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John Troutman

Comix Talk for Monday, July 19, 2010

I reviewed Justin Madson's Breathers series for you today.  You're welcome.  Also help out Reinder Dijkhuis with some guest art so he can get "swearing Kel off the front page" of his webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.


INTERVIEW: This Week in Geek interviewed Jim Zubkavich.

CRAFT: Jeph Jacques shows his progress on a print he's making for SDCC.


FROM THE MAILBAG:  Creator Ted Sikora writes to tell us about Hero Tomorrow, an indy film about David, a guy who creates a comic book character called Apama.  After his girlfriend makes him a costume of Apama for a Halloween party, David starts dressing up in it to fight crime.  To help promote the film Sikora put together a comic book online of Apama The Undiscovered Animal.

Basil Flint by John Troutman

John Troutman Off Keenspot?- UPDATE

Fleen reported on and confirmed via Keenspot CEO Chris Crosby that John Troutman is no longer on Keenspot:

John Troutman’s Keenspot membership has been terminated, but we have no comment on the matter otherwise and wish John the best of luck.

I have no information on this at all although I've asked John for comment and will report that if he is willing to do so.  I guess I'm a little surprised by the story as I can't recall a time when Keenspot has essentially fired someone. 

Background on John can be found at Wikipedia and Comicspace.

A reply from John Troutman:

Though I believe my membership was terminated unjustly and through no fault of my own, I suspect I'll be much better off without Keenspot, whose management I never really saw eye-to-eye with.  All my friends have had great success as indie webcomics, so I can only hope to follow in their footsteps.

Disclosure! I have known John online at least (I don't think we've ever met in person) for many years now.

In addition to his initial statement to FLEEN, Chris Crosby added the following in a comment over there:

OK, I’ll admit, the only reason we fired John Troutman was so we would be mentioned on Fleen. It’s the same reason Fox fired the cast of FUTURAMA.

Troutman's Back with Flat Feet & High Heels!

Having become somewhat legendary for starting and stopping comics abruptly, John Troutman returns from his year-long hiatus with Flat Feet & High Heels - a tale about a few dicks and several dames who solve crime (but mostly just bitch about their personal lives).  With only three weeks of comics in the archives, now is the perfect time to start reading!  Check it out today!

Thank God It's Blind Date II

We've got two more excellent Blind Date II comics for Friday!

We're heading into the home stretch Blind Date II participants! Email me those finished comics by the end of this Sunday, February 25th! The list of creators still yet to report on their "blind date" after the jump (nudge nudge, know what I mean?):

Blind Date 2 Returns to Boogalooin'

After a Presidential Day Weekend Lull time for more Blind Date II webcomics:

  • Our second comic for Tuesday is from Petie Shumate (Girl/Robot) and John Troutman (Flint Again). It's probably happened to you - a long night of carousing leads to waking up with someone surprising. Not this surprising though...

And to the rest of our Blind Date II participants keep sending in the finished comics to me - I'm posting them in the order I receive them.

Blind Date II Pairings

Okay after a random drawing of names from a hat - here's your Blind Date II pairings. (Click read more to find out the pairings)

The rules are simple: the two of you brainstorm out and create a comic in the spirit of Valentines Day. Define "spirit of" however you want (we're not going to be as strict as the WCCA is with the Romantic Comics category).

We will start posting submissions on Valentines Day (February 14th) on a first-in, first-up basis and keep posting them as they come in through the month of February. I'd prefer to post the comics at to prevent future link-rot, but I can link to something posted elsewhere too. Either way email me at xerexes AT comixpedia DOT com with the essential information. The absolute deadline for turning in Blind Date II comics will be February 25th.

Also try and link up with your partner early next week - if you have trouble getting connected or someone quits talk to me next week and we'll try to sort something else out for you.

Washington Post on Wikipedia (Webcomics Are One of the Examples)

Wikipedia's Non-notable policy is apparently notable. Today's Washington Post covers the deletion process, [tongue-in-cheek]inspired no doubt by Comixpedia's hard-hitting coverage all this week[/tongue-in-cheek].

Comicon Friday - Keenspot Panel

Well, I'm officially two days behind in my blogging now, but dangit, I'm going to write up every webcomic thing I did at the con if it KILLS me. Because there was a huge amount of webcomic stuff at the con this year, and unfortunately due to the nature of Comicon (there's always cool stuff conflicting with other cool stuff), I missed a fair number of things. But I also managed to hit a lot of things, so I think it would be remiss of me to not give you all a taste of everything I did make it to.

Keenspot Comic-Con 2006 Announcements: YIRMUMAH!, DARKEN, SORCERY 101 join! Fall Marketing Plans! SUPEROSITY TV Show (sorta)!

Here's what Keenspot announced on the Comic-Con panel Friday evening...

* Keenspot News

Comic Book Challenge Top 3 finalist winner D.J. Coffman brings popular webcomic Yirmumah! to Keenspot!

A new animation production and distribution company comprised of former Cartoon Network and Disney animators have ordered into production 13 episodes of Angelipups, a 3D computer-animated children’s series based on the show-within-a-strip from Chris Crosby’s long-running webcomic Superosity. Broadcast and DVD rights have already been pre-sold to some overseas territories, and the series will be shopped to North American distributors soon. Crosby wrote the pilot script and has been commissioned to write additional episodes. Angelipups follows the adventures of a group of winged, candy-colored puppies who live in the sky and are responsible for keeping clouds fluffy. It combines surreal humor with moral and educational elements.