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Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Will Write For Chocolate

Vampire wwfc 007 300x151 Will Write For Chocolate

Will Write For Chocolate by Debbie Ohi is a comic by a writer. Specifically, it is about the passions of Eliza Street, a magazine article writer and her friend Mimi the bookstore poet. This isn’t your usual young professional sort of comic.

It’s mixed with freelance writing tips and thoughts, so you could consider the comic an extension of the writer’s work or another aspect of them, perhaps. Most comics are hosted on websites devoted to just the comic (and for good reasons) but I think Will Write For Chocolate is a good counter example. I suspect that some (kinds of) comics can only shine when they have other content material to bolster them.

And I won’t let you distract me into talking about the ramifications of these comic & content relationships and whether they should be symbiotic, parasitic or commensual because Will Write For Chocolate could stand on its own.

I Come From A Monday Down Under...







Comics For Chocolate: An interview with Debbie Ridpath Ohi

I don't quite remember how I first discovered Debbie Ridpath Ohi's webcomic Will Write For Chocolate but as a procrastinating writer of several novels-to-be, I instantly "got" this funny comic about writers and their lives. And then I learned that Ridpath Ohi not only creates comics but writes all the time.

Ridpath Ohi is a freelance writer and illustrator living in Toronto with her husband, Jeff. In addition to creating several webcomics, she blogs online at Inkygirl: Daily Diversions For Writers and has written a nonfiction book (The Writer's Online Marketplace, published by Writer's Digest Books), magazine articles (print and online), poetry, and short stories. She's also a part of the band Urban Tapestry. As you'll see from the interview, she is prodigiously productive!

Debbie Ohi Just Inked my Portrait!

a huge Yippee for me! Debbie Ohi drew me up just for the eff of it, in relation to another project we both contribute to. She's le awesome!

The illustration I'm talking about is over here, with a full description of "why".

And Shuriken Diaries itself, of course, can be found here. New strip went up yesterday!

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling (Update) On a Thursday!

Welcome to November. We have a cover this month from Debbie Ridpath Ohi who creates a great webcomic on writing called Will Write For Chocolate. No particular theme this month but a lot of good interesting articles are on tap. In December, we will venture into "wrapping up the year that was" territory - stay tuned for more details on that later this month.



  • Steven Grant tries to apply lessons of the music industry to the comics biz. It's a good think piece and points out the way comics creators can bypass the "labels" like musicisians are doing, but annoyingly Grant knows more about examples of this "new entrepreneurship" in the music industry then he does in his own industry. Grant should at least be aware of the comics equivalents of unsigned new bands - webcomics - and how they use merchandise and other ancilliary activities (sketches, guest shots, downloads) to make money while giving away the comic for free. He could have also pointed to some established professionals ditching their labels to go indy - like Phil and Kaja Foglio or Michael Jantze.





  • I need to start handing these Karas the Revelation DVDs out faster! Gimme (in the comments) the phrase that pays to be the next winner.

November Cover Art

Cover art by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, creator of Will Write for Chocolate.

Updates On Entries in the Ill-Fated Webcomic Directory Project?

I built a "library" of webcomics and creators back in the fall of 2005 which I put into beta before realizing it was too much editorial work to deal with and the same information could be better provided through the community edited webcomic wiki - COMIXPEDIA.

Nevertheless looking back on the assortment of names collected (some from me, some sent in from you) I wonder if anyone has any significant updates on these creators 18 months later. Maybe we should interview some of them?

Bring the Newz!



  • Reinder Dijkhuis has an interesting essay on Project Wonderful. My take on Project Wonderful is that it's a wonderful platform for a web-based advertising system but what remains to be seen is whether it turns into an advertising service. A service needs some entity interacting with traditional media buyers (usually advertising agencies) to sell them ad space on the platform. Whether that's PW creator Ryan North who takes that on or some other arrangement, it's a piece of the puzzle necessary to the long-term success of PW. Don't get me wrong though - I'm a big fan of PW right now and I'm optimistic about it.




Wednesday News

Debbie Ridpath Ohi has another great post, this one about useful online tools for freelance writers who work from home many of which will be useful to webcomic creators as well.  She also has another update to her webcomic Will Write For Chocolate.

Joe Zabel has a review of the fantasy webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court.

This blog is solely devoted to examining how "each and every day a comic strip abuses the use of the silent second-to-last panel.  If you like snarky commentary on newspaper strips - this should go on your reading list.

Ryan North reports that he is taking pre-orders for a Dinosaur Comics book.  The book entitled Your Whole Family Is Made Out Of Meat has a clever cover.  The pre-orders are at Quack Media which I've never heard of but is apparently coming soon!

The Webcomics List reports that it has new webcomic wallpaper for your mobile phone available.  Check them out here.

Wednesday News Update

Zach Miller wins the first Blooker prize for comics for his Joe and Monkey book, "Totally Boned."  Congrats to Zach!

Actually there's a lot of book-related news today: 

  • Over at Blank Label Comics, Howard Tayler is taking pre-orders for the first Schlock Mercenary book, "Under New Management".  There is a four page PDF preview here.
  • AP Furtado has new books for sale: a two volume collection filled with 48 pages of Tween called "Tween: The Collected Bad Mojo."  Also available is "The Underground Pop Anthology" which features 32 pages of different Furtado stories.  (There are more details and cover art in Furtado's blog post on this here.)
  • Chris Baldwin announced that a book collecting his Little Dee series should be out sometime this month.
  • Butternutsquash has a new update.  These guys got hit by the Speakeasy shutdown and are now working on how to publish and sell the comic book series version of Butternutsquash.  Artist Ramon Perez is also part of a new group blog on comics called Transmission X.

I may have posted this before, but you may be interested in Debbie Ridpath Ohi's tax tips for freelancers.  We're almost on top of the 2005 year tax filing deadline so if you're not already done with your paperwork get to it already!

Peter Hayward writes a bit about Alexander Danner's Panel One series on the Weekly Webcomics Review blog.  Speaking of Alexander Danner, he wrote a short review of Hope Larson's Salamander Dreams for this week's Webcomics Examiner.

And, have I mentioned Chopping Block is back?  Lee Adam Herold's creepy-funny webcomic about a serial killer named Butch is back.