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Rich Stevens

HEAR Rich Stevens, Meredith Gran, Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar RECORDED!!!

R. Stev3ns (not a girl!), creator of Diesel Sweeties and Meredith Gran (a girl!), creator of Octopus Pie! talk to the Googleplex about webcomics.

Scott Kurtz, Brad Guigar and Dave Kellet talk webcomic shop - including some talk about R Stevens recent announcement to stop the newspaper strip of DS.

Webcomic Wire - 6/30/08

Drawn from sources that are appalled at the show ‘I Survived a Japanese Game Show’…

Platinum Studios in negotiations to aquire WOWIO, LLC. Still no response to my press inquiries about DJ Coffman’s contract issues.
R. Stevens is ending his syndication arrangement with United Media.
The Webcomic Watchmen review Happiness is a Warm Gun.
Some cool stuff from the [...]

Diesel Sweeties To Leave Newspapers

FLEEN has an interview with Rich Stevens on his recent announcement that he'll stop production of the newspaper version of Diesel Sweeties later this year.  Stevens has been maintaining both the web version and a second newspaper version since striking a syndication deal with United Features.  Stevens notes that Diesel Sweeties appeared in about 50 papers at its height, but that "My website and merch were a little over 90% of my gross income last year."

Also Stevens slips that he and Meredith Gran spoke at the Googleplex recently and their talk should be online some time soon.

R. Stevens III

Sugary Serials #7 in Print, PSP, PDF, and CBZ

Sugary Serials, the all ages, Saturday morning cartoon style web and print comics anthology, has recently completed the web serialization of its seventh issue. At the end of every month we collect that content into a print edition on sale in our IndyPlanet store.

You Had To Be There

Rick Marshall at ComicMix has a good write-up of the interesting-sounding panel on webcomics at this year's NYCC. 

It was moderated by FLEEN's Gary Tyrrell (who I finally got to meet in person at last year's SPX) and really had a strong mix of panelists: Rich Stevens (Diesel Sweeties) who is probably one of the best examples of the do-it-yourself creator; Robert Khoo (Director of Business Development for Penny Arcade) who runs one of the few webcomics big enough to support a corporate workforce; plus two really corporate guys: Richard Brunning (Senior VP and Creative Director for DC) and Jeremy Ross (Director of New Product Development for Tokyopop).

This Day in April Fools

April Fools hijnks continue this year...

at What Birds Know

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Comics and Community Service 4: The Internet

The recent discussion at Fleen on the topic of offline and online cartooning has provoked some contemplation about what paradigm the next generation of cartoonists will have regarding their approach to comics and the potential influence comic-oriented community service projects like the Create a Comic Project (CCP) can have.

Webcomic Wire - 3/21/08

Drawn from sources all over the web…

Gordian Algebra reviews A Slice Of Life.
Fleen has coverage of the Webcomics: A Primer panel which included Dean Haspiel, Raina Telgemeier, Rich Stevens and Ted Rall. The discussion took place at the New York Center of Independent Publishing 
Shaenon K. Garrity shares some thoughts about the WCCA winners.
Dark Horse is [...]

Dave, this webcomic can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

A moment of silence for the passing of a great writer and visionary: Arthur C. Clarke.  I can still remember picking up books from him and Ray Bradbury at a very young age (7?) and while not completely understanding everything I read, being overwhelmed by the sense of imagination, and of possibility.  I think my favorite Clarke novel was/is Rendezvous With Rama in part because it was a great fit for me when I read it (middle school I recall) but also for the sweep of it.


Journalista! catches an interview with Gods and Undergrads creator Monica Gallagher.

Journalista! catches an interview with Fart Party creator Julia Wertz.


Gary Tyrrell covered the webcomics panel at the recent SPLAT confab (FLEEN had a more general post on SPLAT here) in New York City with an extensive write-up on the more interesting comments from the panelists: Dean Haspiel, Raina Telgemeier, Rich Stevens, Ted Rall, and Collen Venable.