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Steve Harrison

Platinum Studios and NBC's "COMIC BOOK CHALLENGE"

A little tight deadline here, but Platinum Studios and NBC are having a COMIC BOOK CHALLENGE wherein you submit a pitch for your comic along with a sample page. "GRAND PRIZE:The Winner's Idea will be Fully Produced and will debut to the public at one of the major comics conventions of 2007! NBC 7/39 TV will showcase the finalists on the air. "

[Xerexes: I got a press release on this which had a link to a commercial on it. I'll post the full press release as a comment to this post.]

Cool Banners, Bad Comics.

This is just a comment and not meant to slam anyone in particular, hence the reason for not posting any example.


Because i'm so friggin busy, i don't get a chance to read many webcomics. Maybe once or twice a month I catch up on my regulars and if time allows, I'll cruise the net, webcomic portals, list sites, looking for new and possibly entertaining webcomics.

Why Steve Kurtz shouldnt talk anymore.

I will probably edit this later once I am fully awake but I thought I would start the ball rolling on this issue. To be blunt I really didnt appreciate how Kurtz talked about the catholic church. First off it seems to be the same old light, someone close dies, person falls off world; same thing happened to me but I got back on the horse after awhile becuase things made sense. I realize its his opinion and he just didnt have the priests I did to help make things clear(Yes I know I am rambling but will edit later).

One Panel To Rule Them All

Eric Burns has returned to the internets and posted a nice goodbye to arguably the first webcomic ever, Doctor Fun by David Farley. Farley recently ended Doctor Fun - 13 years after its debut.

I do want to quibble a bit with one thing Eric wrote though:

It's interesting to me how few of those descendants followed in its footsteps, though -- comic books and four panel comics were far more fertile ground for webcartoonists. Lots more people ripped off were influenced by Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts than The Far Side. Which saddens me, really, but I understand it. It's hard to bring the single panel funny. It's hard to have a strip without continuing characters, without even the barest vestiges of Story to hook jokes on, without even a second panel to allow for streamed execution. It's just plain hard, kids.

I don't disagree with how hard it is to do a single-panel comic but my sense is that there are more of them out there then perhaps Eric realizes. You also have to consider that because the web doesn't require a consistent format, you have a lot of webcomics that might do a one panel only sometimes - like a Boxjam's Doodle. Anyone want to help me out by pointing out some worthy descendants of The Far Side Doctor Fun?

I'll start with one of my favorites: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Comic Theory 101: Seeing Rhymes

In his latest exploration of visual language, Neil Cohn sketches in rhyme. Can two comic panels "rhyme"? Can we translate the notion of rhyming into an effective part of the visual language used by comic creators?

Top Cow to sell digital downloads of their comic books

Top Cow, one of the original divisions of Image Comics, has announced plans to start selling its comic book titles online, using an iTunes-like "large micropayment" model ($1 per book). More info here.

Guest Blogger Wanted for Week of July 24th (San Diego Comicon)

I'm looking for a volunteer (or multiple someones) who is attending Comicon and would be willing to write a few posts that week (week of July 24th) for Comixpedia.

Webcomics have guest weeks - I guess this would be it's equivalent. If you're interested in being a Comixpedia guest blogger shoot me an email soon (xerexes AT comixpedia DOT com).

Diversifiwebcomication: Maximize Your Business Potential

The first in a series of articles, Sebastian Parsons explores the industry of Webcomics from the eyes of a businessman. A financial analyst for nearly ten years, Parsons shares his insight on an industry he curiously observes (rather than participates in).

Derek Kirk Kim review: "The Best Artists Rarely Keep to a Schedule"

"The Best Artists Rarely Keep to a Schedule."

If You're Havin' Webcomic Problems I Feel Bad For You Son

The international blog of webcomics: Waffle has a post on webcomic problems. Adam Cuerden lists some of the wrong turns a creator can make with a character, particularly the sins of making your protagonist "godly".

1. "The Chosen One": Suddenly, your ordinary character is the only one that can save the world, and he'll need to work hard to get the incredible amount of power he needs to save it....

2. The stupid weakness: He may be all-powerful, but the colour yellow makes him useless. Er, unless he tries really hard to overcome it.