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Tim Demeter

In Which the Next Guest Blogger Invades. Ow.

Hello, all! Thanks to Xaviar for asking me to guest blog at Comixpedia this week, and danke to Tim Demeter for passing my name along in the first place. It’s one of those opportunities where you reply with an instant “Yes!”, followed by a long pause — complete with crickets chirping — as you begin to wonder what to say. In such cases, we break the ice!

And by “we,” of course, I mean me.

Please Take A Demographics Survey For ComixTalk

We've been running Blog Ad-served ads on the left-hand column for a couple of years now. They always run a survey to try and collect data on readership(s) to better match up blogs and advertisers. I've spared you all until now, but I'd be grateful if you could spare a few minutes and click on this link to take our survery over at the Blog Reader Project.

Multipurpose Your Pages

Like many other long-form adventure webcomics, Johnny Saturn began as a print comic.  I make a point of reusing my art as often as I can, so Johnny Saturn began running on Graphic Smash even before the print version hit the shelves.  Anyway, with its origins in print, I originally formatted it in full page form on the web and presented one page a week. 

My Road to Webcomics

Hi, All--Special thanks to Xaviar for asking me to guest blog this week!  Thanks also to Tim Demeter for suggesting me to Xaviar.  First up, a short introduction to why I'm doing what I do:


Summer Of Guest Bloggers II: Live Free, Blog Hard!

Do You Like Podcasts?

T Campbell, who's filing stories for Broken Frontier these days, has done a plethora of podcasts this year, calling up and interviewing a ton of interesting people and posting the audio (most recently T talked with Tim "Destructo" Demeter, the editor of Clickwheel and Graphic Smash as well as the creator of the comic Reckless Life).

I wrote a short post pondering why I don't listen to more podcasts but it started to sound a bit too negative. Instead let me ask - how many of you listen to the various comic-related podcasts out there and what do you like and dislike about the format (and the quality of current efforts)?

Platinum Studios Update

Some interesting coverage of Platinum Studios as of late starting with PW Comics Week's general overview of Platinum circa mid 2007:

These comics are part of the company's overall plan to put characters into as many media as possible. In addition to its film and TV projects, Platinum has a mobile-device division; an apparel company called Number Zero Ltd., which sells reversible T-shirts; a comics news site, Broken Frontier; an online store; and Web comics site It also hosts the Comic Book Challenge, a talent contest held at Comic-Con International in San Diego for comics creators, now in its second year.

In addition, the Beat has a short bit about Platinum publishing some of it's "library" of comic material on Drunkduck as webcomics; apparently a Dave Roman-penned never-published comic for Platinum is now appearing as Alien Circus at without crediting Roman or the other creators. Obviously work-for-hire material (which Alien Circus is) is the property of the copyright owner (which isn't the creators by definition in a work-for-hire situation) but it's not good manners and I'd say not good business sense as well to not credit the creators. Not good manners because it costs Platinum nothing to credit Roman and others who worked on the comic and so Platinum is needlessly creating bad blood with these and other creators. Not good business sense because Dave Roman is a budding star in comics and while there's never a guarantee of success in any creative business (triply so in comics) Roman has a very commercially appealing sensibility and I wouldn't be shocked if he created a story and/or characters that might be successfully translated to television or film. There's just no reason to strip the credit of any creator but it seems even more foolish when the creator's name in question has some odds of actually becoming commercially valuable.

UPDATE: Dave Roman and Luke Weber are now credited on Alien Circus.

News & Views for Thursday, April 26, 2007









DrunkDuck To Appear in More Conventions

Encouraged by the success at Wizard World in LA, Platinum Studios will be organizing more DrunkDuck Artist Alleys this year in three other Wizard World conventions. These three Wizard World Events will be at Philadelphia, Chicago, and Texas.

Updating the Feed Lists

When we switched to Drupal one of the nice things I was able to set up was pulling in the RSS feeds of other sites to Comixpedia. That way we do less "link" blogging here but you can still get a sense of what's going on in webcomicland from the syndicated headlines.