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All Time Most Popular At tracks the most popular comics hosted on its service:

  1. Templar, Arizona by Spike
  2. Narbonic By Shaenon K. Garrity
  3. The Non-Adventures of Wonderella by Justin Pierce
  4. Narbonic: Director's Cut By Shaenon K. Garrity
  5. The Bare Pit by Noodtoonist
  6. Carpe Diem by Graveyard Greg
  7. Bellen! by box brown
  8. Surviving Mars By Brian Daniel
  9. Paradigm Shift By Dirk I. Tiede
  10. Year One By M.Parkinson
  11. Venus in Points Alice Hunt
  12. Neil Lisst
  13. Supernatural Law by Batton Lash
  14. Maxwell the Demon by Tonia Walden
  15. Family Man by Dylan Meconis
  16. Elvenbaath Written and Illustrated by Dotty
  17. Nothing Better by tyler page
  18. Freak U. By A. Prosser
  19. Naoko Muragama: Video Game Champion By Shaun Henderson
  20. Breakfast of the Gods Book One: The Last Good Morning By Brendan Douglas Jones
  21. DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary By Erika Moen
  22. The Front By Jerzy Drozd
  23. REVVVelations Written and colored by Stan Yan, Illustrated by Jolyon Yates
  24. Smithson Written by Shaenon Garrity, Art by Robert Stevenson, Brian Moore, and Roger Langridge
  25. Pint of Ink Illustrated Amusements by Dee Hews

What Happened?

New comic, and a little information.

Hey, guys. Back from San Diego. Had a great con, but I came home to an inbox chock-full of questions and warnings about the state of my site, and the state of my host. I've had the problem explained to me, and I'm gonna go ahead and explain it to you, too.

Webcomic Beacon #33 - Conventions and Self-Insertion

Fes and Tanya start talking about some conventions for a little bit, but not before talking about ADHD, Scooby Doo, and  riding bikes… Um… what else? Oh yea, then we eventually moved on to self-insertion.

Templar: Well, it's a pretty unbelieveable story.

I'm not even sure it happened myself.

Off to crank out more comics.

PS: I stole this from Scott Kurtz's Twitter. Cuz I watched it ten times.

Templar: Wacky Coincidence #1.

Although, really, if there was a guy like Pierce in the world, word about him would probably get around.

Templar: Forgive me.

If you notice it, you may groan audibly. And that is your right. but in my defense, I simply could not resist. If you don't notice it? Why, there was nothing to notice to begin with.

Nothing at all.

Templar: Who?

Uncle what now?

Never heard of him, I must say. But that's cool. You cool? I'm cool.

A small change of routine: When I post blog updates, by request, from now on I'm gonna be linking the direct, actual pages of the comic instead of the domain homepage from now on. This should make the blog posts easier to associate with the pages they're talking about.

That's pretty much it. More comics soon!

New Voting Incentive!

I have updated the Voting Incentive with a new picture of Ultragirl Sabrina Mancini.  Vote to check it out and if you like, let me know what you think.  Regular readers will recognize this from the unfinished sketch that I posted of it here.  Big thanks to Hannah (spiked-stock) for the awesome reference.


Rival Angels-Page 59

Okay, so I was frontin’ a bit with my last commentary, with the possibility of Brooke looking to lay out Krystin right away. However, they’re a team for two seconds and they’re already failing at the double team moves! Announcer Dawn Ellison seems to think that Brooke and Krystin were planning a Spike [...]

The Webcomic Beacon #23 - Newspaper Style Webcomics

Episode 23 - Newspaper Style Webcomics:   Mark Savary joins Fes, Tanya, and Aaron to talk about Newspaper Style Webcomics; as well as touch on newspapers comics in general. We also talk again with Michael Rouse-Deane of the Guest Strip Project, which is benefiting the Make-a-Wish International Foundation.

Mark Savary also talks a bit about minimalist comics while reviewing Pixipets. Plus the weekly Strip Fight Ringside Update! No milestones listed to us for this week.