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Tim Demeter

End of 2006 Coming Soon

December is traditionally a "year in review" kind of issue at Comixpedia and that's the goal this time around. As we get closer to the end of 2006 it's revealing to look at what folks were writing about webcomics at the end of 2005: The 2005 Webcomics Roundtable.

For the last two years we've also ran a special "25 People Of Webcomics" list article. Here's a link to the 2005 POW List article. Who do you think should be on this year's list? Post a comment with your nominations.


PhilCon is a science fiction con with plenty of comics (and LEGO!) action.

Here's the "comics" track of events:

  • Sat 12:00 PM in Parlor B—Graphic Tales: Comics, Graphic Novels, and SF (106)

    Since the 1930?s, with the debut of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and a certain strange visitor from another planet, comics and SF have been intertwined. Characters like Batman, Iron Man, Green Lantern, and the X-Men all contain heavy science fiction influences. And titles like The New Gods, The Eternals, and The Legion of Super Heroes (which took place in the 30th century!) are basically serialized space operas. So why does it seem like so many fans of either genre don?t seem to see any similarity? Our panelists will look at comics from an SF perspective.

Intergalactic Law named Webcomic Idol Top Ten Finalist

Bombshelter Comics is having its first Webcomic Idol contest and Ginsburg, Quieghel & Stein: Intergalactic Law has been selected as one of ten finalists.
Webcomic Idol is structured similarly to Survivor: comics are getting voted off the island. Rather than voting for your favorite webcomic in the top ten, you are voting for your LEAST favorites to be taken out of the running. Votes can be cast at

Friday News Blip and Thanks to Our Sponsors

New Sponsor! Transformers The Movie. How cool is that? We also want to thank continuing sponsors 8 Films To Die For, My Favorite Mirror, and the webcomics A Pirate's Life For Me, I See You, The Flow Field Unity, O''Deer, Gunnerkrigg Court, Alma Mater, and King Tractor Press.


  • Digital Strips latest podcast covers the newly revamped webcomics site, Pixel Strips.
  • Jeffrey Rowland states that he will be doing some new WIGU comics which he describes as "'prequel' comics kind of. Before the madness set in." He is also going to scale Overcompensating back to 3 days a week.
  • Pat Loika launches webcomic, HoCal, about the hotel industry at the Silent Devil website.
  • Chris Crosby notes that Keenspot is a silver sponsor for this year's edition of the Child's Play charity created by Penny Arcade. It's great to see Keenspot step up and support a great cause.
  • A very brief article this time, but The Comic Book Bin website threatens to "journey back to the early history of web comics. Where did they come from? What were these proto-web comics like and who created them? We’ll track the growth of the medium and it’s relationship to the technology that spawned it." I'm curious as to what they decide to cover.



  • The trailer for Spidey 3 drops. Lots of quick cuts so hard to tell really. But it does look like they may run the risk of Batman 2 disease on it - which if you remember is the second Tim Burton Batman movie where he crammed in to much (unresolved) story and characters for a two hour movie.

Marvel - Guiding Light Cross-over?

A soap opera on tv with a superhero? I just got this joint press release from Marvel and CBS:

Television's longest running show, GUIDING LIGHT, is teaming up with Marvel Comics to produce a very special "Inside the Light" episode unveiling a new super powered character, to be broadcast Wednesday, Nov. 1 on the CBS Television Network.

GUIDING LIGHT'S episode, titled "She's a Marvel," written by headwriter David Kreizman, focuses on mild mannered and harried cop, mother and wife Harley Davidson Cooper, played by Beth Ehlers. Zapped by an electrical current, Cooper finds herself infused with the energy, and is able to channel it, giving her the powers of a superhero -- levitation and electricity conduction.

For a special GUIDING LIGHT "She's A Marvel" trailer, visit

WEBCOMICS IDOL - A Bomb Shelter Comics Contest!

Bomb Shelter Comics is proud to announce our biggest contest to date - Webcomics Idol. We're taking open submissions now, and after we go through them, we'll narrow the field down to ten finalists. After that, the fun really begins!

The finalists must produce a weekly update to be judged by our esteemed guest judges, who include:

  1. Tim Demeter - Graphic Smash
  2. Daku - Digital Strips
  3. DJ Coffman - Yirmumah, Hero by Night
  4. A BSC member or two

Each week, the judges will review and critique the finalists based on their updates, and then the public will vote on their favorite. Each week, the comic with the lowest number of votes gets eliminated.

What's Wrong With Serious Webcomics

Writing for the web means understanding the rhythms of publishing on the web. If you're posting a page a day or even a page a week don't write as if you're publishing a monthly comic book.

Joel Fagin takes a look at what gag webcomics are doing right and what serious webcomics can learn from them.

Grounded Angel Arrives at Graphic Smash!

The kids today, they like the manga, don't they?.. Actually, I'm one of those kids. If you're one of those kids too, then I have your back, because Grounded Angel is now part of Graphic Smash.

The writer of Grounded Angel, Steve Hogan (Bryceworld) has gone and written a press release for the announcement, so I'll keep my virtual mouth shut and let him do the talking, but watch out tomorrow for another debut, and later this week as I officially announce two more new upcoming GS series in the Grandiose Graphic Smash style! Lots of good stuff this week, is what I'm saying.

Comics On Your Nintendo DS

Comic Book DS is a program making it possible to read your Comic Books on your Nintendo DS. It can be also used as a photo viewer. It is composed of two parts:

  • The PC part, PictoDS, developped by Nicom00k, converts your pictures into a .nds file (those pictures can be in a folder, a .zip, a .cbz, a .cbr, a .rar)
  • The DS part (the generated .nds file), developed by me, allows to display the different pictures in a fast, pleasant and intuitive way - well, I hope ;)

Johnny Saturn Now Available on Drive Through Comics!

Story Studios is proud to announce that it has penned a deal with Drive Through Comics, the iTunes of comics, a new online distributor that specializes in selling e-books.

Johnny Saturn will be available in watermarked PDF, thus making it easy to zoom in on the action.

Each of the first three issues of Johnny Saturn appear exactly as they do in print, and each issue sells for $1.99, as opposed to the regular cover price of $3.50 each.