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Steve Harrison

Completed Webcomics in 2006?

Starting this month Alexander Danner is going to spotlight completed comics for Comixpedia every month. (He runs a directory of completed webcomics called Full Story) What webcomics wrapped up in 2006? Let's list them here.

Full Story Hightlights: The Year In Review

Introducing a new monthly column spotlighting completed webcomics. This month covers Narbonic, Cooking With Anne, The Front, The Tyger and Europe's First Smoker.

What's Wrong With Serious Webcomics

Writing for the web means understanding the rhythms of publishing on the web. If you're posting a page a day or even a page a week don't write as if you're publishing a monthly comic book.

Joel Fagin takes a look at what gag webcomics are doing right and what serious webcomics can learn from them.

Did you know there was a Spawn Webcomic?

I didn't, but apparently Adventures of Spawn is online here. I'm not to hip on the layout, but it is interesting to see comic book giants slowly coming to webcomics. It looks like this effort is primarily to sell a toy line, but still, it's very interesting...

Makes me wonder if the long time webcomic veterans couldn't better help these established publishers usher their works onto the web in a better manner.

Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!

Please help us make the Talk Like A Pirate Day entry at a bit more webcomic specific. If you're celebrating it this year - add your webcomic to the entry.Â

September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, you scurvy dogs!!!

SketchBattle Applicants Wanted!

SketchBattle has announced that they are now taking applications for Season 6.

Although SketchBattle has received a lot of flack in the past, the site is now under new ownership and management (FlamingKinkos of All Signs Point to Yes and Zach of SMBC) and they're hoping to begin to grow back to their former popularity and standards.

Rethinking Tagging

 Scott Kurtz and his wife Angela.Table of Malcontents catches Scott Kurtz's announcement that his new website for PvP will limit "tagging" to a small editorial group because during the beta period of public tagging, tags were both less then informative and abused by specific individuals.

Similarly, I've turned off the "open" approach to creating topics here at Comixpedia to save on server resources, but I might have done so for the pure uselessness of many of the topics created during the last six months. (No offenses folks!) Tagging is an interesting idea but I don't think it's quite ready for prime time.

my name is maldoror.

hi dudes,

name is maldoror and i started a site for my webcomics a month ago. doing ok, got a few thousand users and people seem to like it.

it is based on a true story about a girl who leads a double life. warning though, if you find big boobs and interracial sex offensive do not check it out lol.


Thomas Dolby Notes Wapsi Square Lyric Use

Thomas Dolby described a recent Wapsi Square comic as "appropriat[ed] material" as it quotes from his She Blinded Me With Science song. It's hard to judge from Dolby's comments how seriously he meant his comment and there doesn't appear to be any follow up on his blog.

But it may be an area where independent comic creators need to learn a bit about copyright law to avoid problems. Wapsi Square creator Paul Taylor has had his characters quote song lyrics before (here and here) and I'm actually not sure offhand what the standard for this situation is so I'm not assuming Wapsi Square has done anything wrong.

But I do recall that on at least one time in the past it's been a problem. Pete Abrams decided to remove some song lyrics from a Sluggy Freelance storyline called "Fire and Rain" due to concerns over possible copyright issues.

The Secret of My (Sinfest) Success

Trivial post #345: Sinfest indulges in the meta strip type #4: "how to make a comic strip" comic.

Good times...