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Jeffrey Rowland

This Date In Comixpedia - October 27th

A look back at the webcomics website of record:




Winterview with J-Ro

I watched Winter McCloud's interview with Jeffrey Rowland (Overcompensating, Wigu) last night - it is pretty damn funny. First of all Rowland is already funny as hell in his own way but it's all sort of twisted sideways by forcing him to behave a bit because of the presence of 11 year old Winter McCloud.

It's not that long either (Sky McCloud is doing a great job of editing these down to the good stuff) - you should definitely check it out. And the next one to be posted is with Rich Stevens (Diesel Sweeties).

News and Views for Monday, October 23rd


Don't miss our latest review, column and interview posted this weekend.


R Stevens IIIJournalista! looks at Rich Stevens' cease and desist letter from LucasFilm and advises "Let go of your feelings, Clango..."

Keenspot picks up Out There by R.C. Monroe. Monroe had been using Keenspot's Comicgenesis service previously.

Another SPX con report - this one from the Playground Ghosts collective - I stopped by their table more than once, they were very friendly and having fun which is a pretty good strategy for a con. (Most, if not all, of the SPX reports on the web are linked to here by The Comics Reporter.)


The Washington Post has a long interview with Gerry Trudeau, the creator of Doonesbury. It focuses a lot on the recent storyline with the character B.D. losing a leg in Iraq.

Winter McCloud interviews Jeffrey Rowland, creator of Overcompensating (This is a videocast). (Speaking of the McCloud clan here's a story on Scott McCloud's visit to the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.)

CBC Montreal interviewed Matt Forsythe, creator of Ojingogo. Here's an MP3 of the interview.


 Scott McCloud at SPX 2006 In Print has a round-up of the latest book news.

Derik Badman reviews Scott McCloud's Making Comics.

Flight links to an article on self-publishing, which includes advice from several Canadian authors and artists — including Halifax-based Hope Larson. (Speaking of which The Comics Reporter posted an interview with Larson this weekend.)

More Attitude From Ted Rall: A Review of Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists

Ted Rall talks up and talks to webcomics with attitude for Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists. It's a great addition to the ongoing Attitude anthology series that pays some well-deserved attention to webcomics.

Thursday Webcomics Briefing


Joey Manley has a post up - teeing off of the recent Platinum purchase of Drunk Duck - speculating on "boom times for webcomics" and referencing a Gary Groth essay on the ill-fated black & white comic book boom of the Eighties.

I see people are excited about the new Sony ebook, a device that uses electronic ink technology. Gizmodo describes it as "like a gameboy...for the game of Reading." It will display greyscale images so you can use it to read comics.


Writer Response Theory has a post up on Bound By Law - a comic about copyright using a "remediated paper interface" (essentially using the web to remind you of holding a comic book).

The subject matter [of Bound By Law] is fascinating - I don’t think you can really follow contemporary art without being drawn into the intricacies of copyright law. Still, it is a testamony to the creators that I finished Bound By Law wishing for a sequel, or series of sequels. In particular, it would be interesting to see a more self-referential work that took on the unique intellectual property challenges of, for example, web comics and blogging - image sampling and remixing, screen captures, quotation, linking, the act of publication, the nested rights restrictions of host, domain, and content management system, etc. etc. etc…

Around the World in 80 Blogs

Fleen catches the ongoing White Ninja guest week - I kind of liked Jeff Rowland's contribution the most so far...

Zoinks notes that Derrick Fish, creator of Dandy & Company recently put out a call for donation. For donations totaling $15 or more Fish is giving away the first, full color issue of his new comic book Tails TO Amaze!

The Drawn blog points out James Harvey's project to illustrate 100 pirates in a 100 days.

Jeff Rowland hacked by cyberpunks!

According to Jeffrey Rowland's livejournal, which was pointed out by Lore Sjoberg's blog, is experienceing a DDOS attack. Instead of complaining, Mr. Rowland turns the story into comedy gold.

And here I was blaming's unavailability on Lore linking it on his Wired Blog.

Wigu Missile Crisis Now Free Online

Lore catches that Jeff Rowland has released his mini-comic The Case of the Missile Crisis online for free.

You're just a shoegazer

Behold the cover (by the awesome Jeffrey Brown, not me!) for You Ain't No Dancer, Volume 2 from New Reliable Press. It will be in stores on October 18, but this is the last week for comic book retailers to place their orders. So get your local store on the phone now! Just yell "Diamond Order Code: AUG063478 (Previews page 323)"; this helps somehow.

Conjunction Junction One Funny Malfunction

Hey it only took me about a year or so to find it but if you haven't checked out Matt Milby's Malfunction Junction yet - you should. Somewhere between Drew Weing's The Journal Comic and Jeff Rowland's Overcompensating - it's very funny and Milby is frankly just a good cartoonist so even when the jokes and situations are a bit thin (which isn't often) he does a lot with them.

Comicon Sketch Dump - Part 1

One of the most fun things to do at the Comicon is to go around to all your favorite artists and get sketches of your favorite characters. There's just nothing quite as cool as seeing an artist create something right in front of you, personalized for you, and hand it to you for you to keep, right there. Pretty freaking sweet.

I've got myself a nice sketchbook (from last year's con, actually), and I'll be going around all weekend getting sketches from various webcomickers and posting them up here for you all to see.

So let's get this party started!