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Jon Rosenberg


It's been an exhausting week but all worth it! Let's get back to the webcomics!


  • Neil CohnNeil Cohn checks out what's available in "comics making" software and concludes: they all suck. (Never having used any of them myself I don't have an opinion to offer on them.)



  • I may have linked to this before but Sequential Tart has three webcomic-related interviews this month: Gene Yang, Batton Lash, and Onezumi.




Hero By Night Website Launches

D.J. Coffman launches a website for his forthcoming (Spring 2007) Platinum Studios comic book Hero By Night. The website will not run the actual comic but features additional material about the character.

Update: I've added the official press release from Platinum Studios - click read more to check it out.

Post-There Goes the New World Neighborhood-Tuesday News

Happy (Belated) Canadian Thanksgiving Day! And this weekend was 24 Hour Comics Day - catch up on the haps at the 24 Hour Comics Day website.

 Videogame? Videogame!PREMIERES

A new Blamination from Kurtz and Straub. Who knew these guys liked video games?

Yesterday, Grounded Angel (previously at Komikwerks) relaunched simultaneously at three webcomics sites: Graphic Smash, WebComicsNation, and DrunkDuck. Grounded Angel is the story of 16-year-old Gloria, who finds out during a really bad day that she’s an angel, the herald to the end of the world.

Dramacon (Vol. 2) by Svetlana Chmakova is available in stores today.


Digital Strips has an interview with Platinum Studios Chairman Scott Rosenberg and Drunk Duck's Dylan Squires.

The Santa Barbara Independent has an interview with Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury.

Scott Kurtz interviews Adam West?


Astute political commentary from... Sinfest?

 Scott McCloud Makes ComicsAROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BLOGS

Bookslut reviews Scott McCloud’s Making Comics.

Drawn! interviews illustrator Bob Staake who has a new book out called This is Not a Pumpkin. Staake who embraced digital art tools early on also was an early presence on the web with his Planet Cartoonist site.

(From Lines and Colors) Line Rider is a Flash interactive that allows you to draw a line that represents the two dimensional topography of a hill. When your line is drawn, you click play and the Line Rider, a small character on a sled with a trailing scarf, will go sailing, bouncing and, if you’re not careful, tumbling down the hill according to forces of imaginary gravity.

More Platinum Duck, Interviews, Etc.

I'm going to try breaking these longer posts up into categories - tell me if it's helpful or not...


Drunk DuckI started a thread to discuss the Platinum-Drunk Duck deal here - I added links to other discussions in the comments if you're interested in reading more about it.

Aaron MacGruder AWOL from Boondocks return. Or so the Washington Post reports. The Comics Reporter notes that the Dallas Morning News also has a good story on this subject.

The Comic Reporter also points to a deal between McClatchy-Tribune and to carry stories on McClatchy's MCT Campus wire service for college and highschool newspapers. was founded in 1999 by Sarah Zupko and also carries several webcomics on its site.


Jon RosenbergWizard interviewed Jon Rosenberg (creator of Goats) yesterday. I just want to highlight this part because I think Jon's answer makes a lot of sense:

What professional title do you prefer: webcomicker, webcomics artist, creator or what's the standard these days? Or is there one?

ROSENBERG: When people ask me what I do, I tell them I draw comics. Titles are a pretty silly thing, I don't know if there is a standard but I'm sure it is a topic of heated debate on some message board somewhere.

The people who concern themselves with those sorts of things, I find, would do better to focus on their comics.

Random Interviews has one with Fred Grisolm, creator of Hate Song.

Plugs and Reviews

I missed it but Mitch Clem is updating NN2S again. Huh-zah!

Over at CBR, Meaghan Quinn plugs the new webcomic from Petie Shumate, Girl/Robot. G/R is kind of a one-note affair (girl says/does something, robot takes it literally, hijinks/disaster ensues) but so far Shumate is consistently cracking me up with it. I'd give it a try if you haven't already.

Everything ElseI'm Just Drinking

Gilead's got a post on Phil Kahn's I'm Just Drinking vidcast - webcomics and alcohol... who'd thunk it? I watched part of it last night - not bad and Phil does a decent job of actually demonstrating how to make the drinks which is good since that's probably the key part of the show. :)

Fleen links to Scott Marshall's post about the Halifax edition of the Word on the Street festival where he met Hope Larson, Joey Comeau, and Ryan North.

Chris Crosby's A History of Webcomics

Thanks to the fine folks at Comixpedia for inviting me to be a guest blogger. I will attempt to resist the temptation to solely link to vintage TV fall promo videos I find wildly entertaining, like this (watch for the shot of Potsie saluting a magical comet) or this (WARNING: it will take a drill to get this commanding song out of you head). It's both a crime and a national tragedy that the networks don't produce fall promo videos like that anymore. But I digress...

Jon Rosenberg

Lots of Webcomics Coverage in TCJ # 277

I just got my copy of TCJ # 277, the oversized 30th anniversary issue, and it has:

-- an interview with Chris Onstad (Achewood) on page 202

-- an interview with Fred Gallagher (MegaTokyo) on page 210

-- and an interview with the most pompous jerkoff from the webcomics world on page 258 (um, me).

I haven't read the whole issue yet (it's a big one), but am looking forward to it. As for my interview, I've apologized to Kurtz for what I said -- it was kind of silly and mean -- but I still mean what I said about Jon Rosenberg.

ComiCon San Diego

Comicon is almost here. Gilead and Darlene will be guest blogging for Comixpedia. Lots of panel info after the jump.

Christians Hate Christian Webcomics

Hey Xerexes -- how about an issue of Comixpedia devoted to religion in webcomics? There was the recent dust-up about Kurtz's comments about Catholicism on his website, and now this:

Dean Rankine makes Christian webcomics on WCN. From what I can tell, he is very sincere in his efforts, and believes that his work is a ministry. I'm not a Christian, but I like his comics (not enough to convert, but there you go). Maybe I'm more the target audience than actual Christians. Here's what a group of actual Christians had to say on a very popular conservative blog about his comics recently:

Goats Open Mic Guest Week

This is kind of cool - over at Goats, Jon Rosenberg is having an "open mic" call for an upcoming guest week:

Between Comic-con and my impending move at the end of July, I am feeling like I may not have enough time to do all the comics I need to do, so I am asking you good people for some assistance. Between now and July 14th, I will be accepting Guest Comic submissions from all comers, be you a professional webcomicker or an amateur webcomic reader.

I will pick the best entries and run them while I am in San Diego (and longer if I get enough good ones). All of the submissions will eventually be displayed on the site on a special page, so even if you're not picked you'll still get to be famous.

More details including the first place prize are available here.