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Tim Demeter

Strange Dumbness Forever

Meanwhile: The Comics Podcast's latest episode is a fascinating interview with legendary comics industry crusader/controversial scientific theorist/NASONEX Bee designer Neal Adams. It's nearly three hours long, and I felt it wasn't nearly long enough. I'd love it if somebody sat Neal in front of a microphone and just let him talk for a couple hours every single week. If you're interested in things like superhero drug addiction and theories about the earth growing and the moon being hollow, check it out.

Johnny Saturn Review At Silver Bullet Comics

Hi, Everyone

We got a good write-up over at Silver Bullet Comics, and I wanted to share it


Graphic Smash Relaunch

Graphic Smash has relaunched with a graphic design that may be ... um ... familiar. Tim and I will be coming up with a new design in the next few. I've found that graphic design is always a contentious point when you get a bunch of cartoonists together in one place, and I wanted to get this site running on the new server, using the new codebase, before delving into the inevitable conversation about design priorities. Ha! We'll see how that works out ...

One big note for cartoonists (I've sent this to the GS list, but I'm not sure if everybody's on it): if you have a comic on Graphic Smash, please let the new editor, Tim Demeter know if you want it a). made free, b). left alone, or c). removed from the site. He has the power. He has the will to use it!

The Subtle Art of Rejection

While my first guest blog entry was a serious subject presented in a satirical way, my final entry for the week is a bit more meditative. I hope you enjoy it.

The Subtle Art of Rejection

A show of hands please, how many people here have gotten at least one rejection slip?‚ Two? Twenty?

Yeah, I thought so. Me too.

The Top 10 Ways To Impress an Editor

When Mr. X. asked me to guest blog I was glad to step up. Seriously, the idea of having a huge captive audience for a week was almost irresistible. But what to write? The answer came to me at once...

For the aspiring (web)comics creator there are articles and advice aplenty on how to make comics. And yet, despite all this well-meaning information, I have often felt that something vital was lacking; something that would convey the real emotions inspired by a job thoroughly done. To correct that, I have compiled the following list. It's full-to-bursting with professional experience and the emotions those episodes stirred within my own black heart. It cannot fail, I am sure, to inspire the right-thinking, would-be comics creator on to dazzling new heights of personal achievement.

Welcome This Week's Guest Blogger - Lisa Jonte

This week Lisa Jonte, the editor of will be joining us as guest blogger. I didn't set out to recruit the editors of every Modern Tales site to be a guest blogger this summer, but I'm not complaining that Lisa is the second editor to agree to hang out with Comixpedia for a week (Tim Demeter, last week's guest blogger, is the new Graphic Smash editor)!

Lisa is also the creator of the series Arcana Jayne at Girlamatic.

Gratuitous Cameo Storylines

Part of the "community" of webcomics is the fun of playing in a colleague's webcomic playground for a bit. The most common aspects of this are the cross-over and the guest week. A more infamous cousin is the gratuitous cameo storyline (characters used with or without permission) where for no real reason at all scores of characters from much more well known webcomics show up in yours.

I did it, you did it, hell even Bigger Than Cheeses did it. Post your links, confess your (or someone else's) sins.

How To Promote Your Webcomic For FREE: Part I

Want to increase the readership and / or maximize the money you make off your webcomic for FREE with just a little hard work? Heck, who doesn't! I will share with you (in several parts) the methods (this blog is one of them - but more on that topic in another part of this series) I have used to promote my webcomic, BLOOP. Some people look down their nose at some of these methods and call them 'pimping'. These people are ________ (fill in the blank with your favorite disparagement).

It’s Friday! Who Wants to Get Smashed?

So I know what a lot of you are thinkin’

I just figured out what I’m gonna do with the rest of my days, I’m gonna get ME an oversized sketchbook, gain 40 pounds, and be the next Eisner-nominated Graphic Smash super-hit!

Well, I got sour news for you, Jack. IT AIN’T THAT EASY.

So you think you have what it takes to be on Graphic Smash? You have an awesome comic that fits into our focus and demographic, and you need the shot in the arm to your audience that we can give you. You’ve seen the new GS will allow creators to run their comic under subscription, OR for free (and non-exclusive) with ad support, and know, like unto Burger King, you can now have it your way.

Well, alright grasshopper, here’s what you do:


On Tuesday we tackled (and I mean tackled, solid talkback everybody) how we, as webcartoonists can perceive others. Today, I have some thoughts on how others perceive us, to my eyes.

I've been on the road (it is rough and stuff) quite a bit lately, hitting San Diego and Chicago both, as many did, in a three week period. One of the perks of spending two whole weekends ensconced in geekery is I was able to see how the rest of the industry feels about our internet-y-world. (The other perk being Kristen Bell. Hey, Veronica Mars. Call me.)