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Dave Roman

Mystery Webcomics: A List

Detective, suspense, parlor game, crime, noir, police procedural… these are all different ways to slice the mystery genre. But how to organize the Mystery WEBCOMICS? Alphabetically by title? By author? By sub-genre? Or perhaps semi-randomly, as the whim takes me? Yep. That'll do.

Small Press Expo Memories

The Small Press Expo is all about the art of the comics medium. Comics from every type of genre, style and format. It's the face of the comics medium without the distortion of the obsessive focus on the superhero genre most comic conventions would give you.

Plus, it's been well infiltrated by webcomics creators.

I spent all of Saturday at the convention this year and at times the floor was fairly crowded. Unfortunately since then I've been away in the Golden State and just didn't have a chance to write up a proper feature on it. So consider this a bit of a rambling remembrance of people, moments and most importantly, comics.

(And there's a lot of pictures after the jump so it'll take more than a second for the full page to load.)

Welcome to Week Three of Comixpedia's September 2005 issue!

Welcome to Week Three of Comixpedia's September 2005 issue!

Our feature this month is Part One of an exploration into action in webcomics by T Campbell.

Al Schroeder interviews the recently engaged Dave Roman of Astronaut Elementary in "Elementary Pop Quiz."

And, in this month's column, Ping Teo brings us The Essence of... Webcomics Time Loss.


We are always looking for new writers. If you are interested in writing for features, interviews, or reviews, please send an email to and let us know.

Elementary Pop Quiz: An Interview with Dave Roman

Dave Roman delights audiences of all ages with his comic Astronaut Elementary, where the future looks like your grade school in zero-g. Originally over at Girlamatic, Roman has moved to Webcomics Nation. Despite his recent engagement to fellow webcomic creator Raina Telgemeier (see How We Got Engaged) he took the time to answer our questions.

Friday Random Mess of Stuff

Congrats to Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman on getting engaged.

HeMan Rocks Out.

And in irrelevant but funny-strange superhero-comic book news, 4 Color Review reports that John Byrne is warring with his wikipedia entry.

The Monday Morning Xerexes Update

scarfman tipped us to the Daily Grind Ironman losing another competitor - Scott Kurtz announced he was dropping out as he began running guest strips from Chris Giarusso while Kurtz is at the San Diego Comicon. Kurtz is also on 3 panels this year - one for Image and two for webcomics (more details after the jump).

gordonmcalpin also caught that there is a new Stripped Books webcomic in the new edition of the online magazine Bookslut. The new strip, by guest illustrator Dan Henrick and Stripped Books creator Gordon McAlpin, adapts Sandman writer Neil Gaiman's keynote address from the 2005 Nebula Awards dinner, in which Gaiman muses about the state of science fiction today.

The Yirmumah boys are having a fundraiser week - if you're a fan of Coffman and McDeavitt's biting sense of humor (see today's installment!) then drop these guys a buck or two.

Gary Chaloner kicks off a new site hosting his ongoing series: Will Eisner's John Law. Chaloner is holding a July draw for a signed (by Will Eisner and myself) limited release hardcover of Will Eisner’s JOHN LAW: Dead Man Walking (from IDW). WEJL updates on Mondays at Modern Tales and the new stand-alone site.

Click READ MORE for a list of webcomics-related panels at the upcoming San Diego Comicon!

2005 MoCCA Con Report

MoCCA – the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art – holds an ART FEST every year and has since 2002.

This year the Fest was held on Saturday and Sunday, June 11th and 12th from 11am to 6pm each day.

Given that I live only about 4 to 5 hours north of New York City, where the Fest is held, I finally decided to actually get off my tuchus and attend the thing.

Moonlighting at Narbonic

Narbonic by Shaenon Garrity is one of the funniest daily comics in existence (really why this is not in every newspaper in the country is beyond me) but its most recent storyline appears to be (?)resolving one of its long running threads - Dave and Helen's attraction to each other. So far Garrity has handled this new development amazingly well.

She'll want to avoid the Moonlighting syndrone (that amazing television show went straight down after the leads got together. Of course that might have also had something to do with co-star Cybil Shepherd seeming to go insane at the time as well) but I'm not quite sure this will go into Seinfeld territory either (Seinfeld's treatment of a brief romantic tension between Jerry and Elaine was handled by quickly defusing that storyline and it became just another minor plot point in the increasingly complex Seinfeld "world").

In any event, if anyone had any doubt why Garrity was nominated for Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Comedic Comic for this year's WCCAs, the deft handling of this storyline is Exhibit A.

Recommended Romances: A Quickie Poll

"What's your favorite webcomics romance?"

T Campbell asked this question of many webcartoonists. The answers were revealing.

Plotting the Vectors by T Campbell

I raise my hand and flap it in the air, quickly, but not too hard. I want to look a little eccentric, but not crazy – just weird enough that I might have something interesting to say.

The Otakon panel moderator takes interest in (or pity on) me. He passes me the microphone. I arch an eyebrow challengingly at the guests – cartoonists from Applegeeks, Little Gamers, Paradox Lost, Mac Hall, and the "other" Avalon – and say...

"Webcomics. 2009. Where are we?"