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Hey, comics high rollers. I'll be at the ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference.

Here is a description of the panel I'll be on:

Comics on the Web--Marketing Tool or Revenue Stream?
Are comics on the Web a way to build audiences for properties that can then be monetized by sales of collections and licensing, or a critical source of advertising, DTO, or subscription revenue on their own? Join our panelists as they discuss what’s working and what’s not in this potentially transformative arena.

  • Eric Beaulieu—General Manager, Transcontinental Transmedia
  • Stu Levy—Chief Executive, TokyoPop
  • Dave Roman—Associate Editor, Nickelodeon Magazine
  • Ira Rubenstein—Executive VP Global Digital Media Group, Marvel Comics

I THINK I'm going to go with Marketing Tool. Any other messages from the world of webcomics I should pass on to the audience? It's hard out here for a comics pimp?