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Steve Harrison

There's No Such Thing As Writer's Block

Years ago I was looking at how much cartooning -- writing, pencilling, inking, and coloring -- was required to keep Schlock Mercenary going each day, and I asked myself how I could possibly be doing it. Because without knowing how, I WAS doing it. And while thinking along these lines I began to wonder whether discovering how it was done would have some sort of quasi-quantum effect, wherein I find that I can either know how its done, or do it, but not both.

Give Us Your Logos from Collectives, Publishers...

I've loaded up some logos I had from the archives of Comixpedia. Check 'em out here. I just don't have time to load individual comic logos but I would really like help with collecting logos from creator collectives, webcomic publishers and other brands connected with webcomics in some way. If you're the owner of such an icon or brand and wouldn't mind a little more exposure here at Comixpedia send me the graphic (or better a link to the graphic's URL) so I can load it to our gallery here (and use in subsequent posts).

Don't forget I'm also looking for creator photos for the site (these also get used in posts at this site).

We'll also be using these images for the encyclopedia at

New PvP Website Coming

 Scott Kurtz and his wife Angela.Scott Kurtz has a new version of the PvP website coming - it's nice and he had professional help so I'm sure it'll have some cool bells n' whistles on it. I especially liked the way he did the about page - any serialized webcomic that has been around long enough (say 500 or more strips in the archives) is intimidating to a new reader on some level. You need an about page that really communicates your overall strip to the new reader.

This post reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask though - which is: Should webcomic websites be an artistic extension of the comic (think about the new Perry Bible Fellowship Site or Herzog the Vile), essentially extending the look and feel of the comic or is that not that important? I think functionality of the website is really important but I also suspect that many more people then currently do can have both functionality and look and feel.

How To Promote Your Webcomic For FREE: Part I

Want to increase the readership and / or maximize the money you make off your webcomic for FREE with just a little hard work? Heck, who doesn't! I will share with you (in several parts) the methods (this blog is one of them - but more on that topic in another part of this series) I have used to promote my webcomic, BLOOP. Some people look down their nose at some of these methods and call them 'pimping'. These people are ________ (fill in the blank with your favorite disparagement).


On Tuesday we tackled (and I mean tackled, solid talkback everybody) how we, as webcartoonists can perceive others. Today, I have some thoughts on how others perceive us, to my eyes.

I've been on the road (it is rough and stuff) quite a bit lately, hitting San Diego and Chicago both, as many did, in a three week period. One of the perks of spending two whole weekends ensconced in geekery is I was able to see how the rest of the industry feels about our internet-y-world. (The other perk being Kristen Bell. Hey, Veronica Mars. Call me.)

Steve Harrison


Creator of Fabricari.

Comics War- Whose Side Are You On?

So in the comments section of my last post, an interesting point was raised. Some web cartoonists can take an “us vs. them” mentality towards mainstream comics, proclaiming we are the future and that the comics industry as it stands right now is due for a major change. I find myself in this very camp, which is why the point came up. That got me thinking.

I’m not asking if the above is true or not, we can all argue that until our typing fingers are sore and bleeding and nothing will change today, what I’m asking is if this question is getting us anywhere?

Warren Ellis to Launch Free Webcomics Portal

I am working with Warren Ellis to launch a free webcomics portal using the new Webcomics Nation Collective Edition Engine. This latest addition to the Modern Tales family will be all free, all the time, and defined by "Warren Likes This Stuff." He'll be making a call for submissions soon. Gary Chaloner will be designing the site. This is the first new (as opposed to pre-existing) site to launch with the beta version of the WCN Collective Edition engine, soon to be a commercial product available to anybody who wants to launch a multi-creator webcomics portal (your own Keenspot or Modern Tales, in other words) inexpensively and with ease. The name of Warren's new site, and its URL, will be announced soon, probably at The Engine.

My Hard Drive Died and Now I Have an Empty Windows Machine

Hey a completely selfish post - my hard drive died and I just reinstalled a new hd (I actually plunked down some cash for a second 250Gb to set up a RAID1). So I have a fairly empty windows machine and not much idea of everything I had accumulated on it before.

I'd love to hear what cool little apps, software, etc that you have on your machines both for comics and just for regular ol' computarin'... Can you help me out with some suggestions?

Pros at the 'Con -- pros and cons

For the cost of $300, it can buy you a table in the Small Press Pavilion. But the cost of tabling rises every year given the already limited floor space at the San Diego Convention Center, even with the new expansion that was added a few years ago. Four years ago, the cheapest price of a table was only $150.

The obvious advantages of having a small press table are plenty. The foremost is the exposure for your comic and gaining potential new readers.