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Joey Comeau

WCCA Nominations Out

The full list of nominations for the upcoming WCCAs is out - get the list here or click read more (the WCCA site is slow today so I copied it into this post here).


Serializer Is Alive!

Eric Millikin writes that relaunched today! New comics today include:

  • Jen Sorensen's "Slowpoke”
  • Rick Smith and Tania Menesse's “Shuck Stripped”
  • Spike's “Templar, Arizona”
  • Eric Millikin's “Fetus-X”
  • Tom Hart's “Hutch Owen”
  • Ryan North's “Dinosaur Comics”

Here is a full list of all the wonderful artists contributing to Serializer. It includes Patrick Farley with "Apocamon," Renee French with "micrographica," Sam Henderson with "The Magic Whistle," and Emily Horne and Joey Comeau with "A Softer World."

Publisher’s Weekly refers to many of serializer’s artists as “art comics favorites” and “critical darlings.” London’s Sunday Times has called serializer “high art,” and The New York Times thought some of our comics were “Well drawn and funny.” The Comics Journal found some Serializer comics to be “daring, entertainingly perverse” while The Guardian found artwork on serializer that “threatens to seriously tamper with one’s smug equilibrium.”

More Platinum Duck, Interviews, Etc.

I'm going to try breaking these longer posts up into categories - tell me if it's helpful or not...


Drunk DuckI started a thread to discuss the Platinum-Drunk Duck deal here - I added links to other discussions in the comments if you're interested in reading more about it.

Aaron MacGruder AWOL from Boondocks return. Or so the Washington Post reports. The Comics Reporter notes that the Dallas Morning News also has a good story on this subject.

The Comic Reporter also points to a deal between McClatchy-Tribune and to carry stories on McClatchy's MCT Campus wire service for college and highschool newspapers. was founded in 1999 by Sarah Zupko and also carries several webcomics on its site.


Jon RosenbergWizard interviewed Jon Rosenberg (creator of Goats) yesterday. I just want to highlight this part because I think Jon's answer makes a lot of sense:

What professional title do you prefer: webcomicker, webcomics artist, creator or what's the standard these days? Or is there one?

ROSENBERG: When people ask me what I do, I tell them I draw comics. Titles are a pretty silly thing, I don't know if there is a standard but I'm sure it is a topic of heated debate on some message board somewhere.

The people who concern themselves with those sorts of things, I find, would do better to focus on their comics.

Random Interviews has one with Fred Grisolm, creator of Hate Song.

Plugs and Reviews

I missed it but Mitch Clem is updating NN2S again. Huh-zah!

Over at CBR, Meaghan Quinn plugs the new webcomic from Petie Shumate, Girl/Robot. G/R is kind of a one-note affair (girl says/does something, robot takes it literally, hijinks/disaster ensues) but so far Shumate is consistently cracking me up with it. I'd give it a try if you haven't already.

Everything ElseI'm Just Drinking

Gilead's got a post on Phil Kahn's I'm Just Drinking vidcast - webcomics and alcohol... who'd thunk it? I watched part of it last night - not bad and Phil does a decent job of actually demonstrating how to make the drinks which is good since that's probably the key part of the show. :)

Fleen links to Scott Marshall's post about the Halifax edition of the Word on the Street festival where he met Hope Larson, Joey Comeau, and Ryan North.

A Softer World To Be Collected in Print Edition

Joey Comeau recently announced on his blog that A Softer World, the webcomic he co-created with Emily Horne, is destined for a print collection this summer.

Third, Emily [Horne] and I have been hard at work for a month now, putting together "A Softer World: Truth and Beauty Bombs" which will be released on Loose Teeth Press, hopefully for June. This will be a perfect bound, wonderful collection.

Comixpedia's List of 25 People Of Webcomics for 2005

A simple list of people of webcomics based on their contributions to the medium in 2005. And we have no doubt that we left off someone we shouldn't have. We're sorry. We'll try harder next year.

Practical Guide to Collaboration, Part Two: A Collaboration Survey

In preparing my article, A Practical Guide to Collaboration, I sent out a survey on collaborative experiences. I received considerably more information than I was able to use in the article, much of it far too interesting to leave unpublished. Presented here are some additional highlights from the survey.

Through the Looking Back Glass by Erik Melander

To solo or not to solo is not a question that many webcomics creators even bother to ask themselves. Most webcomics seem to be solo efforts by a single creator handling both the art and the writing. If this is in fact true it is no surprise, as both webcomics and small press print comics are generally thought of as a means for a creator to develop his or her own ideas without interference or outside pressure to craft a certain type of comic. It is in fact one of the wonderful things about comics, that the medium has such respect for the the lone creator speaking his or her voice through a comic.

Having said that, however, there's no question collaboration has played an important part in webcomics.

Whispered Apologies: A New Comic by Ryan North and Joey Comeau

The creators of Dinosaur Comics and A Softer World team-up in a new collaborative comic called Whispered Apologies. But there is a twist to it.

Feeding Snarky by Eric Burns

Feeding Snarky on Photojournalism Versus Picture-Art.

The assignment is "journal comics," and I read some. And yet, I'm turning in a column on my two favorite photo comics, instead of one on actual journal comics. This is because I can't do anything entirely right.

And yet, when I think of "journal comics," even though it's completely... well, not the genre at all... I think of Sinister Bedfellows by mckenzee. And whenever I mention Sinister Bedfellows, someone else mentions A Softer World by joey comeau and emily horne.

As an aside, what is it with producing a photo based comic strip and using all lowercase letters in your name? I'm just asking?

A Doom Baby and a Cat

Newsarama has posted an interview with Joey Comeau and Emily Horne, the creators of A Softer World.

Among other things, they talk a little bit about how they work, how Warren Ellis slashdotted them and why they're no longer updating their short-lived news-related comics.