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Tom Brazelton


The title of this post is slightly off. Webcomic drama as we used to know it never really went away. In fact, it’s been growing behind the walls, not daring to spread out. There may not be large message board battles like the time that one guy took on that other guy back in Ought Five, but the seething hatred in the community still least for two well-know creators.

Tom Brazelton, the unassuming Iowan creator of Theater Hopper, and gentle Gordon McAlpin of Multiplex fame, have been battling behind the scenes for years. What? That’s impossible? NO. THAT IS AN INCORRECT ASSERTION.

Be Kind; Please Rewind

 At the Movies by Chris Cantrell

Chris Cantrell, long-time webcomics creator, has a new collection of his most recent webcomic, Please Rewind, called At The Movies (We reviewed Cantrell's other webcomic The Asylumantics here.)  It's the second collection of comics, from roughly 2007 to 2008 in the archives on the website.  It clocks in at 48 pages filled with almost 100 comics (in black and white with a color cover).

A comic about every comedian in the world.

I did a guest strip for Theater Hopper that's up today. I'll do an in-depth write up another day, but see how many comedians YOU can plot on this career arc!

Shout Out To Kickstarter Projects

I've seen a few more efforts to pre-fund comic books by webcomic creators recently and thought I'd search through (a site designed for artists to get commitments from readers towards pre-funding a project) to see if I was missing anything.  Not as much as I thought!  If you're looking for a way to gauge interest in a project and at the same time get commitments to buy seems like a handy way to do it.

Still seeking funding:

Publish Tom Brazelton's Theater Hopper: Year 3
Goal $3500 by December 31st

Publish 2 of Box Brown's comics!
Goal $2500 by January 15th

Kel McDonald's Sorcery 101 Book 1
Goal $7000 by January 31st

Met their stated goals:

Publish Gordon McAlpin's Multiplex Book 1
Goal $7500 by December 12th

Publish Becky Dreistadt's Tigerbuttah
Goal $5000 by January 16th.

Strip News 11-20-9

drawergeeks incredible 200x311 Strip News 11 20 9Let me apologize in advance. This news post is all over the place…

Strip News 11-6-9





  • And lapsing back into the theoretical, another way we might be able to distribute our free comics is through Scribd. I got the hint from here (#62) and you can already see items like Nosey Parker and Way oF The Samurai on there, plus all this comic stuff. Why not put some of our best webcomic archives (with links to your site) into a pdf and add it there?

Theater Hopper

What Did I Learn?

weekly webcomic reviews by Delos

(this is a repost)

Theater Hopper removed from Google due to hackers

The movie-themed comic Theater Hopper was recently removed from Google's index due to some malicious code placed on the site by hackers. The code was a lengthy list of hidden links used to index sites selling over-the-counter medication.

Notified about the code by Google, the omnipresent search engine communicated to creator Tom Brazelton that his site would be removed from the index for 30 days until his site's code was cleaned up.

Frosty the Webcomic Man

Matt Groening muses about moving Life In Hell to the web after LA Weekly drops it.

AVON Calling
Comics Worth Reading points to what may be the first multi-level marketing webcomic scheme.

Last week was the eighth anniversary of Mitch Clem's Nothing Nice to Say.  Comixtalk had an interview with Mitch back in 2006.

Tozzers is doing a strange Terminator/Anti-Ben Affleck storyline (I thought bashing Affleck was Theater Hopper's gig)  Despite the heavy outlining I like the artwork on this strip, I'm less sold on the comic as a whole but still worth checking out.

Theater Hopper: Year One