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A Couple of News items

Since I haven't been contributing much to Comixpedia in a while I feel a bit iffy about promoting my own posts to the frontpage so I thought I'd just compile a short list of newsitems here for the taking.

  • Retailer Brian Hibbs' analysis of 2006 Bookscan numbers (graphic novels sold through bookstores) is available at Newsarama. Megatokyo is fourth best selling among DC titles with its volume 4 selling 16,331 copies. Penny Arcade, from publisher Dark Horse, scores 13,213 copies for volume 1 and 7280 for volume 2.
  • Am I the only one who've missed that Les McClaine's Johnny Crossbones, which was nominated for the 2005 Eisner award for digital comics, has been picked up by Dark Horse as well.
  • Oops one more, Newsarama interviews Gina Briggs, whose webcomic Red String has also been picked up by Dark Horse (a pattern emerging?)

More Commentary on Bookscan Story

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Journalista has roundup of links:

The debate over BookScan numbers, comics shops vs. bookstores, art-comics vs. superheroes and the like continues apace. Hibbs responds to yesterday’s diatribe at The Engine; Tom Spurgeon, Heidi MacDonald, Simon Jones and David Welsh offer commentary; and John Jakala points out that statements from First Second editorial director Mark Siegel indicate that there’s more going on than the BookScan numbers would seem to allow.


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