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Ryan Estrada

The day after the first day of April

Well, it seems like I finally got my site back to normal, but in case you missed it, here is what it looked like all day. (Art by John Campbell, words by Jim Davis.) The LJ


Skull Panda Loves Conscience Cat

I did some Sam and Fuzzy fan art. I'm not even going to try to explain it.

ryanestrada @ 2008-03-31T22:40:00

What day is it again?

Wedding comic

This is a custom comic that I did for a wedding. I was given a list of moments in the couple's life, and bits of dialogue, and pieced it all together into wall art. Each page was framed separately and hung up, so in addition to the smaller panels chronicling their story, I included the larger images of the characters, so that even from far away, the comic told the story of the two coming together.

ryanestrada @ 2008-03-28T18:19:00

Holy shoot! Comics for Kilimanjaro was a big success! I guess that annually throwing away garbage bags full of my original art had caused me to devalue how interested people would be in them.... lesson learned.

Well, there are only 5 envelopes left, so grab them fast if you want them!

A envelope full of art to anywhere in North America, $5:
A envelope full of art and presents to anywhere in the world, $10:

Call Dibs!

So for those of you who have already donated to the Comics for Kilimanjaro fund.....

I have a lot of random pages here, but there are a few full sets here that are pretty nice. Whoever's the first to call dibs on each set gets that set.

-Complete "The Kind You Don't Bring Home to Mother" (fully readable, with text)

Comics for Kilimanjaro

This summer, I'm gonna climb Mount Kilimanjaro. My sister will be there on a research project studying hyenas, so I'm gonna meet up with her, and the two of us are gonna make it to the top, or die trying. But it seems you can't climb without a registered guide. And one of those is gonna cost us a pretty penny.

WCCA 2008

The WCCA ceremony is online. You can view the top 4 here, and the rest of the categories here.

Lou Dog and the Liter

A Cartoon Commune commission. Someone requested a movie poster starring his dogs.