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Gene Yang

Comix TALK for Thursday, January 13, 2011

I finished loading all of the monthly cover art we ran at ComixTALK from 2003 to 2009 in yearly photo albums at ComixTALK's new Facebook page.  I have mixed feelings about dropping that from the site design in 2010 - especially after looking back over all of the great comickers that contributed to the series. In any event - if you are on Facebook, please "like" the ComixTALK Facebook page.  Thanks!

After all of the news yesterday it's a bit slow so far this morning:

OPINION: A Gene Yang comic comments on a recent WSJ article on "Chinese Mothers".

REVIEW: Tangents reviews Dumbing of Age by David Willis



It's from last month but CMYKiller is always in the haus:

Comix Talk for Monday, August 2, 2010

You know what -- a big thanks to Journalista!, The Comics Reporter and Comics Worth Reading for all of the great reporting they do.  Almost every dang morning I find something interesting to read at those sites.  Speaking of which, Tom Spurgeon posted a note this morning from Ted Rall -- Rall is beginning his latest expedition to Afghanistan with fellow cartoonists Matt Bors and Steven L Cloud along for the ride.  Safe Travels!


HYPE: I'm looking forward to MK Reed's Americus (scheduled for publication by First Second  in Fall of 2011) and excited to hear that it will be serialized online along the way.  The comic is drawn by Jonathan Hill. (h/t CWR!)


COPYFIGHT:  I'm no expert on the Neil Gaiman-Todd McFarlane litigation but Maggie Thompson's write-up of the latest phase is an interesting practical example of the notion of derivate work.

REVIEW:  Tom Spurgeon reviews Mike Dawson's Troop 142 which Dawson is serializing online here.

INTERVIEW:  Good Comics For Kids blog has an interview with James Kochalka from SDCC (there's a whole bunch of videos from the GCFK blog there too):

Help SLG by helping yourself to great comics!

from [info]evandorkin
"SLG Publishing is having an across-the-line, no coupon necessary, 40% off everything sale for the next week or so. A tough economy and some financial curve balls have made the sale necessary in an attempt to put some coins in the coffer, wind in the sails, eggs in the basket, etc, etc, whatever the hell. SLG, as most of you know, has more or less been my publishing home for the past 20 years or so, so I'm of course hoping for the best for them during these times of hardship."

My Next Graphic Novel

The Saga of Selling My Next Comic
I've been holding off announcing this for various reasons, but now's the time, I think. Drumroll pls. Okay! First Second Books, towering publisher of such luminaries as Gene Yang, Nick Abadzis, and Paul Pope (eventually, I assume) has been suckered into - I mean, will be publishing my next graphic novel. Completely written and drawn by ME. HAHAHAHA. Oh man, cool, huh?

Gene Yang On America.Gov

Scott McCloud links to an interview with American Born Chinese creator, Gene Yang, on

May Madness: Part 2

Last week's trip up to Springfield for the MLA Conference was really fun! A nice combination of productive and relaxing. Dave and I Amtrak'd it up to Massachusetts, and spent a couple of days talking to librarians and eating wonderful meals with wonderful company.

And later this week, I'm heading to Cleveland, OH for the Margaret S. Skiff Children's & Teen Literature Conference! The short guest list absolutely blows my mind: Mo Willems, Gene Yang, Nick Bertozzi, myself, and Cherise Mericle Harper.

Con Report: Massachusetts Library Association 2009 Graphic Novel Mini Conference

Last week, the Massachusetts Library Association held its annual professional conference, which is notable for comics fans in that the final day of the conference included a Graphic Novel Mini-Conference organized by Robin Brenner of No Flying, No Tights. This included a full day of panel discussions related to the comic book industry, as well as a handful of graphic novel exhibitors in the exhibition hall, and a couple of interesting events throughout the rest of the week. I wasn’t able to make it to all of the events, as I wasn’t a registered attendee.

Friday Funtacular

Tomorrow's Free Comic Book Day and while digital comics are not officially invited to play, I've been seeing various webcomics making special offers anyway.  UCLICK (btw is UCLICK really "the #1 distributor of comics on the web and on mobile phones" as they claim?) is offering the first issues of several of titles for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, beginning Friday afternoon, May 1, until Saturday, May 2, at 11:59 p.m. (PST).

DIgital Strips reviews Frequently Asked Questions, the latest print collection from the comic Unshelved by writer Gene Ambaum and artist Bill Barnes.
Derik Badman reviews the print collection, Beanworld Book 1: Wahoolazuma.

Daily Cross Hatch has the first half of an interview with Gene Yang up (and another part of its multipart interview with Box Brown.)

Eric Trauttman, Brandon Jerwa, David Messina, and Mirco Pierfederici are launching a webcomic called Wide Awake - a horror/adventure tale that got its proof-of-concept in the second “Popgun” anthology.  They will have a six-page teaser available on Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.

Tom Spurgeon encourages you to "Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Eisners"  - voting on the nominees for the 2009 Eisner Awards lasts until June 15th.  More information is here.

Around the World in Several Blogs
Comics Alliance notes the Penny Arcade comic on the recent "no gays in Star Wars" controversy...


Dave and I had a fan-tas-tic time at the Stumptown Comics Fest! We got home late last night, feeling green from the rain, full from yummy brunches, and elated from the wonderful convention.

Stumptown, William Bazillion, and You

There's a new installment of The Chronicles of William Bazillion up at, in which the official William Bazillion documentary continues along its merry way. Miss it at your peril!

Having been away from the Internet from Thursday night until earlier this afternoon, I'm sure that just about everyone in Portland has beaten me to the punch in covering Stumptown, but here's my take on the show, for what it's worth: