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Dave Kellett

SPX 2010 Photos (Part 1)

Photos of creators from this year's SPX (part 1)

Comix Talk for Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a review up of the first print collection of the webcomic Quitting Time.  I'm not at San Diego's thing this year -- and from what I read, perhaps it will be LA's thing next year?  Might as well move it to Las Vegas then...


INTERVIEW: Daily Cross Hatch has an interview with Dean Haspiel.



NOT WEBCOMICS:  Scott Kurtz made this video?  According to a press release for the Picross 3D™ video game for the Nintendo DS™ he did. 

Hodgepodge of Webcomic Links

Here's some interesting stuff from the many Firefox tabs still open on my screen this weekend:

Comics Worth Reading reports that the first edition of the long-running British anthology 2000 AD is now downloadable for free at

Tiny Kittens has this crazy collage-like style that reminds me of the art in classic Golden kids books.  Some or all of its creators had a hand in the now-defunct webcomic Combustible Orange.

I "heart" Tapes looks interesting - I think I saw a link to it from Anders Loves Maria.

Kris Straub hits 1000 episodes of Starslip
.  Congrats!

Dave Kellet, with the help of his readers, tries to nail down when Sheldon first went online.

A new "feature-ette" I'll repeat whenever I'm out of other ideas: webcomics that died too young.  For now most of the ones I'm thinking about were really good comics that for whatever reason the creators abandoned before they found their audience (and most likely before webcomics as a whole began to really take off).  The first one is an old favorite of mine titled Waiting For Bob which went on hiatus in 2002, seemingly to return but simply hasn't.  No explanation of why the series completely stopped and yet someone seems to have taken care to keep the site up and running.  I'm sure I'm missing something (and I suppose I really should do some "reporting" here.) on the why but I'm more interested in the "what if" -- I think Waiting For Bob by Doug Shepard (current website? Talked with the real Doug via twitter and that website isn't him.  My apologies Doug!) and Katrin Salyers, which probably had a decent audience for its time, was a bit ahead of its time in that I think today much more of its likely fanbase is online and comfortable with reading webcomics.  It had three interesting characters, was not overly reliant on "tech" references and definitely had some drama mixed with the jokes.  I really think it would do well today.

Christmas Toon #8: Sheldon


We discover the terrible truth that Santa never Sparty’ed On with Arthur at Dave Kellett’s Sheldon.


Can I share a little story about my friend, Dave Kellett? Dave very kindly sent me a thank-you gift recently. Being the joker he is, he addressed it to "BRAD 'SWEETCHEEKS' GUIGAR." When it was delivered, I was upstairs, working in my studio, and I didn't hear the mail carrier knocking on my door. I got one of those slips instead -- the kind that say that you have to pick up your parcel at the Post Office. The next morning, as my wife was driving my boys and me to the train station so I could take the kids to...

Dock Boys, The Gigcast 164

JT and Scott talk Webcomics,  Christian Ellis Shallow Thoughts


Baltimore Comic Con 2008

I'm back from the Baltimore Comic Con 2008 and man, what a trip. This was by far the largest comic book convention I had ever exhibited at. You can see the full set of photos I took in my BCC 2008 photo set on

See you, Space Cowboy

Well, folks, it looks like it’s time to power down The Webcomic Overlook for a while. As some of you already know, in a short while, El Santo is getting hitched! So you’ll probably be calling me “Mr. El Santo” in the near future, I suppose. Also, the updates will probably slow to a trickle. It’s already been rather difficult to update this site lately, what with all the picking up relatives from the airport and wrapping up wedding favors and scheduling spa appointments and coordinating with the bridal party and such.

Baltimore Comic Con

The comic-convention season is almost over, but I have two big ones before the end of the year -- one of which is coming this weekend!

Baltimore Comic Con: Saturday and Sunday. Appearing with my How To Make Webcomics co-authors, Kris Straub, Scott Kurtz and Dave Kellett.  This is going to be the only east-coast appearance for the four of us, so if you live on the right-hand side of the country and if you listen to the Webcomics Weekly podcast and/or if you want to get your copy of HTMW signed by all four of us, this is your last chance this year.

One Punch Reviews #18: Chainsawsuit

On one of Halfpixel’s Webcomics Weekly podcasts, Kris Straub identifies with an e-mailer who claims that he has way too many ideas to contain in one comic. (The person who sent the e-mail got roundly mocked by everyone else at Halfpixel, though in a playful manner. At least, I don’t think Dave Kellett [...]