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Tim Demeter

Call For Questions For Shaenon K. Garrity

To kick off the restart of the hallowed Comixpedia Community Interview series we've invited Shaenon K. Garrity to "sit" for your questions. The rules are simple: Submit a question in a comment to this post before midnight October 13th and we'll send the best ten questions to be answered. When we receive Shaenon's answers we'll post the whole thing for you right here.

Shaenon K. Garrity is the hyper-prolific creator, writer and/or artist of Narbonic, Lil Mel, Smithson and Trunktown. She also, most recently, took on the reins of editorship at Modern Tales. Shaenon also edits manga for Viz Media and volunteers at the Cartoon Art Museum.


What? Nobody around here has any comment about "Heroes"? Or is everyone waiting until the 2nd or 3rd episodes to do their commenting? Well, I like it. I liked how the Heroes powers are explained as the next step in human evolution (like the X-Men), as opposed to some super boy scout who crash lands on earth and decides to fight for truth, justice, etc, etc. I did like some of the Heroes stories better than others.

Interview with Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman

Scott McCloud's daughter Winter McCloud (age 11) interviewed cartoonist couple extraordinaire Raina Telgemeier (of "Smile" and "Babysitters Club" fame) and Dave Roman (associate editor at Nickelodeon and creator of "Astronaut Elementary" and "Agnes Quill"). The "winterview" was produced and edited by Winter's big sister Sky (age 13).

Check it out here!

Tim Demeter

Did you know there was a Spawn Webcomic?

I didn't, but apparently Adventures of Spawn is online here. I'm not to hip on the layout, but it is interesting to see comic book giants slowly coming to webcomics. It looks like this effort is primarily to sell a toy line, but still, it's very interesting...

Makes me wonder if the long time webcomic veterans couldn't better help these established publishers usher their works onto the web in a better manner.

Bitters Past Debuts and Johnny Saturn returns to Graphic Smash

Two more of Graphic Smash’s new fall comic debut today. Johnny Saturn and Bitters Past

Johnny Saturn Return To Graphic Smash

Beginning Monday, September 18, 2006, popular webcomic Johnny Saturn will be returning to its original webcomic collective, Graphic Smash. Tim Demeter, editor of Graphic Smash and Clickwheel, was instrumental to this homecoming. Johnny Saturn and its archives will be entirely free and unencumbered by the subscription format, and it may be found atÂ

Pencils - great aren't they!

Hey! - I'm not a link!So, apart from the fact that Shades has now joined Graphic Smash (see Tim Demeter's post from yesterday), what else is new at BVC?

Well, a page of pencils from one of our new projects has been posted in the site's Previews and workshop section. We'll be telling you more about that project next Thursday but, just as a little teaser, you can click here to jump straight to the first pencilled page now!

Hi! I'm a new artist at GirlAMatic and to the community!


My name is Michelle Mauk, and I've just been recently added to the new lineup at GirlAMatic! I'm brand new to the community, and to the webcomic world, so I'm just introducing myself and my work. My comic is called Voyage Moyen, it's a fantasy story that revolves around a journey in a world that exists somewhere between Life and Death... so it'll cover a whole spectrum of things. I'm actually really thrilled to be posting alongside all the artists on the site, because they're just so good!

The Graphic Smash Fall Season Begins TODAY!

House? Lost? Desperate Housewives?

WHATEVER. This fall, Graphic Smash is where the action is. You want some fresh stuff, and we've got it for you.