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Ryan Estrada

Welton Colbert vs Strip Fight

Welton Colbert was once respected and feared all at once as both a comics creator, and a sequential arts historian. He has come out of retirement to share his wealth of knowledge with a new generation of artists. This month, Welton takes a look at the place where unbridled creativity and friendly competition collide, Strip Fight.

WOMEN IN WEBCOMICS enters its second week...

The WOMEN IN WEBCOMICS theme enters its second week. Welton Corbert by Ryan Estrada,has an old cartoonist adapting to the Information Age and interviewing Andrea Peterson, creator of No Rest for the Wicked. The author of Namir Deiter grants us an interview in High Marks: An interview with Isabel Marks by Laura Swearingen-Steadwell. A noted webcomics critic knows when he's not wanted, in the latest installment of Feeding Snarky by Eric Burns. There's also a look at what the gender ratio actually is among webcomic creators at Crunching the numbers by Erik Melander, and how it compares with print comics.

Welton Colbert: No Rest for the Wicked or the Old

Old School meets new school as Welton Colbert comes to ComixTALK to tell you kids today about a time when being a cartoonist meant something. This month, Welton interviews Andrea Peterson, creator of No Rest for the Wicked.

72 Hour Comic

Ryan Estrada finished his 72 hour comic project and you can see some of the results on his site (although he has not yet posted the finished pages).

A 72 hour comic is the Ironman version of the 24 hour comic marathon created by Scott McCloud. Let's hope the madness of endurance comic-making ends there or we'll see a rash of zombie-cartoonists roaming the streets in 2005.

Possible Eisners Award for Webcomics?

Newsarama has the inside scoop on the workings of the EISNERS awards. Newsarama spoke with Eisner Award Administrator Jackie Estrada about the nominations and how certain books and creators got on the list while others did not. There is also buzz on what may result in the birth of web comics category.