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Neil Babra

The Monday Morning Xerexes Update

scarfman tipped us to the Daily Grind Ironman losing another competitor - Scott Kurtz announced he was dropping out as he began running guest strips from Chris Giarusso while Kurtz is at the San Diego Comicon. Kurtz is also on 3 panels this year - one for Image and two for webcomics (more details after the jump).

gordonmcalpin also caught that there is a new Stripped Books webcomic in the new edition of the online magazine Bookslut. The new strip, by guest illustrator Dan Henrick and Stripped Books creator Gordon McAlpin, adapts Sandman writer Neil Gaiman's keynote address from the 2005 Nebula Awards dinner, in which Gaiman muses about the state of science fiction today.

The Yirmumah boys are having a fundraiser week - if you're a fan of Coffman and McDeavitt's biting sense of humor (see today's installment!) then drop these guys a buck or two.

Gary Chaloner kicks off a new site hosting his ongoing series: Will Eisner's John Law. Chaloner is holding a July draw for a signed (by Will Eisner and myself) limited release hardcover of Will Eisner’s JOHN LAW: Dead Man Walking (from IDW). WEJL updates on Mondays at Modern Tales and the new stand-alone site.

Click READ MORE for a list of webcomics-related panels at the upcoming San Diego Comicon!

What I Did Last Summer, umm, at Comic-Con 2004

Kelly J Cooper's Most Excellent Comic-Con Adventures
Part 1: Wednesday to Friday

Vera Brosgol and Others Take Flight

CBR has an overview and previews of the new Flight anthology coming in July. Published by Image Comics, the anthology features the work of a group of artists under the Flight Comics banner.

One of the stories available in CBR's preview is "I wish..." by Vera Brosgol, creator of Return to Sender (reviewed by Comixpedia last year).

Imitation of Life by Neil, reviewed by Chris Daily

Imitation of Life is a journal comic that acts as a blog, or, a web log for those of you not up on the lingo. It chronicles the day-to-day events in the life of its writer and artist Neil (who never gives his last name on the site), as he struggles to cope with the hardships of law school in Pittsburgh, PA. Sometimes metaphorical, sometimes gruesome and introspective, Imitation gives the reader a look into one man's life that is, in all accounts, real.