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Svetlana Chmakova

Comix Talk for Friday, April 30, 2010

ComixTALK Man by Stephen McCranie

Stephen McCranie created a bit of ComixTalk fan art, thanks Stephen!  Be sure to check out his comic Mal and Chad a really well drawn comic.

Congrats to the Penny Arcade duo for being included in Time's Top 100 list this year.  Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins are a true American dream story -- doing what they love and creating success with it. reports that the Atlantic Centre For The Arts in Florida is offering a  residency as Associate Artist for a comic book creator in October, under master artists THB creator Paul Pope, Blankets author Craig Thompson or manga creator Svetlana Chmakova. Wow, for almost any aspiring comics creator this seems like taking a PhD course.

MILESTONES: Brat-halla reaches 400 comics.  Congratulations to Jeffery Stevenson & Seth Damoose (and colorist Anthony Lee)!

EVENTS: Noel Curry wants to make May 14th Dialogue Free Comics Day.  It's a good point - which is to remind everyone of the important visual aspect of comics.

FROM THE MAILBAG:  Al Schroeder writes: After two years and ten zillion cameos and interdimensional tomfoolery, the group webcomic CROSSOVERLORD, featuring superheroes from seven different webcomics, reaches the climax of its storyline.  After this, only four or five more strips to go!

Comix Talk for Monday, February 22, 2010

Young R.E.M. Meet Old R.E.M. by John Allison

Welcome to Monday! May I direct your attention to a review of several mini comics posted late Friday?  If you enjoyed John Allison's COMIX REMIX of the above photo, you might want to check out the entire series he posted to FLICKR.

REVIEWS: Delos reviews Odori Park by Chris Watkins and El Santo reviews the Xeric Grant-winning Haunted by Joshua Smeaton.

INTERVIEWS: Growly Beast has an interview with Alice Hunt and Tracy Williams of Goodbye Chains.

REMIX: The Webcomic Builder has a lengthy essay on fan-comics; something maybe we ought to relabel "remix comics"?

NOT WEBCOMICS: Kickstarter fund drive for an American Elf videogame?  I'd buy that for a dollar!


COMICON 2008 .... in which I bought things that were cool

Alright, now for the What I Got At Comicon post, with helpful links so you too can get what I got and become one of the beautiful people. Yes indeedy. The post all turned out to be horribly long, so I've put it behind a LJ cut.

Webcomics And The City

The Beat lists a lot webcomickers in attendence at this weekend's MoCCA fest in New York:  Jeffrey Rowland, Raina Telgemeier, Josh NeufeldLark Pien, David Malki, Cat Garza, Jen Wang, Ben Rosen, Dave Roman, Lunchbox Funnies, The Flight crew, Kean Soo...

ComicMix redesigns its webcomic reader for comics published on its site. ComicMix contributor Rick Marshall praises the new reader and hints at new developments to come at ComicMix.

Today's the last day to submit a guest strip for Alma Mater's Summer O' Fun run.

The Pulse has an interview with some members of the Chemistry Set collective on their print anthology, No Formula.

Wet Ink has an interview with Lee Salem the head of the Universal Press Syndicate.

Warren Ellis points out that Svetlana Chmakova of Tokyopop’s Dramacon is one of the creators of the new animated series, My Life Me, which is in production for a fall 2009 release.

The A.V. Club has an interview with animator Robert Smigel.

alternative kids comics for the mainstream

Lots of people are talking about how there aren't enough comics for younger kids. And my comics loving friends are always saying it would be cool if Nick Mag had more pages of original comics. Of course, I agree!

So hopefully lots of you will check out the third volume of The Best of Nickelodeon Magazine ALL-COMICS SPECIAL which is on newsstands right now!

Return to Sender

Will Japanese readers embrace manga from other countries?

Brigid Alverson interviews the winner of Kodansha's first international manga competition and the editor of the Japanese magazine that hosted it.

year end list

Even though I often enjoy year-end Best Of lists…I wish more people would replace the word “BEST” with” FAVORITE” since it really is about specific tastes of the critic.
Seems impossible to compare completely different creative works on the same scale.
Even amongst close friends, it seems the word "best" is all a matter of perspective.

At any rate, here are some things I really enjoyed from this past year.
(Completely biased since some are from my favorite artists and/or friends!)

Favorite comics I read in 2007

The ComixTalk End of 2007 Roundtable

Our third annual virtual round table on the year in webcomics features comments from Gary Tyrrell, Dirk Deppey, Tom Spurgeon, Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Derik A Badman, Reinder Dijkhuis, and JT Shea and Scott Gallatin.

More Zombies Calling signings

Okay, obviously, no update today. I got busy with work again, so things got pushed aside. I have a couple things to mention, tho: I'll be at two signings for Zombies Calling over the holidays. I already mentioned this on my personal blog, but I figure it should get mentioned here as well. Here's the first signing info:

anime for the winter

Here’s a clip from the panel I hosted at the NY Anime Fest last weekend
(might be kind of random if you aren't a huge Potter or Avatar fan):

Thanks to Alison Wilgus and Tina Lam for co-hosting!

Here’s a photo from the live Trivia Bending battle at the same panel:

And some Avatar cosplayers about to kick my butt for not giving more spoilers: