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Small Traffic Spike

I noticed that my first collaboration with Grug, Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, has been getting a noticeable spike in traffic over the past few weeks, but couldn't figure out why. It didn't seem to be getting any prominent links or anything like that. Then I saw a news posting, that pointed out what I should have realized in the first place--the actual Bring Your Daughter to Work Day (now called "Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day") just passed! Duh!

This Is The Wednesday Post That I Will Finish At A More Reasonable Hour of the Day

The Comics Reporter has an interview with Viz's Senior Editorial Director, Elizabeth Kawasaki on the recently announced webcomic strategy for TheRumicWorld.

is anyone still interested in Platinum?  Apparently so - The Beat points to somebody who read through that company's latest corporate report and it looks like they're 20 million in the red.  Did they ever actually have a profitable quarter?  And no shocker, Wowio is pretty much dead too.  With today's economy -- call me back when your company can blow at least a couple billion.

Digital Strips reports that Spike won a bunch of the Stumptown Awards (including for webcomic) for Templar, Arizona, and Ellie Connelly creator Indigo Kelleigh got a mystery award.  Okay!

Yay - new Hate Song.  Also secret project from KC and Fred no longer secret - it's available at IndyPlanet here.

James Kochalka linked to a 3D mockup of his own cartoon alter ego.

Nominees for Webcomic

The Comics Reporter has a list of the nominees for the Stumptown Comic Fest Trophy Award nominees.  Nominees comes from artists exhibitiing at the event (and are being run this year by Shannon Wheeler):

Outstanding Webcomic

Webcomics Weekend Part 1

Webcomics Weekend 2009

For those that didn’t know, I flew out to Northhampton, MA to partake in the first ever event. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some cool guys. Thanks to the power of the interweb, I was able to meet up with Jason Sigler and together we hit the Friday night pub crawl. We met Jim (no webcomic….yet) and Chris (CD) and together the four of us drank Guiness and Pabst along with consuming large quantities of seasoned fries, deluxe nachos and french fried potato chips. You know, bar food. Oh yeah, we did meet some other guys like Joe and Art of Jack of All Blades. All up and down Main street we walked and chit chatted with the likes of Danielle Corsetto and Spike.

A Post about Webcomics Weekend

John and I are back from Webcomics Weekend! I’ll try to give as complete a synopsis as possible without boring you with too many details.

But first, a bit of bad news: I know I said that we “are ded­i­cated to fin­ish­ing the cur­rent arc in an unin­ter­rupted fashion”. I know it! So it is with a heavy heart I report that a frustrating last-minute computer issue has forced us to resort to a filler strip for tomorrow.


I'm back from Webcomics Weekend.  The trip was a great time, nice and relaxed, with plenty of time for just chatting with friends.  Shared a couple of meals with old friends, like Bryant Johnson, Christ Shadoian, Dirk Tiede, T Campbell, and Cat Garza.  Got to chat briefly with Steven Withrow, Spike, David Malki !, Ryan North, Romantic, Chris Yates, Gary Tyrell, and Dorothy Gambrell, among a bunch of others that I'm probably forgetting (sorry!).

A new chapter

 I didn't update last week, but a page of Catspaw DID go up. In fact, first page of Chapter 2!

Who Are You?: An Interview with Neil Kleid (Action, Ohio)

whoareyouWhat if superheroes, created by analogues of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, were real and based on actual people with powers? What if they were hidden away in a sleepy town since the 1950’s? And if there are superheroes, are there supervillains?

Action, Ohio, written by Neil Kleid and illustrated by Paul Salvi, was originally one of the hopeful competitors trying to win a contract with Zuda Comics. The comic follows heroine Andi Bruce, a Detroit detective with a sad past, who is compelled to solve a brutal murder. Her investigation gradually leads her to learn about the existence of superheroes in a town on the Michigan-Ohio border. Eventually, she must decide between solving her case or protecting the heroes’ freedoms by keeping things quiet.

I first encountered Action, Ohio, when Jack, Anthony, The Doctor, Delos, and I did a round of reviews at Comic Fencing. I heard about the comic again when Neil sent out a press release that the comic had moved to Shadowline, an Image Comics affiliate that begun publishing webcomics in October 2008. I did some quick research, and it quickly dawned on me that Neil Kleid was prolific. Winner of a Xeric Award (for Ninety Candles), writer for several print comics published by NBM to Slave Labor to Image, art director for Comedy Central and Miramax campaigns, creator of several webcomics…. Good God, y’all.

A large sample of his work can be found at his Rant Comics site.

I contacted Neil if he’d like to do an e-mail interview, and he graciously accepted. Neil had already conducted two excellent interviews with Newsrama and io9. I wanted to touch on subjects that hadn’t yet been covered at the other sites: what it was like working for Zuda and Shadowline, what common themes were within his body of work, and … why Ohio?

And the greatest music video of all time?

I nominate Spike Jonez' video for Buddy Holly by Weezer.

I'll Have the Last Splash

Damn if it wasn't overplayed to death when it was released but hearing it again after several years absence... yep Cannonball is a great song (and one of Spike Jonez earlier videos)