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Drunk Duck

UNA Frontiers Debuts at Drunk Duck!!

UNA Frontiers, the post-apocalyptic web comic with a difference, is moving over to Drunk Duck for the benefit of those who like to start from the beginning and in smaller bites. This will enable the comic to reach a wider audience faster and serve readers with faster and more timely updates. The beauty of Drunk Duck's hosting system is that readers can enter commentary directly on the page! The best is yet to come!

A Newbie Question


First time posting here and I had a question: aside from Keenspace, are there any other inexpensive (ie free) webhosts for comic creators that anyone knows of?




Cellophane or Fame?

In this day and age, starting out in webcomics has become much more difficult in the last two years than in any other time. With hosting services like KeenSpace ( tipping the scales at around 7325 series hosted, the internet is filled with comic series waiting to be read and noticed by a growing viewing public. It is hard enough finding your voice in this world let alone being pushed into the group of thousands of others trying to do the same. Everyone is fighting to become noticed, and it seems like a competition at times.

Drunk Duck Lives!

After a spectacular server crash, Drunk Duck has returned to life. Currently the forums are up and running with the ability to load comics soon to return.

Drunk Duck ( is a free hosting site for comics with a growing member community and tons of webcomic creators. It's incredibly user friendly and the admins are impressively accessable.