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Scott Kurtz

A Webcomic? It's a Comic on the 'Tubes, Guv'ner!

Rich Stevens and Meredith Gran will be representin' the Colonies at this year's UK Webcomix Thing which takes place this weekend.

Today is the last day for submitting a Harvey Award nomination ballot.  The professionalism requirement is a bit squishy but given that the Harveys have selected PvP creator Scott Kurtz to host the awards presentation, this program is probably going to be even more friendly to indie and web comic creator participation than ever.

Over at Kung Fu Monkey, John Rogers applies the corporate-review technique known as a "360 Review" to developing characters.  Having had to go through a few of those full circle thingees, I can see how that might help in filling out a character.

Beaver & Steve creator James Turner has been involved with a kids-comics portal called The DFC.  It appears this month that The DFC is defunct but many (all?) of its creators have banded together to form a new site called Super Comics Adventures Squad.  Looks promising - there was good stuff going on so it's nice to see it will continue.  (h/t Journalista!)

Harvey Award Nominations Due This Week

Got a webcomic?  Harvey award nomination ballots are due before midnight, March 27th - you can download from and email a completed ballot to  They've got a "professional requirement" for participating in nominations but I can't find any specifics right now on their website other than this:

Nominations for the Harvey Awards are selected exclusively by creators - those who write, draw, ink, letter, color, design, edit or are otherwise involved in a creative capacity in the comics field. The Harvey Awards are the only industry awards both nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals.

The winners are going to be presented on October 10th, 2009 in Baltimore as part of the Baltimore Comic-Con.  This year, our Master of Cermonies will be Scott Kurtz of PvP.  Last year in the Best Online Comic category, Nicholas Gurewitch won for Perry Bible Fellowship.  Full press release after the jump:

A Post about Webcomics Weekend

John and I are back from Webcomics Weekend! I’ll try to give as complete a synopsis as possible without boring you with too many details.

But first, a bit of bad news: I know I said that we “are ded­i­cated to fin­ish­ing the cur­rent arc in an unin­ter­rupted fashion”. I know it! So it is with a heavy heart I report that a frustrating last-minute computer issue has forced us to resort to a filler strip for tomorrow.

Webcomics Weekend ramblings and photos

Wow. What an incredible day.

I wish I had taken more photos of the event, but I spent most of my time networking and talking with other cartoonists, readers and attendees.

My day started at 2AM - my excitement overwhelmed any sense of rest. I did some last minute packing and left home at 3:30 in the morning. The lines at the airport were long, but I wended my way through the snake-like security lines to make it to the departure gate.

Webcomics Weekend: This Weekend!

Webcomics Weekend, in Easthampton, Mass., is this weekend! It's going to be a tremendous meet-up of some of the very best in webcomics. And me. All four Halfpixelites will be in attendance: Dave Kellett, Kris Straub, Scott Kurtz and me.

Watchmen, Part II

watchmen_movie_minutemen450“The Watchmen” is too big and important to cover in a single review.  Books can, and have been written about the graphic novel, and the movie will probably inspire the same.

The Webcomic Overlook #72: Sister Claire

Scott Kurtz recounted an unforgettable anecdote on one of Halfpixel’s Webcomic Weekly podcasts. I’m not sure which one, and I’m not going to waste my time trying to dig it up just to post a link here (says the guy who’s been updating Comixpedia like a dog on crack the last couple of days). A webcomic creator solicited Scott’s advice. She gave a barebones explanation of her concept: it was to be a story about a pregnant nun. Mssr.


Thanks to our newest sponsor an online exhibit by Scott C called "Home Slice".  (The sponsor slot is the top ad on the left hand column of the site - we have one at a time and it helps make sure I can pay the server bills!  Click here if you're interested in sponsoring ComixTALK next.)

An interview with the historically enthusiastic Kate Beaton (h/t JOURNALISTA!)

The Washington Post has a good interview with Jeff Kinney the creator of the wildly successful Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (which are online at

Indy Comic News linked to a press release from comicsXP which appears to be a site for organzing comics and possibly reading digital scans of them too.  I haven't heard anything else about them so no vouchsafe from me yet.  Still it's a spiffy web2.0ish site so I'll poke around some more this week to see what I think.

Scott Kurtz takes a crack at mixing up The Watchmen and the current decline of newspaper comics

I missed this but Kevin Pease drew up denominations of "bullshit artistic credibility dollars" (taking an idea from Jeph Jacques's post on webcomic versus newspaper comic business models) which are great!

Webcomics Weekend


It’s official, I’ll be heading to Massachusetts March 20-22, hanging out with other webcomic types at the first annual Webcomics Weekend.  The people attending is pretty cool and I didn’t want to miss the chance to chat up some people that I admire.  People like Danielle Corsetto, Scott Kurtz, and Ryan Sohmer.  If you’re going to be around, be sure to let me know so we can meet up and say, ‘Hi,’ and ‘what would YOUR finishing move in wrestling be?’


Harvey Awards

The Harvey Award nominating process is officially open. You can download a form here and either e-mail or snail-mail it to the Harvey Awards organizers.