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Drunk Duck

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan publishes Third Book!

"The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Myths & Legends" is going to press on 4-17-06. Preprint orders are being taken.

"The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Myths & Legends" is the third book by Chuck Rowles about the reluctant gods of the fantasy planet Arr-Kelaan. This book is a self contained story about the gods and the mortals whose lives they effect.

This story is actually a revised version of a story that Rowles wrote more then ten years ago. The art has been cleaned up, the dialogue has been reworked and pages have been added.

Exact date of your webcomic launch?

If you know it, please post the exact date your comic started (and the date it ended if it has). Also, include the name of the comic plus a URL for it.

And if you know of the start (and end) date of someone else's comic who doesn't hang out here, by all means provide it.

Busting Out Of the Web

It's another look back at the webcomics world that was.  February was a short month, but jam-packed with news of webcomics busting free of the web itself into print, phones and iPods. 

And what does all of this mean for the notion of the webcomic itself?

Traffic Magnets: What Has Worked For You?

What did you do last year that brought you the most traffic?
We tried conventions, advertising, forums, e-mails, begging... Banner ads and trolling the forums still seem to be the best bet for Adam and I.
How about you?

Drunk Duck Books Available from is releasing six books (two of which are in their second printing) through CAT!: Smile Big, GAAK, The Asylumaniacs: The First Four Years, UNA Frontiers Vol. 1, Drunk Duck: Drunk in Public (Anthology Vol. 1), and Drunk Duck: Drunk and Disorderly (Anthology Vol. 2).

Some are downloadable for as low as $3.95.

The Gigcast Interviews Dylan Squires, Creator of Drunk Duck

Dylan Squires, creator of the webcomic hosting site Drunk Duck, was nice enough to take some time out of a busy schedule for an interview on The Gigcast.

Drunk Duck Back Online

Word has come that Drunk Duck is back online and accepting submissions from new creators.

Smack Gets New Floors

After a tumultuous beginning, The Floor by Eric Lindgren finally finds a place to settle... and remodel!

Gigcast #16: A Drunk Duck Status Report and Devils Panties Interview

The Gigcast #16 is now available. MegaCon Orlando update, a Drunk Duck man on the scene report, and Part 1 of our interview with Jennie Breeden of The Devils Panties.

Come on over and check it out!

2005: a transition year in webcomics?

Hey there, folks.

I've got to admit this hasn't been a good year to me. Terribly serious issues on real life -that are going to continue for a while- swept me off the webcomics field and forced me to put several projects on the backburner, until I find the time to dedicate myself to my little cute cartoon characters, and webcomics in general, again.

Then again, we're in December, the time when people tend to look back and do a review of this year. And I look at the webcomics field and... well, I'm not sure if it's precisely because my attention has been focused elsewhere, but it seems this hasn't been a good year for webcomics.

It looks like the efervescence of past years is gone. That everything we see is more like a repetition of what we saw in 2004, with the same high-profile participants, the same promises of great future, and the same issues attacking webcomickers. I perceive there have been much less webcomics worthy of attention appearing this year, while some of them have ended their online life.

Besides, five years have passed since Scott mcCloud published his book "Reinventing Comics", where he predicted a micropayment system that would benefit web cartoonists (I had the intention to create a comic where I reviewed these five last years to be featured here on Comixpedia, but then things went really wrong at my side of the world). It seems the generalization of micropayment systems isn't mature enough as of yet to work, and some people wonder if it will ever work -remember that fight between Scott McCloud and the creators of Penny Arcade-, especially on an environment like the Internet.

To me, it looks like 2005 was a transition year for webcomics, a dry year, with few worthy moments, where most webcartoonists just recurred to preseverance in hopes to find better times in the future.

But then again, and considering the little attention I've got to webcomics all this time, I could be totally wrong. What do you think it was worth of mention this year?