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Emily Horne

Comix Talk for Wednesday, March 3, 2010

 Second Best Isn't So Bad

INTERVIEW:  A great interview with Joey Comeau and Emily Horne of the long-running webcomic A Softer World. They have a new book out collecting the webcomic (it's their second book).

WASHINGTON DC STUFF: There was a couple of appearances by Dean Haspiel and the ACT-I-VATEs last weekend. Area blogger Comics Girl writes up one of the appearances and Mike Rhode interviewed Jim Dougan (who wrote the excellent graphic novel Crazy Papers -- art'd by Danielle Corsetto).

Word on the Street

The Awesome Blossom is Blooming!

First off - Websnark has a second post up today - this one on the current Achewood saga. Nice to have Eric back (and writing about webcomics)!

A great interview with Kate Beaton, creator of Hark A Vagrant.  Apparently we have Emily Horne of A Softer World to thank for encouraging Kate to put her comics online.

Shaenon Garrity writes about her experiences self-publishing the first print collection of her webcomic Skin Horse. Also worth noting is Garrity's new comics collective -- the Couscous Collective.

Brigid Alverson has the scoop on Tokyopop's ambitious online undertaking.

Cory Doctorow writes on why free e-books should be part of a writers strategy - the advice seems worth considering for comics creators too.



Rick Marshall interviews Joey Comeau and Emily Horne of A Softer World.  Later Marshall, goes underground to report on illegal rock lobster fights.  That guy gets around!

Jovan Zimzovski interviews Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics while coincidently, Joey Comeau is hanging around. (h/t Journalista!)

The Daily Cartoonist links to a Universal Press interview with Jim Davis of its syndicated comic strip Garfield -- Scott Kurtz of PvP brings the drama in the comments that follow.


8 Things I Hate Like About Service Agreements. (h/t Journalista!)


Sean Kleefeld breaks down the linework in a classic Peanuts strip.


Jason Poog interviews writer Donald Ray: part 1 on finding an agent and part 2 on how Ray quick his day job.  Both should be of interest to comics creators.


Luke Foster on the puntastic comic strip Pearls Before Swine. (h/t Journalista!)

Cartoonist Shaenon Garrity hangs out with other members of the National Cartoonists Society.

Super-talented Jon Morris has been posting various alternate versions of Superman - check them out and then vote in his poll for which one you like best.

2008 WCCA Winners Announced

The 2008 WCCAs were announced today -- Phil and Kaja Foglio won Outstanding Comic for Girl Genius while webcomics veteran Meredith Gran won Outstanding Newcomer for her new webcomic Octopus Pie.  The Foglios took three total WCCAs this year, but Tracy Butler was a big winner too taking home 4 WCCAs for her work on Lackadaisy.  Click read more for the full list of winners:

WCCA 2008 Nominees Are Out

The nominees for this year's WCCAs were released this past Sunday (sadly without any fanfare, or press release... again). But lots of interesting choices (and good links to comics!):

Achewood by Chris Onstaad
Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio
Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell
Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch
The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton

The ComixTalk End of 2007 Roundtable

Our third annual virtual round table on the year in webcomics features comments from Gary Tyrrell, Dirk Deppey, Tom Spurgeon, Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Derik A Badman, Reinder Dijkhuis, and JT Shea and Scott Gallatin.

Happy Weekend!


  • We've got a cool new cover up from Shayna Marchese. Shayna is the creator of the webcomic Voids which you should definitely check out if you're aren't already a fan.
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Updates On Entries in the Ill-Fated Webcomic Directory Project?

I built a "library" of webcomics and creators back in the fall of 2005 which I put into beta before realizing it was too much editorial work to deal with and the same information could be better provided through the community edited webcomic wiki - COMIXPEDIA.

Nevertheless looking back on the assortment of names collected (some from me, some sent in from you) I wonder if anyone has any significant updates on these creators 18 months later. Maybe we should interview some of them?

WCCA Nominations Out

The full list of nominations for the upcoming WCCAs is out - get the list here or click read more (the WCCA site is slow today so I copied it into this post here).