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Randall Munroe

Webcomic News & Views for May 19, 2008

New column from Derik Badman - this month he reviews the comic Parade (With Fireworks).

Also a big thanks to our current sponsors: the Laugh Factory, the Learn to Draw course, the new children's novel Chessie Bligh and the webcomic The Asylumantics.

Top Shelf's webcomic portal is live.

Scott Kurtz writes that the initial press run of How To Make Webcomics is (almost) sold out. 

Alan Gardner reports that Michael Jantze, the creator of the The Norm has an animation short “Mr. Lux: At Your Service” in the Short Film Corner at this year’s Festival de Cannes.

Randall Monroe (xkcd) invents midnight underwater speed chess.  "A nice feature is the naturally-enforced clock.  You have as much time per move as you have air in your lungs."

Fabricari writes about spring cleaning and I guess I missed his post that he was selling off - cheap! - copies of his graphic novel Fabricari: Ad Hoc.

Happy birthday to Brandon J. Carr.

2008 WCCA Winners Announced

The 2008 WCCAs were announced today -- Phil and Kaja Foglio won Outstanding Comic for Girl Genius while webcomics veteran Meredith Gran won Outstanding Newcomer for her new webcomic Octopus Pie.  The Foglios took three total WCCAs this year, but Tracy Butler was a big winner too taking home 4 WCCAs for her work on Lackadaisy.  Click read more for the full list of winners:

Critical Thinking Spurred by xkcd

Anne Thalheimer over at FLEEN notes how cultural critic Amanda Marcotte wrote a post titled “Musing on autonomy” at the blog Pandagon about a recent comic from Randall Munroe’s <

There Once Was a Comic From Nantucket

Randall Munroe (xkcd creator) sets out to return the limerick to the limelight with

Because five funny lines of vernacular verse is da' bomb

And to update it

for 128 bit

every last line must include "nom, nom, nom"

WCCA 2008 Nominees Are Out

The nominees for this year's WCCAs were released this past Sunday (sadly without any fanfare, or press release... again). But lots of interesting choices (and good links to comics!):

Achewood by Chris Onstaad
Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio
Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell
Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch
The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton

ComixTalk's People Of Webcomics List For 2007

And now... the fourth annual People Of Webcomics list! I'll be the first to admit that this list gets harder and harder to compile as the lines between "webcomics" and just plain "comics" blurs harder than a greasy windshield in the middle of a West Texas downpour. Plus as publishing comics on the web and other digital formats becomes more commonplace it gets harder and harder to find those "firsts" that take comics in new directions whether artistic, technical or businesss-oriented.

The ComixTalk End of 2007 Roundtable

Our third annual virtual round table on the year in webcomics features comments from Gary Tyrrell, Dirk Deppey, Tom Spurgeon, Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Derik A Badman, Reinder Dijkhuis, and JT Shea and Scott Gallatin.

It's December Already? UPDATED






  • Scott Kurtz interviews Tyler Martin - not a bad start to what Kurtz says will be a regular podcast called Webcomic Confidential.


Make Mine Six Month Old Marvel!


  • Dirk Deppey links to Marvel Comics new webcomic effort -- Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited as well as a USA Today story on the new site. The bottom line -- the site will feature 2,500 comics (nothing more recent than 6 months old though) for $9.99 a month, or $4.99 a month if you’re willing to commit for a year. Aren't these guys about 4 years late to the subscription model? Still it'll be interesting to see how it does and who becomes its audience (existing fans or newcomers to Marvel stories).




2007 Weblog Award Nominees Announced

I don't know much about the Weblog awards for blogs, but this [edit:] is the second year they've included a "comic strip" category. The nominees are:

And here's a link to the full list of award nominees if you're interested.

UPDATE: I've gone ahead and fixed the list of nominees here to add the creators' names and webcomic URLs. I have no idea about "Attack" though - please post a comment here if you know which comic the nomination is for. As noted in the comments below it appears that the "final nominees" are selected subjectively by someone(s) at the Weblog Awards (from a list of nominations by the public). Last year's winner - Least I Could Do plus Day by Day and Sluggy Freelance are all repeat nominees (they were on the 2006 list of final nominees).  [I guess it's also somewhat interesting that both years two conservatively-slanted opinion comics have been included in the nomination list, but no progressively-slanted comics have been picked for inclusion.]