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Ryan Estrada

Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time (fan art by Ryan Estrada)

This Day in ComixTalk (August 15th)


Creator and entrepreneur Tim Demeter guest blogged at ComixTalk with a series called "It's Business Time" (links to part one, two and three)

The most popular pages at the Comixpedia encyclopedia are Girly, Penny Arcade, Cyanide and Happiness, Melonpool, and PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi.


As Scott Kurtz debuted a new site design for PvP, I wrote asking whether webcomic websites be an artistic extension of the comic, essentially extending the look and feel of the comic, or is that not that important?


Ryan Estrada reaches the 168 hour mark in the Ironbutt comic making event.  In related endurance news, we reported on another entrant dropping out of the Daily Grind contest.

Ali Graham released a print collection of his first webcomic Housd.


Alexander Danner wrote about how to promote your webcomic by not promoting your webcomic.

A group of creators banded together to form Found Hat Press.


Warren Ellis reviewed the very first print collection of David Rees' clip art comic Get Your War On!

Wonder Wendy by Ryan Estrada

Wonder Wendy

A recent custom comic from Ryan Estrada at the Cartoon Commune.



From the Classroom to Print: Create a Comic Project #1

The Create a Comic Project has taken its first foray into publishing teaching material with Create a Comic Project #1, aimed at both children and educators. The 26-page comic is written by John Baird, the Create a Comic Project’s founder, and illustrated by a bevy of comic artists, including Ryan Estrada, Emily Snodgrass, and Erin Ptah. It’s published not-for-profit through

Don't cry for me, internet!

Okay, just because so many people freaked the crap out about my money situation/physical state after my last two posts.... a quick word on how to read my blog.

You hear a voice in your head when you read something. But with plain text, it is difficult to know what emotion the author is intending to express. When you see something that you would expect to read with a sad, frightened, or concerned voice, imaging the first sentence is "WOOOOO! ADVENTURE! WOOOOOOO! YEAH!" and continue in that same tone.

I share these tales not for pity, but because I am super excited!

Apologies to Cloud Cult (and Ryan Estrada)

Sketch for the IC thing I've been thinking a lot about:

If I have my way (or, given my track record, ever get it done) It'll get much more interesting from here. Right now, it's a pretty trite image I'm entirely earnest about.


Hey Everybody! Greetings from a cruddy internet cafe in the middle of nowhere!

Interview with Frank Frisina of Life's a Bluff

Digital Strips has an interview with Frank Frisina, the creator of the comic Life's A Bluff. Frisina writes and Ryan Estrada draws the current incarnation of the comic which is one of two comics I'm aware of that focus on the world of poker (particularly online poker) -- poker culture if you will - the other being Bobby Crosby's +EV.

ryanestrada @ 2008-04-02T12:39:00

As we come dangerously close to the end of Ryan Estrada's Year-Of-Sellin'-Out*, here's a custom comic book I did for a pharmaceutical company.

Click here to read the whole dang thing

(Not that I'm going to STOP selling out when I get to Korea this summer, I'm just gonna limit the amount of sellout work I do so that I can do my own comics and stuff too.)