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Owen Dunne

This Day in ComixTALK

Hey what do you know - there are still 10 contenders left in the Daily Grind contest

A look back at other things from the past:


The Perry Bible Fellowship collection - The Trial of Colonel Sweeto - was publisher Dark Horse's third webcomic-to-print success (following Megatokyo  and Penny Arcade ). Story here.


A review of the well-received play based on the webcomic Get Your War On from the Washington Post. 


ComixTALK had an interview with Mike Rojas, creator of Natch Evil; a review of Jack, created by David Hopkins; and T Campbell discussed how to make action move in webcomics (Part One and Part Two).

Erik Melander's Through the Looking Back Glass column covered the recent events in webcomics:

September held a number of news items which are worth mentioning. First and foremost, the Webcomic Telethon collected an impressive amount of money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Penny Arcade Expo returned for its second year, this time bigger and with more media coverage. Keenspot is working towards fulfilling its plans announced at Comic-Con. Keen announced that they have signed with Fox Television to develop Owen Dunne's webcomic You Damn Kid! for television. And both Keenspot and Modern Tales are looking for advertising sales representatives.


Comixtalk had an interview with Eric Milikin, creator of Fetus X.

Owen Dunne Takes Summer Hiatus

Owen Dunne (You Damn Kid and The Beevnicks) posted that he was taking the summer off to recharge. Here's a snippet from his post:

The more time I spend on the Internet, the less creative I feel. Does that make sense?

Makes sense to me. While I enjoy the daily updates that many webcomics creators put out, there's no need to self-enforce a never-ending schedule on yourself. A break, particularly for a comic with a fan base, in many cases is probably going to be a good thing, particularly if it does help the creator re-juice the batteries some.

Wikipedia-Free News & Views For Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Before I get to today's news & views -- don't forget we had three new articles published in the magazine this week:

  • Terrence Marks interviews married creators, Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier. This is actually the first in a series of five such interviews we'll be publishing this month.
  • New columnist Brigid Alverson covers five short story web manga this month in Small Packages.
  • Bryant Paul Johnson returns with another installment of his historically accurate series at Comixpedia: The Antecedent.
  • And of course a big thanks to Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not for doing this month's cover art.





Comixpedia's People Of Webcomics List For 2006

It's the third annual Comixpedia People Of Webcomics List. This was the hardest one yet to compile. There's a lot of webcomics and a lot of people doing interesting things in and around webcomics. This list, as in past years, is an odd effort to compare apples and oranges: artistic achievement, audience popularity, technical achievement, business savvy, news-making impact all go into the mix.


It's been an exhausting week but all worth it! Let's get back to the webcomics!


  • Neil CohnNeil Cohn checks out what's available in "comics making" software and concludes: they all suck. (Never having used any of them myself I don't have an opinion to offer on them.)



  • I may have linked to this before but Sequential Tart has three webcomic-related interviews this month: Gene Yang, Batton Lash, and Onezumi.




Champagne (Platinum + Drunk) Duck - What's It Mean?

It's been reported that Platinum Studios has bought Drunk Duck. So - comic book publisher plus webcomics host equals ???

What does everyone think? I'll probably post more tonight when I've had a chance to sit down and sort through the news on it.Â

Keenspot Comic-Con 2006 Announcements: YIRMUMAH!, DARKEN, SORCERY 101 join! Fall Marketing Plans! SUPEROSITY TV Show (sorta)!

Here's what Keenspot announced on the Comic-Con panel Friday evening...

* Keenspot News

Comic Book Challenge Top 3 finalist winner D.J. Coffman brings popular webcomic Yirmumah! to Keenspot!

A new animation production and distribution company comprised of former Cartoon Network and Disney animators have ordered into production 13 episodes of Angelipups, a 3D computer-animated children’s series based on the show-within-a-strip from Chris Crosby’s long-running webcomic Superosity. Broadcast and DVD rights have already been pre-sold to some overseas territories, and the series will be shopped to North American distributors soon. Crosby wrote the pilot script and has been commissioned to write additional episodes. Angelipups follows the adventures of a group of winged, candy-colored puppies who live in the sky and are responsible for keeping clouds fluffy. It combines surreal humor with moral and educational elements.

Tuesday Lunch Hour News Roundup

Bomb Shelter Comics is having a contest - to enter you need be a member of their forums and send in your version of the BSC logo. Winners get a Leftville t-shirt.

Clickwheel has a post on the "sound of art" which considers the question of music in comics. Didn't we have an issue on that recently? :)

Sparkneedle archives are now free (formerly only available to Girlamatic subscribers).

Digital Strips looks at the rotating cast of artists on the webcomic Pet Professional. Are there really four artists on that strip now? Wow...

It's been one year since the founding of Blank Label Comics.

New Peter Bagge webcomic on the "war on drugs" at Reason magazine. Cranky middle-age libertarian goodness!

Kris Straub is working on a second Starslip Crisis book and his webcomic has just hit the one year mark as well.

Fleen checks into Owen Dunne's My New Mommy webcomic. It's ending. And Fleen thinks Dunne's website navigation is confusing. Most of what Dunne has done is pretty hilarious IMO.

Tom Spurgeon rounds up reports on the recent BookExpo America event in Washington DC.

Gluemeat celebrates various Canadian holidays. I wish we had Muffin Day in the states too...

The Bone website has been redone and now features a blog from creator Jeff Smith.

And in notwebcomics news: Dorothy Gambrell's band is playing at the WYSIWYG Talent Show this evening.

"You Damn Kid!" in today's VARIETY

You Damn Kid!, the Keenspot webcomic by Owen Dunne, was briefly mentioned today in entertainment industry trade bible Daily Variety as being in development for TV. The article (currently a top story on focuses on the development slate of 20th Century Fox Television production company Phase Two, which optioned Dunne's webcomic in September.

The Comixpedia End of 2005 Roundtable

A freewheeling discussion about the wide world of webcomics with Eric Burns, Wednesday White, Phil Kahn, Giland Pellaeon, Bob Stevenson, Ping Teo, Daku, Karl Kuras, Doctor Setebos and William G, moderated by Xaviar Xerexes.

You may have noticed that in 2005, the "webcomics blogosphere" took off like never before. There were almost as many people writing about webcomics as making them (okay not really, but there were a whole lot more blog posts about webcomics this year.) We gathered together several popular bloggers for an online roundtable discussion on webcomics here at the tail end of 2005.

We talked about webcomics and creators, art and commerce and of course, webcomics drama. Plus some predictions for the year ahead.