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Eric Burns

Belated Congrats to Wednesday & Eric


     Sometimes, like the beginning of Slaughterhouse Five, one finds onesself researching the

people one used to know.  What ever happened to   ---   etc..  Well, looking for Wednesday White,

I happened upon the post regarding her saying yes to Eric Burns, and, well, even though I'm really

not a  webcomics afficionato, nor even a really habitual reader of graphic novels in general,

I just had to join this forum so I could post a somewhat belated hello, congratulations, and attagirl

to Wednesday, and a 'wish you the best' to Eric.

Captain Nihilist Responds To the State of The Webcomics Union

Just yesterday, Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content released his State of the Webcomics Union.

This is the democratic response.

Websnark is Back

After a bit of a break, Eric Burns has a new post on videogames at  If you're new to Websnark, go check it out and if gaming's not your thing skim through some of the archived entries on webcomics.  Burns has a way with the phrasing that is infectious (and not in the swine flu way).

Also if you've got more time on your hands, hit his 2004 NaNoWriMo novel -- you can find it starting November 1st in the archives.

This isn’t about the past. This is about the future.

One year ago last week, I began doing webcomic reviews on Da Blog.
Recently, I’ve been having a crisis of confidence about the whole enterprise.
This should be obvious enough to anyone who read my 8-Bit Theater review. Quite frankly, I completely stalled while writing it. I found myself trapped in a place where I couldn’t say much more than “It’s a webcomic, and it’s not Order of the Stick. Um… it loves non-sequitur. Um… it… structures its updates well. Um… I got nothin’.” Roger Ebert (or even Eric Burns(-White)) I’m not.

The Best (and Worst) of the Week

Whew, I fell behind on my comics-reading while I was getting ready for (and recovering from) Wizard World Philadelphia. Let's take a quick re-cap of some of the best and worst of the past couple weeks of comics. If you can't read the words, click on the image for a larger view.

Best Confession

Amazing Spider-Man #598

This Day in ComixTalk: June 19th

This Day in ComixTALK:

Chuck Whelon posted the cover art for his new edition of the first collection of Pewfell Perfingles comics.  He also posted a great page from that bookNeil Cohn noted the 30th anniversary of Jim Davis' Garfield and covered some of the webcomic experimentalism incorporating that comicBrad Guigar reported back from exhibiting at Wizard World Philadelphia.  Kate Beaton?  Before she became famous for historical comicking, she posted this take on the Anthony-Liz storyline from For Better or For Worse.

And the nominees for that year's Online Comics category at the Harveys included Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney, EZ Street, Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley, Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, Perry Bible Fellowship, Nicholas Gurewitch and Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo, Dwight L. Macpherson, Thomas Boatwright and Thomas Mauer.

I was in the midst of spinning off and rebranding this site as ComixTALK.  While it all hasn't worked out to "bigger and better" it has worked well enough for me.  (Never did activate the so-called umbrella site "Comixmedia")

Todd Allen was covering the DC webcomics plans; another Platinum story was in the news and FLEEN speculated on the webcomic future for Elfquest creators Wendy and Richard Pini.

Back when we did "Summer of Guest Bloggers" -- we had Barry Gregory (01 Comics) and Clay Gardner (Wirepop) on tap for this week.  Clay wrote a post on "the hidden style of manga".  And Zach Lewis hyped Jack of All Blades -- the "most popular adventure comic featuring a doppleganger, a penguin, and a horrid swordfighter".

June 2005 was our "webcomics in print" issue.  Ben Towles wrote about his experiences self-publishing a print collection of his webcomic TowniesEric Burns wrote about some of the webcomics that had jumped to print and mused about what would be the future role of print in webcomics.  Meanwhile in Kelly Cooper's MoCCA report we have early photographic evidence of Gary "Magnum P.I." Tyrrell.

Cartoonist Hard (aka Clay) who used to blog pretty often, wrote about various comics publications and objecting to the Webcomics Examiner approach to webcomics.  It just reminds me of how overblown some of the discussions online became back then.  And the fact that for a long time Comixpedia/Talk was largely alone in trying to provide coverage of webcomics which often meant we got swept up in whatever the drama of the moment was.

I linked to this article in the NYTimes about building an audience for your blog.  It's a bit like driving a mustang while looking back on the Model Ts.  How about this quote:

But Susan Mernit, a blogger in San Francisco, is actively trying to increase her readership from its current average of about 50 visitors a day. "I value hits highly," said Ms. Mernit, a consultant for nonprofit organizations and a former vice president for programming at America Online. "I'd like to see my traffic increase by 10 readers a month."

What’s the difference between About, Cast, and New Reader pages?

It’s a topic brought up by a post that seems to conflate them. To be sure, a conflation can help some to understand why they’re reading old Websnark posts where Eric Burns(-White) calls out webcartoonists that don’t have a cast page (”dude, it’s a cast page! It’s not the Great Artifact that will bring about the Age of Transcendence!”), but it seems some don’t agree.

This Day In ComixTalk: May 15th

A look back at some of the stories we covered from the world of webcomics:

I mused on the future of comics and links to all of the other news I found worth linking to that day - including the conclusion of Evan Dham's Rice Boy.

We had a review of the Paranormals and in award news: Brian Fies won the Blooker Award for Mom's Cancer and Krahulik and Holkins won the UK's Eagle Award for Penny Arcade.

Artist Onezumi commented on the then-in-the-news Brownstein/Soma story, ByrobotDotNet started up, we updated the list of surviving contestants to the Daily Grind contest (as of 2009 there are still 8 surviving contestants listed - I wonder if anyone is still tracking this?) and links to all of the other news I found worth linking to that day.

David "Shortpacked" Willis announced he was leaving Keenspot.
The 2nd week of our May magazine update went up: a review of Spamusement, an interview with J. Grant and Mel Hynes of Two Lumps, Alexander Danner's guide to collaboration, a new column from Eric Burns, and a new Welton Colbert comic from Ryan Estrada.

The 2nd week of our May magazine update went up: with a review of Spark Needle and an interview with Gilda Rimessi of The Sinner Dragon as well as columns from Frank "Damonk" Cormier and Jim Zubkavish.  We also had a look at the history of comics syndication.

Eat the Roses by Meaghan Quinn turned 3 years old (I think the last time this was updated was in 2006).
Nominations for the 3rd edition of the WCCAs were almost due.

NCWCCC Anthology 2 (Specs and Deadlines Updated)

Hi all,

Below are all the specs for the NCWCCC Anthology 2 Book. I have offered two versions. The short version goes over stuff you NEED TO KNOW. The long version includes greater detail and more lenient deadline. I’ve worked with artists before. ;)

Short Version (Stuff you NEED to know)

1. Deadline for all work, covers and biographies is Saturday, November 15th. Biographies cannot exceed 100 words. Please include your URL in your bio.

NCWCCC Anthology 2 - Cover, Introduction and Size

Hi all,

Apologies for all the posts, but we really do need to get this thing rolling.  Once we have a few more details established I will stop pestering you all. ;)

Since we are short of time on this, Larry and I have made some executive decisions concerning Anthology 2.  If there are any problem with this action please direct them to me (