blog? Well I am and I took a shot at submitting a few entries of my own which Jon is kindly running.  My Captain America corner went up on Tuesday and sometime today my "Spiderman Versus Saturday Night Live" corner will be up.  Jon has been doing a series of Marvel characters in this cute, icon-ized style that I really love.  Anyhow check it out! 

LEGAL BEAGLE: Bleeding Cool posts Stan Lee's deposition in the Marvel Vs. Kirby Family lawsuit.  Fascinating (Stan Lee view of) history.

DEAD TREES: Scott McCloud writes that Vera Brosgol’s graphic novel Anya’s Ghost (published by First Second) is now available for pre-order.

SPIDER CENTS: I think I tweeted this yesterday - Ward Sutton's comic in the Village Voice on the ill-fated Spiderman broadway musical is pretty funny.

Dr. McDeadpool: I saw this tweeted around yesterday and El Santo sums up the news that Christopher Hastings of Dr. McNinja will be writing for the Marvel book Deadpool.

THE UNSINKABLE MATILDA: Aaron Renier posts a comic based on Roald Dahl's Matilda for Unshelved's Book Club. It's funny with a point - a bit of an update with some Clockwork Orange thrown in.

MILESTONES:  Andrew Rothery writes that next Monday, March 14th, is the 10 year anniversary of his webcomic TRU-Life Adventures. It is a mashup of retail humor mixed with sci-fi adventure, making it a little like NBC's show Chuck (just replace spies with time travel, and the thinly disguised Best Buy with a thinly disguised Toys R Us). It's been updated daily since 2005, and in color since the summer of 2009.

HYPE: Comic Alliance spotlights Romantically Apocalyptic by Vitaly S. Alexius, describing it as "a genuinely hilarious comedy about life after the end of the world, the hopelessly imbecilic dictator who destroyed the Earth, and the one surviving minion he has left to command and irritate."  The art is almost Alex Ross-ian in its detail and texture.

NOT (ENTIRELY) WEBCOMICS: I had no idea that the creators of the iphone videogame Angry Birds, was also the creator of the now on hiatus August Jessorwebcomic. Robot6 flags a Wired story on the creators of Angry Birds that mentions the August Jessor connection in passing.  I had forgotten about August Jessor but I liked it during its run.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Really the only thing worth posting this AM? Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja in the TEAMUP of the century.  Predator-Aliens? Jason-Other Serial Killer Guy? Pitosh!

DEAD TREES: So how is the last volume of Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series?

AWARDS: Techland predicts Cameron Stewart's Sin Titulo to win the Eisner this year.

REVIEW:  El Santo reviews the webcomic 1977.

Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast

Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast

I want to point folks to the Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast organized by Carly Monardo.  The actual auction will launch in early July but webcomic artists can look into donating work for the auction now.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, April 20, 2010

REVIEW: Gavin Lees gives a pretty positive review to Kate Beaton's Never Learn Anything From History collection.


From the Mailbag:  Patric Lewandowski started a fundraising project at Kickstarter with a goal towards funding a comic called Terminal Life.

In 1989, when I was 9 years old, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He underwent surgery which removed an entire lung from his body. For the next nine years, he was in and out of the hospital and always near death. I grew up with a terminally ill parent and it had a profound impact on who I became as a person.  This graphic novel, tentatively titled "Terminal Life" is about that first year when my father was diagnosed, had surgery, and it became apparent that my life had changed forever. 

Comix Talk for Friday, February 12, 2010

Zombies Calling by Faith Erin HicksWe're finally digging out of the snow here in Washington DC -- apparently the volume of frosted flakes falling felled a record.  Anyhow - wanted to let everyone know that new user registrations are back online at Comix Talk.  You don't need to register with Comix Talk to comment on anything BUT registering gives you the ability to have a user blog and post to Comix Talk news and hype if you so desire.  New registrations are not automatically approved, however, so it may take up to a day for me to check them.

All Ages: El Santo had an interesting overview of what makes comics good for kids.  A good source for what's new with all ages comics is the Good Comics for Kids blog.  I've certainly had more interest in these comics again as my kids have gotten into comics.

No Good Deed Goes Unpublished: Coyote Trax has an article about webcomic creators involvement in charity and other good deeds.  El Santo had a recent post about the comic Snowflakes participation in Heart Health Month.


C'mon Baby! Let's Do the Webcomic!

Well all's quiet on the tryptophan front this morning... a big thanks to David LaMason, the creator of the webcomic Unbearable Bears, for creating on super-short notice our Thanksgiving cover art up top... if you're ever trying to track me down, be sure to hit up the "where am I?" section at my other website take a look at the comics event calendar for upcoming stuff to do -- don't forget you can subscribe to it; submit events to me (tweet to xerexes) or even volunteer to co-maintain it.

The Career Cookbook has an interview with Chris Hastings, the mastermind behind the webcomic Dr. McNinja.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jonathan RosenbergGoats is one of the first webcomics I remember reading.

Seth Kushner filmed a documentary on the ACT-I-VATE comics collective that you can watch at Newsarama.

I haven't read the underlying case but TechDirt's writeup of a lawsuit over a fictionalized portrayal of someone might be a red flag for comics creators.  (This sounds different than the (in)famous Tony Twist lawsuit against Todd McFarlane.  Twist's win there was based on McFarlane profiting from using the "famous" Twist in the comic.)

This Day in ComixTalk: September 11th

This day in ComixTalk:

Faith Erin Hicks blogged about internal narration in comics; Platinum's purchase of Wowio was still shaking out in the news (a year later and there's still no evidence that Wowio has paid off all of its debts to creators and publishers.)

Platinum Studios filed for an IPO; and Phil Kahn posted video of numerous interviews he did at Connecticon with creators such as Chris Hastings and Kent Archer of Dr. McNinja and Rob Balder and Jami Noguchi of ErfWorld.

Jim Zubkavich announced the print version of his webcomic Makeshift Miracle.

Another update to Kris Straub's meta-meta-meta webcomic Modern Humor Authority; an interview with Maritza Campos of CRFH!!!; a review of School Spirit.

Also from the forums, RanJado wondered about how to draw distinctions between comics' readerships;

Jamie Robertson announced that he would stop working on his webcomic Clan of the Cats.  I'm not sure of the ends and outs of Robertson's work status on the comic every year since than, but I'm happy to report that right now he is working on the strip (there's an update today) and I think his work has gotten better every year.  Great strip full of of supernatural elements, adventure and relationships, all with really strong artwork.

James Kochalka won best online comic at the Ignatzs for American Elf.  He, however, did not accept his award in a gorilla suit.

A Post about Feeds: Addendum

Two things:

Why Don't Adults Get Summer Vacation? I Could Use One

Sorry the posting has been more sparse this month -- just had less time for writing about comics this year so far.  I am always happy to frontpage good posts though -- posts on projects (self-hype is okay!) with something interesting (not just a "hey, here's my comic) that include an image are GOLD! and posts with news or a round-up of links to news are also always appreciated.  And if you're already posting to your own blog it's easy to set up an automatic import of your feed to your ComixTalk account.

Also - I'm on twitter ("xerexes") and facebook (tweet or email me if you want to connect there) these days.  My Twitter feed has updates from here plus assorted little things (sometimes non-comics) and Facebook is largely not-comics in terms of posts from me but I am using it to keep up on what others are doing comics-wise.

GeekDad interviews Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja.  Which reminds me - I've seen a lot of ninja-ing and some fair amount of doctoring in the comic but what about the "Mc". Have we ever seen much exploration of the Doctor's scottish roots?

The San Francisco Examiner interviews Julia Wertz of Fart Party.  Wertz mentions that readers have told her the title has delayed their looking at the book (which suggests that there are probably a number of non-readers who never got past the title) and to be honest I don't recall the comic really ever explaining why it had the title. (h/t Journalista!)

The ComicsCritics comic interviews itself in comic form (it's today's update there). (h/t Journalista!)

Graphic NYC is a great blog with lots of good posts and great photos of talented cartoonists.  Here's a recent post on the status of their projects (book!) with links to many of their best posts.

MySpace Comics is shutting down according to this story on Comic Alliance.  The article suggests that this means the end of Dark Horse Presents on MySpace? If so, I would hope that Dark Horse could find another home for this project.

Sean Kleefeld has a short post about using Second Life to create comics.  Hadn't thought of that yet although I have seen Sims-generated comics in the past.

Fan Art Friday: Dr. McNinja


Here’s the final piece, featuring Chris Hasting’s popular character, Dr. McNinja!

Next week, Copper!