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Jeffrey Rowland

Comix Talk for Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Intervention Convention in Washington DC

I really cannot believe THE MAN is making me work during the World Cup.  I think in the spirit of the World Cup, I'll just use OLE in every sentence today (sort of like this NSFW new sketch from SMBC Theater).  

I haven't talked about INTERVENTION in a bit -- that's a new convention in the DC area this fall created by Harknell and Onezumi - both ubercool and long-time friends of ComixTalk.  This looks more and more fun as it develops.  They just opened up registration for Artist Alley -- you have until June 18th to get your application into for review.  The pricing (if I'm reading this right) is $50 for an artist alley table and you also need to purchase a con membership for $35. Total cost therefore for Con weekend with a table being $85.00.  As for me, I am going to be doing various things there in an official ComixTalk kind of role and will announce more when I get it sorted out!

Code: A link to a post from Frump a developer of ComicPress Pro for Wordpress comparing it to the Inkblot webcomic package for Wordpress.  I don't link to this to encourage any drama, but comparisons are needed to understand the real differences between these packages.  This post is purely about the number of mySQL queries which can be pretty important for performance issues, particularly with a site with a lot of traffic.  Frumph doesn't seem to have considered some of the cache plug-ins for Wordpress, however, I wonder if that would have any impact on the comparative number of queries per page per package?  

iWebcomics: So this whole Apple playing net-nanny with apps for the iPhone and iPad?  Well there's probably a valid concern over technical performance, Apple certainly has an interest in ensuring a minimum of glitches from its app store.  But content... there's the rub.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs said recently that the iPad offered "...freedom from porn."  Well is this porn?  On the other hand, for all of the fuss over Apple's app censorship, there is a completely uncensored application on the iPad, the browser, and there are a growing number of competitors like Google who will probably pursue a more wide open approach to their app stores.

UPDATE: Brigid Alverson has an interview with the creator of the webcomic Ulysses on Apple's decision yesterday to allow the uncensored form of the comic into the app store (originally Apple had required significant editing of the comic).

Around the Blogs

FROM THE MAILBAG: I got an email from Gabriel Dunston who makes the webcomic The Pit of Despair.  He's got a video on his site explaining how his current financial issues are keeping him from buying art supplies.  Sometimes when I know someone (or have known of them) and they're trying to raise some money I plug it here because I personally feel like it's a good cause -- either the person is in a bit of tight spot or it's going to lead to some great comics.  I can't say that here as I don't know Dunston and this is the first I've heard of him, but he's definitely working hard on his webcomic.  I didn't have time to read the full archives, but here's  the basics: a journal comic about a 20-something guy who just became a father and the art has GREATLY improved in 2010 over 2009.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Culture Pop by Seth Kushnar

Seth Kushnar's CulturePop debuted this week.  The first one is about Alyssa Loveless talking about performing and her music.  I really dig Kushnar's website Graphic NYC, and this comic project looks very promising.  Different vibe but its somewhat similar to a great journalistic comic called CulturePulp by Mike Russell.

BUSINESS: Tom Tomorrow's current comic is a funny take on the Internet but a little bitter about the changes waste the Internet is laying to existing business models.  Tomorrow and Reuben Bolling are two extremely talented cartoonists that should be able to make it in the Internet world.  Maybe they need their own Robert Khoo business guru but if nothing else they ought to talk to Jeff Rowland at Topataco and see what they can do with taking control of their merchandizing opportunities.

LEGAL: Linda Joy Kattwinkel, Esq., Intellectual Property and Arts Attorney at Owen, Wickersham & Erickson writes a post on what to do when your artwork is being ripped off.  Good advice.

AWARDS: James Hudnall writes about his experience being a judge for the Eisner nominations this year.

MILESTONES: Shaenon Garrity reports that Daniel Merlin Goodbrey has concluded his webcomic All Knowledge Is Strange and started a new webcomic 100 Planets.

REVIEWS: reviews this month's Zuda contestants. (h/t

HYPE: has a bit more and pix on the upcoming book Kill Shakespeare.  Plus a take from a Shakespeare scholar.

NOT WEBCOMICS: has a round-up of the recent uncovering of work Jack King Kirby did for an animation house in the 80s.  Neat to see even more ideas from the comics legend.

Comix Talk for Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins

INTERVIEWS: Time's Techland Blog is the next step on the Penny Arcade book tourSean Collins interviews Nick Gurewitch about some short comics he did for Marvel.  Marvel?  Yeah Marvel!  He has Hulk and Wolverine comics in an upcoming  book.  CrunchGear interviews Drew and Natalie Dee of Toothpaste for Dinner fame.  And David Harper interviews Brock Heasley, co-creator of Monsterplex, the most recent winner of the Zuda contest.  Heasley's other webcomic is the superheroes in a retirement home comedy -- Super Fogeys.  (h/t to Paperless Comics which does a far most exhaustive job than I of tracking down webcomic-related interviews and reviews around the web)

REVIEW: Christopher Irving at GraphicNYC gives Raina Telgemeier's Smile a great review.

LEGAL BEAGLE: Long article at CBR on the Incarnate/Bleach copying scandal and the line on plagerism and homage/inspiration in general.  If you're interested in the subject, worth a read.

JUSTIFY MY HYPE Channeling Randy Jackson for a minute: Dude, Rosenburg you just killed it tonight! That thing is hawt!  Seriously - this animated panel of Goats is great fun and doing it as an animated gif is practically like employing medieval age technology by the standards of Internet time.

AROUND DEM BLOGS: Hope Larson reminds you that she is not Bryan Lee O'Malley's secretaryAlexis Farjado announced that his new Kid Beowulf book The Song of Rowland is off to the printers.

The Joy of Webcomics: The Death of Webcomics

Rising from the dead… it’s the Joy of Webcomics!  Sorry for not doing updates lately and opting instead for smaller news-related posts. Fact is, I figured This Week in Webcomics, Artpatient, Fleen, Comixtalk, and now Paperless Comics are all doing a far better job of providing up-to-date webcomic news. I’d only be repeating the exact same things said on other sites (and I am, in fact, doing so here).  From time to time, though, there are a few tidbits that I find too interesting not to share.

Strip News 10-9-9

bruce 300x230 Strip News 10 9 9You all just don’t take a week off, do you?

News From Around the World of Webcomics Today



Volumes 3 and 4 of Danielle Corsetto's Girls With Slingshots are now available for pre-orderin'

Chris Onstad is selling a picture of himself from 1986.  Really!

Cameron Stewart has a couple of videos showing him working in Manga Studio

Careful now!

Everybody be super careful! Jeffrey Rowland's LJ just got hacked like crazy, and all his posts deleted! Backup your LJ if need be, and keep your passwords secure!

Little Gamers Celebrates Release Of Fourth Book With Signing At TopatoCo Headquarters

Pontus Madsen and Christian Fundin, the Swedish artists/fashion models behind the popular gaming-themed webcomic Little Gamers, will be signing copies of their brand-new "Volume 4" at a free event on September 11.

The long-awaited book will collect the fourth year of the comic, and  according to co-creator Madsen, the collection is "filled to the
rafters with spelling errors and grammatical nightmares."

The book is also "funnier than the older ones," he said.

Mars Needs Webcomics!

It is indeed August and I for one cannot believe the rapid passing of this summer.  Posting this month may be even lighter then usual for this year (which is already ComixTalk-lite it seems) and I'll be at the beach the last week of the month so perhaps that will turn into a very special themed  "beverage-mixin'" week.

Gary Tyrrell interviewed Holly Post of Jeff Rowland's TopatoCo which has turned into the biggest merchandise company for webcomic artists.

Jim Zub flagged this funny comic summing up all Hollywood hype panels at Comicon -- Magnolia Porter's whole comic, titled Bobwhite, is very worth checking out.

Box Brown pointed to this new comic about a fired Wall Streeter moving back in with his parents.  Lyman Dally's Living With Les has a timely topic, well-drafted art and it's funny enough (it could be funnier though).

Maira Kalman's comic about inventors, including the original ODB -- Ol' (Dirty) Ben (Franklin).  h/t Journalista!

Webcomics are serious business