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Ryan Estrada

State of the Commune

Those of you who have been following me for a few years, may have recognized today, September 17th, as the day I traditionally made as many guest strips as humanly possible and posted them on webcomics sites far and wide so that pretty much anywhere you went on the web, my comics would be there.  Since I originally did this without saying a word about it myself, it became known as "Ryan Estrada Day", or "Estradarama" to those trying to figure out what happened.

Troublemaker: An Anonymous Autobiography by Ryan Estrada (part 2)

Another sneak peek installment! Now, I'll probably disappear and not post any new comics for a month! The reason I post so rarely, is because in the past I'd end up posting a bunch of crap on my site just so no one would think I'd disappeared. Well, nowadays, I use Twitter as a source for "I'm not dead!" posts, and only use my site to catalogue work I'm proud of!

Troublemaker: An Anonymous Autobiography by Ryan Estrada (part 1)

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here's a sneak peek at an upcoming project!

This Day In ComixTalk: May 15th

A look back at some of the stories we covered from the world of webcomics:

I mused on the future of comics and links to all of the other news I found worth linking to that day - including the conclusion of Evan Dham's Rice Boy.

We had a review of the Paranormals and in award news: Brian Fies won the Blooker Award for Mom's Cancer and Krahulik and Holkins won the UK's Eagle Award for Penny Arcade.

Artist Onezumi commented on the then-in-the-news Brownstein/Soma story, ByrobotDotNet started up, we updated the list of surviving contestants to the Daily Grind contest (as of 2009 there are still 8 surviving contestants listed - I wonder if anyone is still tracking this?) and links to all of the other news I found worth linking to that day.

David "Shortpacked" Willis announced he was leaving Keenspot.
The 2nd week of our May magazine update went up: a review of Spamusement, an interview with J. Grant and Mel Hynes of Two Lumps, Alexander Danner's guide to collaboration, a new column from Eric Burns, and a new Welton Colbert comic from Ryan Estrada.

The 2nd week of our May magazine update went up: with a review of Spark Needle and an interview with Gilda Rimessi of The Sinner Dragon as well as columns from Frank "Damonk" Cormier and Jim Zubkavish.  We also had a look at the history of comics syndication.

Eat the Roses by Meaghan Quinn turned 3 years old (I think the last time this was updated was in 2006).
Nominations for the 3rd edition of the WCCAs were almost due.

6 More Degrees of Ryan Estrada

I feel like playing a game!  Name a celebrity, and I'll connect myself to them in six steps or less!  I used up most of my links last time, so I'll have to get creative to keep it interesting!

OK! I have enough names to last my the day! No more! Keep checking the comments though, as I'll be answering! It takes seconds to find links, but much longer to find interesting, nonrepetitive ones!

All My Friends Know The Low Rider

Check out this week's sponsor - Natasha Mostert's new novel, Keeper of Light and Dust.  Also check out this picture of the Least I Could Do van -- there's even a condom on the radio antenae!  (okay I made that last part up)

Scott McCloud writes about a new presentation tool (sort of power point-y) that Neal Von Flue and others are testing as a possible comics CMS.  Interesting ideas.

Fleen noted yesterday that Ben Heaton is having a fundraising drive to see if his fans will match his salary so he can do the webcomic, Request Comics, full-time.  He's currently unemployed though so matching his salary should be pretty easy.  You can check on his donation page to see how he's doing.

Todd Allen writes about webcomics in a "post-Direct Market world"

Old but educational! John Allison's tutorial for MangaStudio.

Justify My ZUDA Hype
Is that Ryan Estrada's work at this month's Zudathon?  Why yes it is. (Also is Zuda using Drupal for its site?)

Urf is a funny panel comic about a planet sort of like Earth but really off in certain ways.  Best new single panel comic (mostly) I've read in a while.

I'm checking out a comic called Intelligence Cleaner Agency.

ComicMix discovers the simple awesomeness of Meghan Murphy's Kawaii Not.

Webcomic Wire - 2/27/09

Drawn from sources that are sure that there is no bottom…

Help Ryan Estrada Get His Dream Job

You may have read about this job on the intertubes -- Australia is looking for a "Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef" which is mostly a job that involves exploring the area and writing (and taping) a weekly blog about it.  It's a tourism promotion job in an area where the tourism is pretty adventurous (I just finished reading Bill Bryson's book on Austrailia - who knew that continent had so many interesting, and novel!, ways to die) so if you know anything about Ryan Estrada you know he's just perfect for the job.

Plus Ryan's a pretty kick-ass cartoonist and an all-around nicest guy on the planet so he's got that going for him too.

Go check out Ryan's application here or watch his video below:

Quick Updates: Comings, Goings and Hey It's Snowing Outside

It is in fact snowing in the greater Washington DC area this morning which will inevitably paralyze the entire town by sometime in the late morning.  A few links worth following this morning:

Forbidden Planet notes the ending of David Rees' Get Your War On and has the last comic (h/t Journalista!)  Back in 2003, Michael Whitney reviewed Get Your War On for ComixTalk and we had a community interview with David Rees.

CBR reports that Last Kiss will be distributed to mobile phones via GoComics.comWednesday White reviewed Last Kiss for ComixTalk in 2004.

Damn God Comics reviews the recent revival of Ryan Estrada's Aki Alliance.

The webcomic Curvy does in fact live up to its own tagline: A sexy sci-fi adventure comic for adults.  I stumbled onto this from it's ad on another comic's site -- the art is kind of loopy and has nice use of contrasting black and white -- it's a very stylized approach to the visuals.  (it reminded me a touch of Tracy White's TRACED).  Definitely NSFW even with the somewhat cartoony artwork.

Webcomic Wire - 12/1/08

Drawn from sources all over the world…

Ryan Estrada does a Neatorama Comic and promotes his Cartoon Commune.
The Tribune-Review has a piece about Lora Biondi Innes, creator of the webcomic The Dreamer.
Bomb Shelter Comics extends the voting for the Webcomic Idol contest to today.
Xerexes strikes again with an interview with the creator of Earthsong, Crystal Yates [...]