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Lora Innes

Snowpocalypse Pending in Washington DC

I'm burrowed into the X-cave awaiting another edition of SNOWPOCALYPSEtm here where people raid the stores for eggs and toilet paper and drive like this guy.

WE ARE THE WORLD: Lora Innes writes that the Comic Creators Alliance has returned this year to raise money & awareness for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. The Comic Creators Alliance is a group of over 100 comic book creators (both web and print!) who all contributed art that was assembled into a single image to raise money and awareness for this cause.  The group raised 10,000 dollars in 2010 -- with more creators involved this year I hope they can raise even more money.

DEBUTING TODAY: Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim, Iron West, Ghostopolis) has launched a webcomic, Ratfist. There's only one comic up so far, but you can see the experience of TenNapel in deftly setting up an initial premise all at once.  The coloring is also looking good - it's by Katherine Garner.

NEW YORKER REMIXED: Assuming Tumblr isn't down today check out The Monkeys You Ordered which pairs literal punchlines with New Yorker cartoons (the same concept as that literal version of the Take On Me video).  It's often a funny result, even if it's more funny strange than ha-ha-ha.

MORE, META NEILJAM: Neil Fitzpatrick writes that his Neil Jam comic strip is making the jump to three new strips per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I’ve been doing this series of strips for over two years now, and am excited to step it up a notch in the new year. Recently, I grew tired of the antics of the characters in my comic strip and decided to enter the strip myself in order to shake things up.  Adjusting to life as a comic strip character has not been easy but I feel it was the right thing to do. 

REVIEW: Tangents reviews Eerie Cuties - Gisèle Lagacé's other webcomic.

Quick! Think of a Witty Title Referencing Webcomics!

The Trades has an interview with Lora Innes on the release of her comic The Dreamer in book format.

AdHouse Books cancels the book collection of the webcomic FCHS due to low pre-orders.

The fourth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book was released yesterday - the initial press run? 4 million copies.

Jon Scrivens announced the return of his webcomic Little Terrors from its extended hiatus.

Daily Cartoonist reports that the Amazon Comic Strip Superstar contest is into its third round and posts a list of the 50 remaining finalists.

Rival Angels Page 276-HotPursuit


And sometimes Aphrodite is her own worst enemy. Arrogant and egotistical, she really should’ve kept her focus on Monica. But who could’ve known that Monica would show suck quickness in the face of Amanda Breaker? The girls are going to want to be mindful of the 20 count that have to get back into the ring. I wonder what the count’s at now?

Rival Angels Page 275-Exchange


Rival Angels Page 273-TBC


Well, that didn’t end too well, did it?  I guess Krystin’s ‘master plan’ to get these two back together didn’t work out after all.  At least it didn’t come to blows, but almost worse was the verbal and emotional damage. Not the greatest way to go into Monday Night Meltdown. Will these two get it together or are they destined to be ex-friends, even enemies?

Rival Angels Page 265-NewTop


Rival Angels Page 264-SomethingNew


Rival Angels Page 262-MyCasa


Rival Angels Page 253-Chapter 12-Dragon Bite


Free Comic Book Day 2009!

Comics 2 Games - Free Comic Book Day 2009 Commercial from Chas! Pangburn on Vimeo.
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