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Phil Kahn

Comix Talk for Monday, June 14, 2010

What is this WORLD CUP you speak of?  Sorry England, maybe you ought to play a few sports with your hands now and then...

HYPEY McHYPE:  This week is the launch of The Gutters, the third webcomic from creator Ryan Sohmer.  He's writing this one with collaborator Lar De Souza acting as art director supervising a rotating roster of artists. Ed Ryzowski is the colorist.  The whole superhero genre is perhaps too easy a target for another parody/comedy comic but it's off to a great start with the first one.  Updates three times a week.

TOOLS:  Speaking of webcomic wordpress solutions: Webcomic CMS is moving from 2.1 to 3.0 very soon.  There's a new site close to launching and a video on upgrading already out.

GUESTASTIC: Guilded Age is looking for a few good guest comics from its fans.  Due by June 24th.



  • I got an email from Josiah Golojuh about Graphation, a film festival built around the idea that the winner gets their film turned into a graphic novel to be published by IDW.  At least I'm pretty sure that's what's going on.  It does seem... backwards as most of the time film is pillaging comics for projects these days.
  • Got an email from Tom Sexton, creator of the webcomic Folly and Innovation.  The art is... not great.  A lot of the problems with the art could be fixed though -- the creator could try varying the line thicknesses in the work, and experiment with his production process, part of the problem is a kind of poorly-scanned look on the monitor.  Basically practice, practice, practice.  There are some funny comics in the archives, I especially liked Awkward Speed Dating, Arguing on the Internet, Judging a Book By Its Cover, That Milkshake Song, and there were a few others that elicited a half-chuckle.  There were also a lot that just missed for me.  But if this were one of those contest reality shows, I think I'd say "Tom, there's something there, but you need to step up your game next week... or you're getting CHOPPED."  Well if this was one of those Food network contest reality shows...

December 2009 Cover

Cover art by Erica Henderson.  Guilded Age is by Erica Henderson, T Campbell and Phil Kahn.

A Post about Guilded Age

A new webcomic appeared not too long ago, and it is unusually Full of Promise.

So far, Guilded Age, illustrated by animation professional Erica Henderson (Sluggy guest artist and former-Phenomenauts-animated-TV-show-pilot-maker) and co-written by T Campbell (who has done many things) and Phil Kahn (who I must admit I am not very familiar with), features a medieval band of warriors who say funny things while battling the world’s evils.

This Day in ComixTalk: September 11th

This day in ComixTalk:

Faith Erin Hicks blogged about internal narration in comics; Platinum's purchase of Wowio was still shaking out in the news (a year later and there's still no evidence that Wowio has paid off all of its debts to creators and publishers.)

Platinum Studios filed for an IPO; and Phil Kahn posted video of numerous interviews he did at Connecticon with creators such as Chris Hastings and Kent Archer of Dr. McNinja and Rob Balder and Jami Noguchi of ErfWorld.

Jim Zubkavich announced the print version of his webcomic Makeshift Miracle.

Another update to Kris Straub's meta-meta-meta webcomic Modern Humor Authority; an interview with Maritza Campos of CRFH!!!; a review of School Spirit.

Also from the forums, RanJado wondered about how to draw distinctions between comics' readerships;

Jamie Robertson announced that he would stop working on his webcomic Clan of the Cats.  I'm not sure of the ends and outs of Robertson's work status on the comic every year since than, but I'm happy to report that right now he is working on the strip (there's an update today) and I think his work has gotten better every year.  Great strip full of of supernatural elements, adventure and relationships, all with really strong artwork.

James Kochalka won best online comic at the Ignatzs for American Elf.  He, however, did not accept his award in a gorilla suit.

December 2009 Cover

Cover art by Erica Henderson.  Guilded Age is by Erica Henderson, T Campbell and Phil Kahn.

Sketchies: Orientation

A whole new webcomic illustrated by me launched this week. Sketchies is written by T. Campbell and Phil Kahn, with drawrings lovingly supplied by me. Here's the first week of strips......

Philcon Schedual

Fri 7:00 PM in Parlor B (1 hour)

[Panelists: Onezumi Hartstein (mod), Ray Ridenour, J. Andrew World, L. W. (Lynn) Perkins]

What are artists painting these days? What are editors looking for when they want a book cover, role playing cards, SF/Fantasy games, etc. Are their any motifs that never go out of style, or is the only constant in the art world that there is constant change in art lovers and editors tastes

Fri 8:00 PM in Salon 1 (1 hour)

Phil Kahn Interviews from Connecticon

A little late, but Phil Kahn has posted a batch of video interviews he did with webcomic creators at this years Connecticon including:

Updates On Entries in the Ill-Fated Webcomic Directory Project?

I built a "library" of webcomics and creators back in the fall of 2005 which I put into beta before realizing it was too much editorial work to deal with and the same information could be better provided through the community edited webcomic wiki - COMIXPEDIA.

Nevertheless looking back on the assortment of names collected (some from me, some sent in from you) I wonder if anyone has any significant updates on these creators 18 months later. Maybe we should interview some of them?

Phil Kahn Interview With Randy Milholland of Something Positive

Phil Kahn interviewed Randy Milholland of Something Positive at Connecticon. Pretty interesting interview with some info on how Randy's family has reacted to reading Something Positive.