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Drunk Duck

Tagging, Alt tags, etc.

Hi, Folks

I'm doing a little reading, asking around, and trying to figure out this tagging thing. It's new to me, and I'm thinking about using it on my strip. I've seen some strips where they have tag lines for readers to enter their own tags. That's all well
and good, and maybe something to look into, but, how is this different
from the following:

1) Entering Alt Tags with the pic
2) Including some sort of text with each page that has the appropriate
3) Entering some sort of meta tags with each installment

Clearly, I want to make the comics more searchable, but I don't want to
waste my time and go at it in some half-ass fashion. Some of you may have experience with this, so your advice would be worthwhile. Advice? Which way would you go? What services would you use? What snippets of code would you throw around? You get the idea.

Thursday Webcomics Briefing


Joey Manley has a post up - teeing off of the recent Platinum purchase of Drunk Duck - speculating on "boom times for webcomics" and referencing a Gary Groth essay on the ill-fated black & white comic book boom of the Eighties.

I see people are excited about the new Sony ebook, a device that uses electronic ink technology. Gizmodo describes it as "like a gameboy...for the game of Reading." It will display greyscale images so you can use it to read comics.


Writer Response Theory has a post up on Bound By Law - a comic about copyright using a "remediated paper interface" (essentially using the web to remind you of holding a comic book).

The subject matter [of Bound By Law] is fascinating - I don’t think you can really follow contemporary art without being drawn into the intricacies of copyright law. Still, it is a testamony to the creators that I finished Bound By Law wishing for a sequel, or series of sequels. In particular, it would be interesting to see a more self-referential work that took on the unique intellectual property challenges of, for example, web comics and blogging - image sampling and remixing, screen captures, quotation, linking, the act of publication, the nested rights restrictions of host, domain, and content management system, etc. etc. etc…

Around the World in 80 Blogs

Fleen catches the ongoing White Ninja guest week - I kind of liked Jeff Rowland's contribution the most so far...

Zoinks notes that Derrick Fish, creator of Dandy & Company recently put out a call for donation. For donations totaling $15 or more Fish is giving away the first, full color issue of his new comic book Tails TO Amaze!

The Drawn blog points out James Harvey's project to illustrate 100 pirates in a 100 days.

Champagne (Platinum + Drunk) Duck - What's It Mean?

It's been reported that Platinum Studios has bought Drunk Duck. So - comic book publisher plus webcomics host equals ???

What does everyone think? I'll probably post more tonight when I've had a chance to sit down and sort through the news on it.Â

Drunk Duck Bought!; Blog Roundup and Other News

Drunk DuckPlatinum Studios bought Drunk Duck. Platinum Studios held the Comic Book Challenge contest at the San Diego Comicon this summer (which DJ Coffman won). (Both Talkaboutcomics and Journalista had notes on this story this morning.)

Journalista also points an interview between MIT Director of Comparative Media Studies Henry Jenkins and Chicago digital-media consultant Todd Allen on webcomics, micropayments and the migration of comics from print to the Web.

One more Dirk Deppey catch: Irresponsible Pictures comments on a paper by typography theorist Bill Hill on tranferring text from screen to Web, and its relavence to today’s digital-comics debate. (Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the return of Deppey to daily reporting/commentary? Of all of the "comic journalists" I've encountered, he was the first to "get" webcomics)

The BugPowder blog reports on a planned satire of the official 9/11 Commission Report. If you're interested you can check out the first few pages of The 9/11 Report : The Real Version.

We're closing in on 24 Hour Comics Day - there'll be an edition of it at Comica in London, U.K. (full list of locations here).

Is it just me or does the "Little People" art project referenced in this Drawn post beg to be turned into a comic? Or has some webcomic already exploited this artistic angle?

Anyone heard anything from Patrick Farley lately? I wish he had more time/money to make webcomics...

Comic Foundry points to the trailer for the film adaptation of Frank Miller's 300.

Webcomics In Print has a nice roundup of recent webcomic-related books here. Over at the Webcomicker, Gilead Pellaeon notes Scott Kurtz's potential second career at naming menu items. And another webcomics blog calls it quits: this time it's the Kea's Nest.

Drunk Duck

The Gigcast Year One Birthday Show!

I just want to say, thanks, thanks to every one who has played a part, in what can only be called, a success. I’m talking about The Gigcast making it to one year, without missing a week.

No one is more surprised at this as I am. Believe you me, if there is a reason for me not to do something, I’ll find it. I’m good like that, just ask my wife. So the fact that we’ve hit one year, must mean that this little project means …something.

Quack Zine Interview

The Quack did an interview with me last week that's up now. It's an E-Zine loosely(?) affiliated with Drunk Duck, the site on which I'm posting reruns of Nerdcore: The Core Wars.

Being Unique... Part #2

Whereas in the last thing I wrote about I was looking at just some of the many (and there's tons out there)Â unique ideas that webcomics do, such as theme tunes, animated ideas and the like, however one thing that bugs me (and a few other people - just in case you start having a go at me) is the same.

I visit a webcomic for two reasons. (1) I love the art and (2) because its usually different. Often I usually don't notice if they're different, however when you visit two sites one after another (usually by links) and then a third and realise they're the same, it kinda annoys the pants off you.

Yesterdays News Today

The Pulse has an interview with T Campbell on the History of Webcomics book from Antarctic Press.

Editor and Publisher notes that "Van Von Hunter" has been picked up for syndication by Universal. This as a result of what appears to be a collaboration between Tokyopop and Universal aimed at bringing EOL manga into newspapers.

Not only is Drunk Duck back and providing hosting, they have an E-zine entitled "The Quack" as well.

When Speakeasy Publishing closed their doors earlier this year, there were webcomics that were caught up in it. "Athena Voltair" has been able to find a new publisher in Ape Comics according to Newsarama . The boys at "Butternutsquash" have not been so lucky and have put the comic on hiatus until September. [XEREXES: The Webcomics Examiner just posted an essay about the art of BNS that is worth checking out.]

The Gigcast #41.. Interview with QuackZine editor Laura Taylor.

This weeks Gigcast includes reports from Drunk Duck, Comic Genesis and Smack Jeeves and an interview with The QuackZine's editor Laura Taylor.